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June 20, 2012

Lisa asks…

Sharing a House or Apt. in Queensland Australia?

I am looking to share a house or apartment in Queensland Australia, with single senior 55 plus, for a period of 2 to 3 months. Don’t mind sharing with happily married couple, looking for peace and quiet. I am 60 years old (male) and living on a pension. It has been my wish to visit Australia since I was a teenager. After raising a family of 3 boys, it is time for me to do some travelling. I would appreciate any information that can lead me to finding shared accommodation in
Queensland Australia. Thank You

Administrator answers:

You could start by placing an ad in the site listed below. It’s free. There is also a share accommodation section for you to look at what’s already listed.

Also, if you google “share accommodation brisbane” there are lots of sites (too many to list) that you could have a look at.

Enjoy your travels.

Linda asks…

Trump to buy McMahon’s home? Why?

He says an act of compassion. Give me a break! Anyone who made the money McMahon made and obviously didn’t handle it well enough to take care of him self in old age hardly needs compassion. What a joke!
Now if he said he bought it because he thought McMahon was a arrogant moron who thought he was “all that” to younger women ( as many rich men in the lime light think) and he wanted to buy it for an investment and be his landlord to hold it over his head ….then I’d agree. But compassion! Make me puke!!
How about all the little hard working seniors who are living in overpriced studio apartments when no senior housing is available because it is filled with foreign born seniors whose children brought them here and they never worked. The American seniors worked til 65 retired and found the lists are years long. No room for them all the rooms are gone to the foreign born who had the time to sit around and wait while living with their kids. The working poor had no idea of the system. Maybe Donald could have the books of how the system works for the seniors in this country translated into
English and distributed to everyone American born at the age of 55 years old so we can get on lists and we can have subdized apartment like so many that didn’t or barely paid into the system. Thats
compassion Donald! Or how about American borm Seniors being let into subdized housing 1st. Donald lobby for that….show compassion.Please!!!!bThese lists have no favorites…no getting to the top, not American born, not having paid into the system, not being disabled, not having a husband who was in a war, not being from a 1st family, but if you are related to someone who works in the system you can slip ahead of everyone….and who are most of the low level government workers. Yes you guessed it….1st generation Americans or new citizens and they look after their own. I’ve seen it 1st hand.

Does anyone think Donald Trump has his compassion misplaced….I sure do.!!

Administrator answers:

Yeah, Trump is a master of self-promotion. Not only does he get great publicity, he will be able to turn a profit. I don’t think for a moment he would have done it if it didn’t help his image/bank account.

Read the story at Newser:

Jenny asks…

Any Americans out there who can answer some questions on a foreigner buying a property in California?

Please help:-

1. Is a foreigner permitted to own a house or apartment in California?
2. Is it possible for a foreigner to obtain financing from a bank?
3. What is a full bathroom & a half bathroom?
4. Are some properties reserved for senior citizens of 55 yrs old and above? Can a foreigner buy such properties?
5. What are the incidental costs of owning a property in California, besides HOA/maintenance?
6. What legal process do I have to go through to buy a property in California?
Thank you so much if you can provide me some answers.

Administrator answers:

1. Is a foreigner permitted to own a house or apartment in California?

Yep, nationality is not a problem. It is against the law here to discriminate based on nationality. You could be a terrorist and buy w/o anyone blinking.

2. Is it possible for a foreigner to obtain financing from a bank?

Only if you are a legal resident of the US. If you live over seas, no, because we can not enforce our laws elsewhere.

3. What is a full bathroom & a half bathroom?

Full is shower, toilet, sink. Half does not include a shower.

4. Are some properties reserved for senior citizens of 55 yrs old and above? Can a foreigner buy such properties?

Usually not, you have to be over 55 and live on the property to buy those.

5. What are the incidental costs of owning a property in California, besides HOA/maintenance?

Property tax, maybe Mello Roos tax (like property tax), insurance is high.

6. What legal process do I have to go through to buy a property in California?

Usually you use a real estate broker, who also hires an escrow (seller actually hires this one) to over see the sale. Attorneys are not usually used in CA.

