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Your Questions About Section 8 Requirements

December 5, 2012

Betty asks…

What are the requirements to get section 8/welfare in california?

I am 21 years old, I have been unempoyed(without benifits) for over 7 months. I recently found a part time job but it is not enough to pay my bills or for living arrangments.

Does anyone have any info that can help?

Administrator answers:

You are required to work 35 hours a week or be disabled.

If you do not have children you will not qualify. You also will not qualify for welfare, it is for needy families, not young people who would rather party then work.

John asks…

What are the requirements for adding an adult child back on the lease of a Section 8 housing?

An adult child moved out, and couldn’t make it on their own. What are the requirements for them to be put back on the lease? Section 8.

Administrator answers:

I honestly do not think that you can. Once a child moves out, the taxpayers cut the support. If that child is unable to support themselves, then that is no longer the burden of the taxpayers to supplement their lifestyle.

David asks…

Section 8 Requirements Texas?

applied for section 8 twoo yrs aga and just got a letter for an appointment to see a caseworker. what does this mean? are we in? my hubby only makes about 12,000 a yr. and also i just started working over the sumer so obvisaously i have to report that to them this monday when we have our appointment. but i was planning to stop working once school started again in august. will we not be eligible if only one of us works? i mean im not just gonna be on my bu** all day, im gonna be a full time student?

Administrator answers:

This link will get you better acquainted with how Section 8 works and the requirements to qualify.

Richard asks…

Is anyone familiar with the requirements for section 8 in new jersey?

Administrator answers:

Every county has a Housing Authority. You can look up online for your county.

Linda asks…

What are the requirements to qualify for section 8?

And how long do you get it if you qualify? Where do you apply for that?

Administrator answers:

It depends on what state you live in. The waiting list in the state I live in is on hold. Before they put it on hold it was at least a two year wait. There should be other housing assistance programs as well. If you go to the social services office they will have a handout they can give you that lists local services. However, this is not the Section 8 organization, they have a seperate office.

Here is a website where you can choose your state and get more information:

Nancy asks…

What is mississippi age requirements to receive section 8?

I am a 19 yr. old single mother in serious needs of some sort of housing Assistance

Administrator answers:

You also have to be working at least 35 hours a week. Without a job, you will not qualify for section 8.

Are you trying to move away from your parents home? Are you on child support for your child?

If you are safe and just tired of your parental home, that is not a reason to receive section 8.

If you have not gone after child support, you will need to do that before you get section 8.

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