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Your Questions About Section 8 Prejudice

December 24, 2012

James asks…

need a keygen to dl for section 8 prejudice i have the cd but no keygen included?

and now i cant dl the game tried to look for link but all have full game i have the crack just need a keygen to install the game

Administrator answers:

Try this keygen:

Robert asks…

section 8 prejudice , how to buy it online?

i want to buy section 8 prejudice from windows games market place , but when i go to payment infromation theres some billing infromation that dont support my country , and i dunno wat to do about this , is there any other site that i can buy from it? pls help

Administrator answers:

You can purchase Section 8: Prejudice from Steam, either by downloading the client or purchasing from the browser store, currently I believe it is priced at £9.99.

John asks…

how do you get on section 8 prejudice once youve dowloded it?

pppppppppppplllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaassssssseeeeeeeee ansewer me
do i have dowload the demo to

Administrator answers:

Uhh, if there was a full game unlock then you have to also download that.

Steven asks…

Is section 8 prejudice out on ps3 yet?

If not when is it going to be out?

Administrator answers:

Nope is not and TG hasn’t really announce a release date already just summer 2011

Laura asks…

Alternate link for X Server for Section 8: Prejudice?

I really want X server so I can host my own server on prejudice, but the link is down, anyone have any alternate links?

Administrator answers:

I need this to. Someone help? :)

Sandy asks…

Does anyone have Section 8: Prejudice for PS3?

OK, im looking for someone who would be willing to let me log on to there PSN account and let me re-download Section 8: Prejudice since they have already purchased it. I’m pretty low on money right now and i’ve been dying to play this game. Im a very trustworthy person and i wouldnt try anything stupid on someone elses account cause i know people who have done that and they got banned within a couple of minutes since they checked the IP that was on the account and banned it, so you can trust me. please add xLiFeTiMe

Administrator answers:

I don’t think you’re going to find anyone that will do that, given the security issues Sony has had recently. The personal information (and possible credit card information) on the account would prevent most people – including me – from giving out their password.

Michael asks…

What’s the difference between Section 8 and Section 8 Prejudice?

I’ve got a question, what’s the difference between Section 8 and Section 8 Prejudice?
This looks interesting, and my friend says it’s basically Halo Reach but for PC. I’ve never had any experience with either of the Section 8s, but I want to know what’s the difference between them, and whether or not it’s worth getting them at all considering what I play:

I play:
Call of Duty (2, MW1-MW3, Black Ops, and WAW)
Fallout 3/New Vegas
Killing Floor
Red Orchestra 2

Thanks for your time. Answer soon please

Administrator answers:

Section 8 is an actual retail game and Section 8: Prejudice is a downloadable arvade game.

David asks…

Do people still play Section 8 PREJUDICE online?

The title says it all. NOT THE SECTION 8 GAME THAT CAME OUT IN 2009!The one that came out in April 2011, the PREJUDICE. Do people still play it online on xbox 360? Thanks.
Jake L…Thanks for you answer first of all. I had played Section 8 which came out in 2009. It was quite good, especially when there were no bots but real players.. But you’re wrong about the money.. Think of Counter Strike. It’s so cheap, and yet the game rocked years ago and still does. Thanks btw for convincing not to buy the game. I’ll save my 60 bucks for fear 3 or another new game :D Do you have an xbox or account on steam by the way??

Administrator answers:

Yes, people still play Section 8 Prejudice online.

Good luck!

Nancy asks…

does Section 8 Prejudice look good?

I found about it on Steam (dont ask what that is cuz i have not the slightest clue) and i was wondering if it looked any good. reminds me of halo. It just came out 2day too.

Administrator answers:


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