If you are buying investment property you are best off to use a broker (I can hook you up with one in most parts of the state) who specializes in investment properties. They will know more about finding a profitable investment then most others.

Also, deal directly with a BROKER. An agent is just a sales person and not nearly as knowledgable.

Lizzie asks…

How would you deal with a much older man hitting on you? without being considered rude?

There is a man in my apartment complex, a widower, who is at least 75 or 80 y/o. In the past week or so, he has been bothering nearly every female in the complex. He’s left handwritten invitations taped to ALL of our doors telling us how “lonely” he is and has called us or dropped by uninvited. Most of us in the complex are between 19 and 55, already have boyfriends/husbands, and just feel that not only is he too old for us, but that he is boring, desperate and more than a little creepy! There is a senior center nearby, so how do we tell him about it and tell him to go away without having any trouble in future?
by creepy here’s what I mean. One of the neighbors told me she went there just to be polite. On the wall, he has an 8X10 picture of his recently deceased wife…TOPLESS! The neighbor told me she’d barely taken a drink of her coffee before the man volunteered that his wife had committed suicide…

Administrator answers:

This man is desperately lonely. It has progressed to a point where he is no longer in control of his actions. Get a schedule of events from the senior centre. Pass it on to him. Keep a copy and if you, or one of the others, has a few minutes go and knock on his door when you know that there is something like a drop in visit at the centre, offer to take him there. Once he is introduced to a few of his peers, he will willingly go there on his own.

There are also volunteers in some towns who will visit these elderly shut-ins. Phone around to find out what resources your town has. This man needs help and may be too shy or incapable of finding it on his own.

Michael asks…

Is it legal for a 55+(condo) community to age discriminate if my husband and I are disabled but 45?

My elderly parents in florida recently started needing assistance at home.They bought a larger condo w/ more rooms,so my sister could move in and help them out as needed. They havent been able to sell the other apt,so they decided they wanted to give it to me and my husband.We re both 45 yrs old,both disabled,both on Social Security and medicare,and are childless.
In NV,we have rented an apt before,in a senior(65+) comm,15 years ago,when we were much younger.We had no problem,because of the ADA and our disabilities. Yesterday my family went to check on the apt and stopped by the office b/c theres now a huge sign saying 55+ only! We all assumed this wouldnt be an issue.So,my mom asked if it was going be a problem for her disabled daughter and son in law to take ownership of the apartment.The management told her ABSOLUTELY NO ONE under age 55 could live there.No exceptions,disabled or not.My parents are heartbroken.We were under the impression that they couldnt age discriminate under ADA rules.Am I wrong?

Administrator answers:

I might be mistaken, but they can still allow only 55+ year old people there and still be ADA compliant as long as their facility meets ADA standards. As I understand it when it comes to housing the ADA does nothing about age discrimination, I always thought that the ADA in pertaining to housing had to do more with accessibility requirements and such.

Maria asks…

can i get a apartment @ 17?

I lived at home with my mom, dad and 2 brothers till 2 years ago. Now I cannot live there any more because of personal things so now I live with my grandmother. I am not really allowed to live there because I’m not 55 or older and I’m not her son or daughter. There is no other family member who can take me in that lives by my school. I am a senior in High School and I can’t afford to move out of state just so I can live with out having to pay rent. I want a apartment so I can graduate this year and go off to college I no that it is not likely that I a can get an Apartment but I think there is something out there for teens who need a place to live. I’m not shore what is out there but do you think that S.S. can help me too? I can only stay for a little longer before I get kicked out. And June is almost here! And I can’t be put into faster care either! I need some help I’m stuck and I want a place to call my own so I can stop all this moving!

Administrator answers:

See about getting legally emancipated. I’m not sure how long that takes or how expensive it is. Otherwise, just wait until you graduate. See about living in a dorm at whatever college you choose.

Sharon asks…

How can people over 50 lose weight?

My mother works at a senior housing apartment complex and said that she sees people in their 90s or turning 100 who look younger and were healthier than some people in their 60s because the people in their 60s were overweight, while those in their 90s and 100 were skinny.

