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Your Questions About Section 8 Voucher

June 2, 2012

Mandy asks…

How do I get a Section 8 voucher or other form of housing assistance?

I am single and live in Pennsylvania. I have Bipolar disorder which prevents me from working and I am interested in applying for a Section 8 voucher or some other form of housing assistance but I dont know where to begin.

Administrator answers:

Go to and apply by city.


Charles asks…

I am moving my family from NYC to Connecticut with a section 8 voucher, How can I rent a house?

I am moving to connecticut in a few months and I have a section 8 voucher. A few people get lucky with renting out houses with a section 8 voucher. I would like to know in what county is this possible and a good area for my children to live and attend school?

Administrator answers:

You need to pick where you are going first, then apply to transfer. Both case workers will have to agree, NYC will still pay your voucher, and the county you are going to has to agree to give up one of their units.

Since most counties have a waiting list for their own citizens the odds of you transferring are not very good.

Steven asks…

I have a transferable section 8 voucher from PR and I want to move to NYC, where can I apply for welfare?

I have 2 kids and I have nowhere to stay in NYC. Are there any temporary family shelters where we could stay while I apply for welfare and/or temporary assistance? I need the assistance in order to use my section 8 voucher for housing.

Administrator answers:

Stay where you are and get a job and stop living off of peoples tax money

Robert asks…

Can you transfer your section 8 voucher to a family member?

I would like to know if I give up my section 8 voucher, can I transfer it to my adult son (who is also on my voucher). I live in CT. Any help would be much appreciated:-)! Thanks!

Administrator answers:

No, they are not transferable. The voucher was for you, he is just a legal resident. Once you no longer need it it will go to the next family waiting for one.

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