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Your Questions About Section 8 Prejudice

June 18, 2012

Maria asks…

Do people still play section 8: prejudice online for PC?

I was thinking of getting the game Section 8: Prejudice for my PC, but I was wondering if people still play this game online. Approximately how many people do you think are on at any given time? Thanks in advance! I live in Canada by the way and I have an above average connection if that means anything.

Administrator answers:

I just bought it and there are a few full 32/32 servers :P but i can’t play because the game freezes the second i join one…. Its my issue tho.

Carol asks…

Do people still play Section 8 PREJUDICE?

The title says it all. NOT THE SECTION 8 GAME THAT CAME OUT IN 2009!The one that came out in April 2011, the PREJUDICE. Do people still play it online on xbox 360? Thanks.

Administrator answers:

I think it would be best to go on xbox live and ask that… 0.o

Donna asks…

when does section 8 prejudice come out?

Hi i found out that section 8 prejudice but i want the real date they say it comes early 2011 so… does anyone know
Thank u!

Administrator answers:

In early 2011, though the platforms aren’t confirmed yet.

Lizzie asks…

How many people play section 8 prejudice ps3?

How hard is it to find a game?

Administrator answers:

Pretty easy since they have bots in multiplayer and not just people, but if there are too few people you won’t get experience from the match.

Nancy asks…

Graphic problems in Section 8 Prejudice?

I have a Dual GTX 580 and play Section 8 Prejudice on it’s highest setting, 1920×1080 resolution. But there’s a lot of graphical glitches like i’ll see rocks flicker and when you get up close to them they turn into a bush or a small tree. Does anyone know how to fix this.

Administrator answers:

Same issue with Dual GTX 470… :P

Sandy asks…

What’s the difference between the Xbox 360 version of Section 8 and Section 8: Prejudice? Which one is better?

Administrator answers:

Section 8 on xbox 360 and S8 Prejudice are essentially two different games but are part of the same game series (like halo, gears of war etc..), But with the big difference being that Section 8 is a full xbox 360 game while S8 Prejudice is an xbox live arcade title which can only be bought on the xbox live marketplace. S8 Prejudice seems a lot superior to the original game and I would get that as I have Section 8 and it is an awful game.

Thomas asks…

Section 8 Prejudice Question?

Me and my friend are planning on buying Section 8 or Prejudice.
are the PC servers filled with people that play it still?
Is it a fun game?
What would you recommend, Section8 or Section8 Prej.

Administrator answers:

Well both games are fun to play with but I will say both games are different I will say prejudice its way better than section 8 I cant really say if the pc community still strong but I can tell you the 360 community is still pretty much active so if i were you I would buy prejudice

Susan asks…

is section 8 prejudice an add on or a game?

is section 8 prejudice an add on or a game? i want to know because i’ve seen it and i want to know if i have to have buy section 8 or if i can just buy prejudice alone

Administrator answers:

Section 8: Prejudice is a stand alone download only game for PC, PS3, and Xbox 360.

John asks…

GeForce 6150SE nForce 430 for Section 8 Prejudice NEED ANSWER QUICK?

I just bought it on steam cause it was on sail, saved a bunch of money. Now im wondering if it will even run on my system.

Administrator answers:

GeForce 6150se? Nope.

You need a real graphics card… Section 8 prejudice requires at least a $50ish card like a Radeon HD 5570 to play acceptably. The GeForce GT240 is even faster and costs less.


But the recommend level hardware (to play at max settings) says GTX 460 or higher, which is a $160 card.


Card performance:

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