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Your Questions About Section 8 Voucher

July 18, 2013

Daniel asks…

Can I live with a “companion” on my mentally ill section 8 voucher?

My roomate and I want to live together for companionship. I am getting a section 8 voucher specifically for the mentally ill. Can we share a place together?

Administrator answers:

No. You can only live with family members with a section 8 voucher. A friend is not eligible to live in taxpayer funded housing.

Linda asks…

I got my Section 8 voucher but I’m having a really hard time finding houses that accept Section 8?

I got my Section 8 voucher in Carbondale, IL but I cant find a house! Do any of you guys have a number I could call or a website that shows where I can find houses?

Administrator answers:

We don’t. You call your case worker, they will give you a list.

Sandy asks…

how long until i get the section 8 voucher?

i had applied for section 8 years ago and got denied and then last year they responded to me saying they reopened my case. Its been a yr and i finally got a letter stating i was approved. Now i have to wait for the voucher. does any one know how long till i get the voucher ?. (i live in new york if that helps). thanks ahead of time.

Administrator answers:

Usually only about 2 weeks, they need to verify your documents.

Mary asks…

Can you go over your section 8 voucher limit??

Can a person with a section 8 voucher go over their limit and just pay the difference of what section 8 pays??

Administrator answers:

Families who participate in the program must abide by a series of rules and regulations, often referred to as “family obligations,” in order to maintain their voucher, including accurately reporting all changes in household income so the amount of their subsidy can be updated accordingly.

You need to check with your local HUD.

Nancy asks…

how much is a section 8 voucher worth for a three bedroom.?

Hi everybody,im on section 8 and i was thinking about moving to dallas ,tx and i was wondering how much my voucher would be worth.

Administrator answers:

It depends on the specific apartment complex/neighborhood/street in Dallas.

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