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Your Questions About Section 80 Kendrick Lamar

June 4, 2013

Michael asks…

Any good kendrick lamar/ frank ocean songs?

I’m a huge fan of both artists. I downloaded section 80 and all of lamar‘s mixtapes and i have frank’s Nostalgia and the lonny breux collection. I’m looking for more songs with them. Can you list any good songs by or featured with them?

Administrator answers:

List of all their songs:

K. Dot:


*To download, go to Google, type in the song title either ’4shared, hulkshare, or mediafire’ after it. If those don’t work, which I highly doubt, just type ‘download’ instead.

By the way, they actually have a song together, “Bend Ya”. (It’s a snippet though.)

Sandra asks…

Is it just me or is Kendrick Lamar really over rated?

I mean Section .80 was pretty good, but so many people are acting like he’s the second coming to Hip Hop.

Administrator answers:

I really don’t like his voice or his topic selection. He really is overrated. I rate him like a 6/10 rapper just because his voice is such a turn-off.

They think he’s like the best West coast rapper and I’m like, lol..

Donna asks…

What Kendrick Lamar songs has Dr. Dre produced?

I’m just curious because i have all Dr. Dre’s albums and Kendrick Lamar is raw and they have worked together alot and it doesnt say Dre produced any songs on his Section 80 album

Administrator answers:

None. I seriously just went through the production credits of Section. 80, Kendrick Lamar EP, and (O)verly (D)edicated and none of the tracks on those 3 releases (his only 3 releases) were produced by Dr. Dre. Actually, the majority of tracks, probably 70% were produced by someone named Sounwave.

Charles asks…

RHH: This is Metacritic’s top rap albums of 2011?

So what Metacritic does is combine all the reviews from everywhere into one score. So this should be fair. But it’s not, the reason being that some albums get more reviews than others and from different sites. Anyway here you go

Phonte-Charity Starts At Home (91)
Saigon-The Greatest Story Never Told (89)
Roots-Undun (88)
Astronautalis-This Is Our Science (85) [Good but not this good]
A$AP Rocky-Live, Love, A$ap (84) [Not really into him so I'd have to disagree]
Hydro Da Hero-Birth School Work Death (84) [Who the f*ck is he?]
Beastie Boys-Hot Sauce Committee Pt 2 (83)
Apathy-Honky Kong (82)
Danny Brown-XXX (82)
Royce Da 5’9-Success Is Certain (82)
Shabazz Palaces-Black Up (82)
Doomtree-No Kings (81)
Drake-Take Care (81) [WUT?]
Tech N9ne-All 6’s & 7’s (81)
Curren$y-Covert Coup (80)
Death Grips-Exmilitary (80)
Jay Rock-Follow Me Home (80)
Kendrick Lamar-Section.80 (80) [Ironic?]
Random Axe-Random Axe (80)

Flawed Ratings:
Raekwon-Shaolin Vs Wu-Tang (73) [At least deserves 78+]
Grieves-Together/ Apart (71) [One of my favorite albums of the year, should be in the 80s]
Common-The Dreamer, The Believer (73) [I enjoyed most of this album. Ok so it wasn't extraordinary but it's at least an 80 for me]
Murs-Love & Rockets (67) [I don’t really need to explain this. Seriously… 67?!]

Your thoughts?
BQ: Just for fun, how many albums from 2011 did you listen to?

Administrator answers:

I dont’ see R.E.K.S. Or Monumental (which I’d include in my personal list), other that it’s a pretty good list at first glance.

BQ: Not sure

Mary asks…

Who thinks Kendrick Lamar could go down as one of the greats?

if u have heard his section 80 album u know he is unique and a monster. if u havent heard him listen to Rigamortus

Administrator answers:

He def has a lot of potential, and is one of my favorite new school rappers. I’d like to hear some more from him besides Sec.80 and Overly Dedicated before I make a judgement though.

Ruth asks…

Y!A? RHH Presents: The RHH Awards/ Category 1: Album Nominees?

R.E.K.S.- Reks
Section.80- Kendrick Lamar
Oneirology- CunninLynguists
Charity Starts At Home- Phonte
W.A.R.- Pharoahe Monch
All 6′s & 7′s- Tech N9ne
Random Axe- Random Axe
undun- The Roots

Please vote for one, and two runner ups.
We already had the nomination Q, do you guys wanna Answer that then do another one

Administrator answers:


WAR and Oneirology

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