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Your Questions About Section 8 Housing

February 1, 2013

Michael asks…

How can I find online section 8 housing locations in Queens, New York?

My mom has been living under section 8 housing for over 15 years in Brooklyn New York, she is getting older and is ready to move closer to me and the rest of the family in Queens. Is there an online directory where we can find section 8 housing? I have tried google and it hasnt helped, an answer would truly be appriciated.

Administrator answers:


Section 8 buildings in Queens shown with City Council districts (PDF)
Section 8 buildings in Queens. Shown with City Council districts (represents 4,034 units) … Buildings in Section 8. Shown by date of expiration (not all … Sec 8.pdf – 1893k – View as html

James asks…

How to put a house up for Section 8 housing?

I live in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and my parents just bought and fixed up this house and we need to find out how to go about putting it up for section 8 housing or who we could contact.

Administrator answers:

You merely advertise that you will accept section 8. The renters must do the rest. There will be an inspection before they move in and then annual inspections as long as they are there.

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