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June 26, 2013

Joseph asks…

Rate this Dr Dre Track that has been leaked?

This song is titled “I need a Doctor” Dr. Dre feat Eminem off od Detox Possibly..
Rate 1-10
Rate 1-10
Rate 1-10

The hopes for the album are “Overrated”
Dre Rap skill —> 4/10
Dre Producing Skill—> 7/10 7 ish / 10

Track may be listened to at:

Star this people
People so far think the Label is leaking songs..
My Mistake on producing :/

Alex Da Kid Produced

Administrator answers:

I like the sample alot, the beat is tight too, Eminem with the yelling kills the replay value for me, needs to calm it down a little bit.

Donald asks…

how do i get msn on my lg choccolate (lb40 i think) on o2?

ive read the other questions and sugestions of using ebuddy, but by the sounds of it thats just the same as msn’s web based messenger. i had a 2nd hand nokia 80 (lol) and it had a link on the apps section for msn, so i managed to have real msn on my fone but then it died. is the only way to unlock my fone and get a 3 simcard and download it?

Administrator answers:

With yahoo cream n strawberries

Jenny asks…

This is a song I’m writing that is in progress.?

I am writing a new song about a couple who were together for almost their whole lives. At the end, the girl in the relationship is passing away, and the guy is heart broken. They are old people, around 80 years old. The plan for the song is to tell the story of how they met each other when they were young and how death is forcing them to leave each other. It will be in the perspective of the guy in the relationship, talking to the girl who is dying.

I have one part of the song complete. It is part of the last sections of the song It is the last verse, which is the second to last section of the song. The last section is the chorus, which will lead to the outro.

Now, my question is this: How does it sound?! I love the lyrics, but I am not sure about the music. I think it is good, but I’m not sure. How does it make you feel? What do you think about it? Please tell me how you feel when you hear it (very sad, very happy), and also what you think (what could be better, if you think it is fine, if you think it is beautiful, your opinion, etc).

Thank you!!

Here are the lyrics for what I have so far (this is part of the end of the song. I don’t have the beginning lyrics yet):

“Here’s the last time we touch…
A thousand roads led to the same damn place.
We’ve arrived at the end…
And it breaks my heart to know I’ll see you pass.

I always believed that you could fly…”

click the play button under “copy to my account”
To me, it seems as if it would be a little boring. Tell me if you agree. thank you!

Administrator answers:

It sounds like a good song.
And the lyrics that you wrote are beautiful.

It makes me feel upset for the couple.
But at the same time if the girl is dying then its good to slip away so she dosent suffer.

Sandy asks…

Why is my cell phone bill so high?

Well last month my mother paid 207 dollars for 2 months past due. Then I owed nothing until the next month. My bill is usually around 80-90 dollars including web, text, and 450 minutes. Here’s the bill:
Monthly Service Charges Monthly Service Charges – This is based on your rate plan’s basic monthly charges. If your rate plan changed it will display here. If you changed rate plans mid-cycle, your bill will be prorated appropriately. $69.99
Usage Charges Usage Charges – Anytime you exceed the number of minutes allowed by your rate plan (voice or data), your additional minutes/kilobytes will be listed in this section. $0.00
Credits/Adjustments/Other Charges Credits/Adjustments/Other Charges – Any adjustments to your service, whether they are a charge or a credit, will display in this section. Items that may appear here include the purchase of a new phone or accessory, a late payment charge or a download (AT&T Mobile Purchase) charge. $59.84
Government Fees & Taxes Government Fees & Taxes – Taxes and surcharges are applied to your wireless service based on rates determined by federal, state and local laws. These charges are generally applied to recurring monthly charges, local usage, toll usage and roaming usage. The actual charges will vary, depending upon the particular tax, taxing authority, and the state, city or county where you reside. $7.63
TOTAL CURRENT CHARGES Total Current Charges – This is the amount due for payment for the specific billing period, which includes usage charges, government fees & taxes, credits, adjustments and other charges. This amount does not include any past due charges from a previous billing period. $137.46
I would also like to know why the Credits/Adjustments/Other Charges are so high, and what is it because it’s getting a bit ridiculous.

Administrator answers:

Read what you wrote out loud. It probably took you 5 minutes, while you could have just wrote down, “my bill is high”. Try to detail less.

Mary asks…

Does anyone know of where I can find some grown-up bedroom sets for girls in the sims 2?

I would like something that is a bit black and white, funky and a bedroom set. If possible, I would prefer it to be in a .zip folder instead of a .rar one. It’s for a family that I’m making with a girl who has black hair and wears clothes like these :

If it helps the sort of style of the room is like the left hand side of this picture:,r:2,s:80

One last thing it can’t be something that I have to pay for, it must be a free download.


Administrator answers:

Well, I’m sure you’ll find something you like on one of these sites: – They have pretty modern stuff. Some of their stuff is donation (you have to pay for it). But they still have loads of free stuff.
Https:// – Probably one of my favorite places to download furniture from. They have a ton of really nice custom content furniture in varying styles, but mostly modern stuff.
Also try Mod the Sims at They have a whole bunch of stuff. But what I do is look at the houses and lots that have custom content I like and follow the link in the credits. I’ve found all kinds of great sims downloading sites like that.

Lizzie asks…

Lyrics that say something like, “I love you, can’t you see that?” or “you’re supposed to be with me”?

I have a friend who I’ve known for several years. We went to the same school and everything. I broke up with my ex in October, and shortly after the breakup, I confessed to this friend that I had feelings for him. He was blown away, but since we have so much in common, he’s definitely warmed up to the idea of us dating.

The only thing that’s stopping us is that he’s in college 2 hours away from where I live. He also has a girlfriend, but for some reason, all the girls he dates dump him after a few months. I know this guy well, and I can tell you that it’s not because of anything he’s doing, or anything about him. He is kind, compassionate, absolutely hilarious, and very intelligent. I think he just unknowingly picks girls that just wanna hit it and quit it, ya know, just using him for practice.

He’s heading back to where we grew up in May after he graduates, and is most likely going to break up with this girl because she told him she won’t do a long distance relationship. I really want him to stay in the area so I can finally date this man of my dreams.

On my Facebook, I usually quote songs according to how I’m feeling, and put them in my About Me section on my profile under my picture. He usually reads it and can identify the song. I just can’t think of any songs to express how I’m feeling right now.

I need some lines from a song that will convey this:

“I love you, and I’ve loved you for so long. It hurts me so much to see you with her because I know she’s just gonna break your heart, and I know that we’d be perfect for eachother if you’d only give me a chance.”

******OH, BY THE WAY!!! We both like 80‘s rock, new wave, and hair metal, as well as pop songs from the 80‘s and 90′s. That way, I have a better chance of catching his attention. And I know you’re thinking, “aren’t you worried about his girlfriend seeing this?” No, my profile is set to private.

I just need lines from the song, and title and artist, please, because I might download the song if I like it! There’s gotta be something out there that conveys this!

Thanks for your help!

Administrator answers:

Realize by Colbie Caillat:
“If you just realize what I just realized,
then we’d be perfect for each other
and we’ll never find another.
Just realize what I just realized,
we’d never have to wonder
if we missed out on each other now.”

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