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Your Questions About Section 8 Requirements

November 19, 2012

Donna asks…

How do you go about finding section 8 requirements in the state of mich,and where can i direct all my question

have been to Hud data base, want to know if disabilty affects and trying to figure out a rough judgement of rent
i am on the waiting list–almost there!2 years of waiting
my housing agent isn’t on the list and she keeps contact to a bare min.

Administrator answers:

If you have a local housing authority go there the requirements are low income your rent will be based on your income your disability will also help you your medical bills and all other bills you owe as well as medication will all be took into consideration you also have some places that have private sec.8 call some of the local apts. And look in your local news paper ,i use to manage an apartment complex i had some sec 8 on my property and some of them paid 0 rent it all depends on your situation and income all cases are different you can IM me if i can be of any more help to you

James asks…

section 8 requirements florida?

what are the requirements for section 8, if you are married with a baby? one unemployed and the other working making less than 20k a year?

Administrator answers:

Section 8 in many counties/states is not open to new applications. If they are, it takes several years to get a voucher. The priority goes to seniors, disabled, disaster victims, homeless veterans, then low income families. Your income has to be below your county limits and I am sure $20,000 is but you have to be employed 32 hours a week if you are head of household.

Look at the HUD website under Section 8 for more details.

Charles asks…

What are section 8 housing requirements for kansas?

My husband and i are now expecting a child and are trying to get housing by income. I need to know what the income cap is for my family? I’m located in franklin county if that matters.

Administrator answers:

You have to earn less then half the median rate. You also both need to have full time jobs.

Lizzie asks…

Anybody familiar with eligibility requirements for section 8 in California?

My senior grandmother has been on the list for section 8, and her notice just came that she is next to receive a voucher after she fills out a boat load of forms. One of the forms says the following”

“authorization to obtain credit report, I authorize the housing authority to obtain my credit profile for purposes of determining my eligibility for the section 8 program”

Does this mean if her credit is bad that she won’t receive her section 8?

Administrator answers:

It could. But HUD requires a credit check on anyone receiving a section 8.
Most of these forms are just for records and I know there are a boat load of them and she will have to fill them out again next year and every year she receives assistance
Go ahead and authorize the credit check or you can be sure it will be denied

Carol asks…

What are income requirements for section 8 housing in Oklahoma?

I am curious to find out what the requirements are for assistance but don’t know where to look. I have two children and I am a single parent.

Administrator answers:

You should call the Department of Housing. It should be in the blue pages in your phone book under “State”. (It might also be listed as HUD)

I had a friend in Oklahoma City two years ago who was trying to get section 8 housing, and at that time the list was pretty long. I don’t know if that is still true, or if it’s true for other parts of the state.

Jenny asks…

What are the requirements for Section 8 housing?

I live in Louisiana… soo if u even know where to find the requirements… please!

Administrator answers:

I have attached a link in Louisiana for subsidized apartment. You can searcg your city there. Best of luck and happy new year!

Susan asks…

How do I find out income requirements for section 8 in wa state?

Administrator answers:

The income guidelines are established by your county Housing Authority, so you have to call them and find out. Although HUD is a federal agency, local counties and cities have their own housing guidelines for rent and income. They will tell you what the maximum allowable income for your family size is.

George asks…

Section 8 housing requirements for landlords?

So I’m renting a house to Section 8s, so is there any requirements for the house??Like what does the house have to have and dont have in order for the Section 8 to be able to rent your house??Sorry, I know its not really clear, but I searched on Google and found nothing. :(
So some help would really be nice……
Thanks in advance!! :D

Administrator answers:

Each county sets their own rules. Contact the housing authority and they will give you their list.

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