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February 22, 2013

Helen asks…

Game section i need your help?

So i was playing SvR 07.I closed my PSP and the next day it started to work very slow.All my games are like this except for Smackdown vs Raw 2009.My PSP is 3.80.As a note all my games except SvR 09 are downloaded from i downloaded them they worked but now they are slooow.Is it a problem with the site or with my psp?

Note2:SvR 09 was downloaded with uTorrent

Administrator answers:

Ask the W/S
See you there….

Joseph asks…

i have a serious issue with broadband which im about to go insane over?

ill break this problem down into sections.

Firstly, i contacted my ISP (BT) to complain about a serious speed issue with my BB service. i live under 1/2 a mile away from the BT exchange so i should be getting around my full speed which is up to 8MBPS. they boosted my line and gave me a 10-day stabilization period for the line to sort itself out and i was promised 6-7MBPS and a guarantee that it would not drop below 4MBPS.

the speed which i was getting was 80-100KBPS download speed, which almost renders my broadband useless. this was why i contacted my ISP in the first place.

so the ten days are up now and the speed increased to a decent 3MBPS during the ten days but towards the end of the period the speed dropped again to 80 KBPS and now my broadband is rendered useless again.

i dont know what else to do because this is really an irritating problem and i dont know how much more i can take. Any help is greatly appreciated!

Administrator answers:

For my experience slow speeds are mostly caused by the dslam that you are connected to
Call up tech support and ask for level 2 or BT equivalent (in att level 2 are people who have much more power and can fix things quicker and are generally reserved for technicians, so you must know what you are saying )

Then ask them to check these things in order
1. Check the attenuation on line
2. Check the capacity of the redback that you are on and if it is over provisioned
3. Check the data card in the dslam that you are connected to
4. Ask them to move you to a redback with more backhaul
5. Ask them to preform a “rip-and-rebuild”

Note: look at your package does it say “up to” or a range then that means you will not always get what you are paying for.

Also you should run speed tests during peak (5pm – 9pm) and non-peak (2am – 7am) hours if you see higher speed during non-peak hours compared to peak hours it could be your dslam is over provisioned so do number 4 above

Also other factors not on the telco end could cause problems un-plug every phone, fax, etc device off you phone line and then run a speed test and see what you get. If its higher then every thing plunged in then its one of your devices

If the test above does not do anything then plug you modem into you nid (usually a black or gray box where the phone lines come in) and do the speed test if the number goes up your internal wiring is at fault.

Also when running a speed test use different websites and at different test locations
such webstites that test at different locations are

Steven asks…

What are some good Apps (Ipod Touch 8 Gig,second gen)?

Right now i have,

Diner Dash
Defend your castle
A+ Burger
Fast Food Nation
Vegetarian Cook Book
Sallys Spa
Assassins Creed
Dance Dance Revolution
Tap Tap Revenge 1-2
Topple 1-2
Catcha Mouse 1-2
1000Ilove you

Well..i cant really name them all since i have over 80.. But what could be some really great games that i could download? Or anything in the App section that could be really fun?

Administrator answers:

Okay here are some personal favs :D

PandoraBox (this will show you brand new apps as they come out and it’s free!)
Cube Runner (It’s fun- free)
Fastlane Lite (A free racing game with great graphics. You can listen to music while you play)
PapiCatch (Free, fun)
PapiJump (Free, fun)
Just Fillin’ (Free, and incredibly addicting)
Kagami Motchi (Also addicting and free)
Jelly Car (FREE)
Color Canvas and Oil Canvas (both free, good if you have an artsy side or something)
AirCoaster 3D (really, really awesome you can build 3D rollercoasters and ride them…99 cents)
Brick Free (FREE obviously. It’s one of those games where you break the brick walls with the little ball thing. Fun)
Did I say Tower FREE? (It’s a good one, trust me)
Fish Tycoon is addicting
Pocket God is SOOOOO fun only 99 cents
Manic Marble free is eh ok.
SnowLite is a snowboarding game- rocks.
Penguin Catapult lite is very fun too. :D
I-C-Live is a great app… You get live footage from all over the world. And it’s free for the lite version.
Virtual Villagers 2 is sooo addicting, a free game from the makers of Fish Tycoon.

Hope it helps! :D

Susan asks…

What is causing all of these internet problems?

I currently have a WRK54G v1 Linksys router and a Motorola Surfboard 30mbps modem, but my internet… isn’t the best. It goes down like 2-3 times a day, and some programs that require internet (like xfire or ventrilo) tend to go down every hour. My download speed is ridiculously slow as well (80-120kbps). My ISP is earthlink. I’ve been trying to find out what in God’s name is causing all of these frustrating issues for a long time now. There isn’t anything listed in the “Network Connections” section of the Control Panel, and there hasn’t been for years. What could that mean?

Also: My router is not directly connected to my computer. I have it connected to a switch, where my computer and my Xbox 360 both share the connection. There are also two other computers in the house. Could this cause any issues?

Can anyone tell me exactly what the problem here is? Possibly the router/modem? Bad ISP?
There is absolutely nothing listed in “Network Connections”
Now that I think of it… every time the internet goes down (on the 2-3 times a day intervals), the internet is down in the whole house. The switch may very well be slowing the connection down, but perhaps it is the router?

Administrator answers:

Can you try connecting directly to the modem for a few hours? And monitoring to see if doing the activities that usually cause the problem trigger the connection to drop?

I doubt Earthlink would be doing anything to your line though (ie. Throttling).

I suppose it could be the switch. But for that matter it could also be the router. That’s why I suggest connecting directly to the modem for some time and trying to trigger the problems intentionally.

Does your Ethernet NIC not even show up in `Network Connections` though? Because that would be…odd.

I don’t think this would be causing the problem, but you may want to reinstall/update the driver for your NIC if it doesn’t show up at all in `Network Connections`. I don’t think this has anything to do with your problem though, since if there were a driver issue, you wouldn’t be able to connect at all.

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