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Your Questions About Section 8 Requirements

August 3, 2013

Donna asks…

what are the requirements to qualify for section 8 in the state of california?

i am a 21 year old single mother and i will be working full time in july and attending school full time in august but i will only be making like 9 dollors an hour………what are my chances of qualifying and how long would the wait be??????

Administrator answers:

You should quailfy and the wait can vary but can be as long as two years

Sandy asks…

what is the age requirements for bedroom guidelines for section 8 in florida?

For instance it’s me (38 yrs) , 20yr girl, 8yr girl, and a 10yr boy. I have a voucher for a 3 bedroom. Would I b eligable for a 4 bedroom?
For instance it’s me (38 yrs) , 20yr girl, 8yr girl, and a 10yr boy. I have a voucher for a 3 bedroom. Would I b eligable for a 4 bedroom voucher?

Administrator answers:


Linda asks…


I have a house for rent and wanting to know what the requirements are to pass for section8 housing

Administrator answers:

Every county is different, you need to call them and ask for the inspection sheet, they can email you a copy.

Generally the house has to be safe, free of hazards and all of the appliances must work. Some counties require screens on the windows, window treatments (curtains or blinds), and that all windows open and lock. There are no federal standards, the feds let each county decide what is required in their area.

Ken asks…

whats section 8 and what are the requirements?

and if you’re going directly from puerto rico to a state can you apply to section 8 with no income at all?

Administrator answers:

Section 8 usually refers to government assistance apartment living. Section 8 goes according to your income. You bring in a pay stub or some other proof of your monthly income. A percentage is then determined from your income ( usually 33%). This is what you will pay each month in rent. There are income limits, as these apartments are for those whose income falls in the low category. If you make more than the highest limit, you will not be allowed to live there.

Charles asks…

How can I obtain section 8 in Nevada? Where do I apply? what are the requirements?

I am a mother, will be homeless in a few days. Need help finding a safe place for my baby and I. Please help with any information you may have on section 8. Any information on how to get assistance for a place to live in would be appreciated.

Administrator answers:

Since you have a baby the only other requirements are that you work at least 32 hours a week and you collect child support.

You apply with the housing authority, but it will be YEARS before your turn to live off the public comes up.

There are homeless shelters that you can live in for up to 3 months. The Salvation Army can direct you to the one closest to your job.

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