I’m concerned for my father because he’s 55 and could look some weight, but it gets harder to lose the weight as you get older and he has asthma, which makes it difficult and frustrating for him to exercise.

I want to tell him about my concern, but when I do I’d like to give him some advice in being skinnier. So what can he do to lose it?

Just that stats on him if this would help any: 55yrs, 6’2″ (187.96cm), asthma.

Thank you so much!

Administrator answers:

Nearly 6 years ago, I started Atkins low carb way of eating to just quit gaining weight. I had to get my out of control appetite under control. I never imagined I could LOSE weight without hunger or exercise, since I’ve become disabled. I never bothered weighing or measuring til I’d noticed that my clothes got huge quick. When my health improved dramatically also, I knew this was my new way of life and since it’s eat all you want (of low carb foods) I know I can do this for life.

My personal carb level is low. I am older & disabled & don’t move much (or cook much) but I eat all I want of meats, eggs, cheeses, yogurt, fats, green vegetables, almonds, berries, flax seeds, chia seeds, shirataki noodles and other foods. Someone active would have a MUCH higher carb level & can usually include all fruits, beans, whole grain products but not sugar & highly refined carbs in unlimited amounts. As long as you have 65% of total calories, if not, the body will still remain in glycolysis by converting 58% of excess protein into glucose (via gluconeogenesis).

It takes minimum of 3 days to convert a body to ketosis, (but only one bite to convert back to glycolysis). People feel sluggish the first week but most feel better than ever thereafter.

Simple carbohydrates (sugar, flour, bread, cereal, pasta, potatoes, rice) trigger insulin which can store the calories eaten into fat. The more protein the more the fat burning hormone glucagon is released. The more carbohydrate the more the fat storage hormone insulin is released.

High insulin levels promote inflammation, weight gain, hunger & unbalance other hormones. Controlling insulin levels will balance out other hormones & allow human growth hormone (HGH) to be produced naturally so lean muscle will be gained even without exercise. Any exercise will greatly increase muscle mass with high HGH levels.

Ground flax seed (2 Tbsp) 1/4 cup water, artificial sweetener, mix in a raw egg – let sit 10 min. To absorb liquid, put some cream cheese in the middle & nuke 2 minutes. Suggested for daily fiber needs.

Sandy asks…

How do I control my angry thoughts towards my fiance’s family about our dog?

