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Your Questions About Section 8 Requirements

May 20, 2012

John asks…

What are some major updates or requirements for Section 8 inspections?

Currently I’m in the process of buying a home / rental house in Michigan, and would like to know in general what extra requirements Section 8 inspection will need for the process to go smootly.

The seller is very motivated and will assist in the upgrades if any, the house has passed Safety inspection and up to state codes, but my Agent informed me of Section 8 Laws / Articles, since the house is in process I’m unable to order the Section 8 Inspection until the documents are cleared Title/ deed, etc.
Any help will be greatly appreciated.

P.S. I’m aware of the some ups and downs of Section 8, however there is a high demand for section 8 properties in this area and I’ve already started my screening process and almost everyone is asking if the house is approved by Section 8. I just want to be preapproved to ensure I’ve covered all the basics.

Administrator answers:

I do rent my properties to section 8 , but in Illinois, and i don’t thing there is big difference between your state requirements, then my. They will check smoke detectors- make sure they work, missing or cracked electrical outlets and cover plates, peeling exterior and interior paint, floor coverings (tripping hazards), inoperable stove burners- missing burner knobs, inoperable bathroom fans ,leaking faucets or plumbing, no temperature/ pressure -relief valve on water heaters, windows need to be in good conditions,no broken windows panes, can the windows and doors accessible from outside be locked?- check the locks in doors and windows. Those are things they look for , the house need to be safe for tenants to live, there is nothing unusual with this inspection and if you will not pass the inspection the first time- they will give you time to correct and come back to reinspect the house again. You will have inspection every year from section 8 and me personally never have any problem with them- tenants are different story.

James asks…

What are the requirements for Section 8?

I am having trouble finding specific details on what the requirements are for section 8. Are there a certain amount of hours you must work? Do you have to have some sort of income? If you have no job and no income, how much would they cover?
Any answers are appreciated, I need as much information as I can get on how my mother in law can support herself with no job and absolutely no income. She’s under 60.
I’ve looked into disability but I don’t think she’ll qualify because she’s not physically incapable of working.
Please help!

Administrator answers:

The income requirements vary by city.

However, all require you to either be disabled or work a minimum of 35 hours a week. Your mother in law will not qualify if she refuses to work. Even then since she is not a senior she would not qualify unless she is also the mother of minor children.

The only housing assistance she qualifies for under her circumstances would be a homeless shelter for women.

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