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Your Questions About Section 8 Wallpaper

June 9, 2012

Sandy asks…

What to do about uneven bumpy ceiling before painting?

Thin fiber wood lower layer. 1.8 x 1.2 m exposed frames 5 mm thick. Would like to avoid putting up a new ceiling over all the framework of the large open plan area as only affects a part. Also removing from top could be very difficult – was previously wallpapered now tacked up with gimp pins to an upper layer as was sagging. The only thing I can think of is fixing some thin rigid material into the sections to give a flat surface and paint onto that, but what though? Not keen on going back to wallpaper and can’t see heavy textured paint suiting there …

Someone has suggested sheet rock – would that be suitable for that purpose (would have to be thin)?
Possibilities currently under consideration: 1. Vinyl (3 mm+) maybe even textured surfaced vinyl wood look alike planking; there is a special ceiling version for textured ceiling disasters, but probably expensive – wondering how the usual floor one would go, or paint over stuff 2. Corflute. Both not bad price wise.
or textured wallpaper might do it I suppose

Administrator answers:

If your going to put up drywall use at least 1/2 inch thick any thinner and it will follow the contours of the ceiling underneath then of course you will have to tape, fill, sand and prime your new ceiling before you paint.

Lisa asks…

FIFA: Packers vs Steelers bet (Soccer Question Inside)?

Okay, I know this is the soccer section, but if you live in the states you would know that the Superbowl is huge! So I decided to make this bet for my fellow Football fans just for a little fun :D
Okay, here are the rules:

- Whether you pick either the Steelers or Packers, if your team loses, you will have to post a picture of the opposing teams logo on your Formspring account, or Yahoo! Answers account.
If you are lazy, here is a logo of the teams so you don’t have to look for it ;)



Okay, good luck to everyone and I hope you all have fun =)!

Here is my soccer question:

CL picks!

Arsenal vs Barcelona
Real Madrid vs Lyon
Roma vs Shakhtar Donetsk
Milan vs Tottenham
Valencia vs Schalke 04
Inter vs Bayern Munich
Marseille vs Manchester United
Copenhagen vs Chelsea

Administrator answers:

Packers win Super Bowl 31-25.

Barca over Arsenal.
Real over Lyon.
Roma over Shakhtar
Milan over Tottenham
Schalke over Valencia
Bayern over Inter( i guess i am the only Bayern fan other then Canon)
Marseille(hate manu)
Chelsea over Copenhagen

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