We’ve been in financial debt for months now, and recently had to move out of the home my parents lost to the bank when they finally caught up and gave a final date to move a few weeks ago. Life’s been hard. We can’t live together any longer because we didn’t save enough money for a down deposit to an apartment and my parents have a newly built trailer in a Senior Park and the age minimum is 55. I’m living with my brother and his wife until my baby is born any day now, and my fiance moved with our dog back to his aunt’s house. They share a three bedroom house that has her and her husband, 4 sons (somedays the two grandsons), and now my fiance living there. Space is SUPER tight. My fiance and his oldest cousin (with the two boys occasionally) share space in the garage in a tiny room, and the rest are crammed inside in the bedrooms. Our dog, Freebee is a one year old American Staff Mix and was used to being indoors 75% of the time when we lived in the previous house my parent’s lost. I have all the paperwork on him from our adoption from the ASPCA, and it specifically states how they are wonderful family pets and need daily exercise and do better indoors, and if outdoors, require space, like a lawn.
Well… his aunt and uncle are anti-pets (the exception of birds), and their sons actually enjoy them. I’ve told them how appreciative I am that they are helping us, and I really feel this way. But my question on here is because though I may show them this appreciation on the outside, on the inside I’m heartbroken for Freebee and tend to think VERY negatively and angrily towards them. I feel like it’s immature, but I can’t seem to grasp why people can be so heartless to animals. My whole life I was raised in a family that loves pets, and recently lost my 13 year old female dog to breast cancer in January this year- a loss that broke my heart the hardest in all my life. She was my best friend and more than just a dog. She would share my bed at night since I was 10 years old, I cared for her, loved her, and treated her like a member of the family. I feel the same for Freebee, but more as a son with fur :)
Unfortunately, they think it’s dirty to touch him, and feel the need to inform their sons to scrub their hands anytime this happens. The aunt and uncle refuse to touch him or even acknowledge him, have put an absolute ban on the dog going indoors EVER, and they first required Freebee to be tied to a poll 24/7 outside on the side of the house with a LEASH until he chewed threw it and got free. Thankfully the uncle came forward and him and my fiance built a pen for Freebee that’s nearly 7x7ft. that he is locked in all day and night unless my fiance takes him out for a walk or to play briefly. This encagement has made Freebee learn to cry early in the morning’s, whining for someone to pay attention to him, and now he’s started chewing the wood door (my thoughts are because he wants freedom like he had with us before).
My fiance is very uptight about letting him wander more than 5 ft from the pen if he’s tending to his water/food or cleaning the poop up, because he says it’s not his house and he doesn’t pay rent. He gets mad at me for “not understanding this” (though I do), but I can’t help but feel irritated that Freebee no longer can be the dog we used to have around. I feel such pressure to get a place of our own ASAP, because I’m so fed up with how he must live if my fiance stays there. I can’t seem to grasp how people can’t careless about pets…
I know, this may sound immature of me, and I may just be speaking from raging pregnancy hormones since I’m due any day now, but I had to vent somewhere, and since my fiance doesn’t understand my feelings for our pup, I have no where else to turn. I want to be able to control my feelings towards his aunt and uncle and how they view pets, because I’ve never been in a situation with any of my pets before that concern people who are so anti-pets and it’s breaking my heart seeing Freebee caged up all day long and night and hearing him cry from the street before I see him. My fiance feels terrible, too, but has the responsibility of controlling Freebee and tries to justify how his family feels with the fact that they are helping him and we need to respect their house. I have no problem with his, but my internal feelings give me such negative views on his aunt and uncle, and I want to know how I can surpress those feelings.
Catkeypurr & Kaponers: Screw you anyhow. Not only did I state he’s like son to me- obviously he means so much to me, but you are quick to judge. I did the research. He’s NOT a pitbull. Do yourself a favor and check your resources as well. As for get a job- tell that to my future baby. I’m trying to get a job from home so I can be there for it growing up! Don’t tell me how to parent. And getting a place of our own- what the f*ck do you think we’re trying to do!? That’s why we are separate- we are putting away money to come back together. My brother did it as well before he got married- it’s the price you pay when you aren’t financially indowed! And the reasons I have a dog and child during financial burden is of NO concern to you. It relates to NOTHING in my question, and only plays a key role as information to help readers understand how I feel about my dog. I guess you missed the part where I concluded I AM grateful that they help us. Instead of being a b*tch learn understanding first

Administrator answers:

I feel so bad for you — you are in a terrible situation and when you have your baby it’s going to be worse — they will fuss that the dog shouldn’t be near the baby, tell you your a bad parent, etc.

I got this nonsense with two gentle older dogs when I had my first baby. I was living with my husband on our own so I could tell the family members spewing this crap (and they liked dogs ok, ironically) to go pound sand, in a polite way of course.

You don’t have this option. That’s what’s so frustrating. To help you get ahead, if you are in the US I bet you can get WIC (Women, Infants and children) — this will help with the food bill for you and the baby. The sooner you all can get enough money together to get a small place of your own, the better. Have you looked at trailer parks? Although they have a bad reputation, I know people who have lived happily in a trailer park for years. Also, have you considered a campground? From using these while traveling, there are people who live there year round. Also I would inquire at local boarding kennels and some privately run animal shelters — they generally have someone live on the grounds (they provide the house) in exchange for night watchman duties and the like. They wouldn’t mind your dog! Another source is place a note on the showdog-l list — many show kennels need kennel help and good help is hard to come by. Generally a live in agreement (you get a place to stay) in exchange for helping with the dogs is the deal. I did this myself for awhile, but then was sadly disappointed that the person didn’t do their (very minimal) tasks and didn’t give notice when they were going to be away. If you are reliable, you might well be a very cherished staff member and have a place for your family – including your precious dog – to live. It’s worth a try!!

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