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Your Questions About Senior Apartments 55 And Older

June 19, 2012

Nancy asks…

Anyone know of Senior apartments in phoenix az area that meet income restrictions?

My aunt and uncle want to relocate to the Phoenix Az. metro area.They live in affordable income restrictions .You can only have combined income of less than or little more since it has some government restrictions. They live in very nice affordable 55 and over Senior community. I can,t find any like the cottage type home or apartments. Any older mature seniors out there that may help?

Administrator answers:

Have you checked out all the Del Web retirement communities here? The older ones have apartments. You might also check this web site for seniors’ advice

Charles asks…

Any suggestions for a 10 year celebration of living in the same place?

My Senior (55 & older) Apartment Community is getting ready to celebrate it’s 10 year anniversary and we want to recognize 17 original lease holders still living in the community. Any suggestions for the celebration would be welcome.

Administrator answers:

Luau, Babeeeee! Think about it. Tiki torches (double as mosquito ward offs), Japanese lanterns all around, colorful leighs,(skip the limbo), grass skirts (over the shorts please), iced tea with wedges of lemon and little umbrellas in it, coconut shell drinks, barbecue by the pool, the smell of sunscreen, flip flops, bright Hawaiian style or floral shirts, Sweet and sour chicken, pineapple upside down cake, ice cream, games (pin the hula skirt on the dancer or a luau dance contest – make sure a camcorder is handy for that one), sea shells decorating the tables and Hawaiian music in the background. A great afternoon into evening celebration for all.

Richard asks…

Do senior citizen apartments violate equal/fair housing?

Okay, I thought that landlords/apartment owners weren’t allowed to discriminate when it comes to tenants [who lives there]. If a senior citizen community ‘requires’ that you be at least 55 years old in order to live there, isn’t that discrimination, and doesn’t it violate equal/fair housing guidelines?

Why can a seniors’ apartment complex refuse to rent to young adults, but if a normal complex were to tell a 60 year old that he can’t rent an apartment, it’s discrimination?

Administrator answers:

The fair housing laws gave developers/owners the right to have senior complexes.

James asks…

Serious Real Estate Question?

I brought a $400,000 investment rental building in Flushing, NY in 2000, with 20% down and 15 year fixed mortgage. At the time, it had $35,000 Net Operating Income. Now, the house is worth $850,000, and has a net opating income of $50,000. The vacancy rate is about 2-3%.

I have found a 35 unit apartment community for seniors 55 and older, located in Cincinnati, Ohio. The asking price is $800,000 and the net operating income is $100,000. The vacancy is 5% and it doesn’t need any repairs because it is in relatively good shape.

Should I sell my current home in NY to buy the 35 unit apartment in Ohio? If so, why?
By the way, net operating income is the income I get from rentals per year after everything is paid – taxes, water, gas, etc. The property in Ohio gets more income per year, so can I get people’s opinions on what they would do?

Administrator answers:

I’d keep the one in Flushing…generally speaking, NY will hold its value better than cincinatti…Flushing is one of those up and coming real estate places that will boom, its close to manhattan and you may see your value go up much higher, stick to NY…

Sharon asks…

As a Senior Citizen do you prefer to live in an area with other seniors?

Or is a family neighborhood more to your liking? Would you rather live in a 55 and over apartment or condo, or rent or buy in a neighborhood/building with families and children around? I can recall the sweet older neighbors who loved to see the kids come around, as well as the “crabby old folks” who yelled at us for getting too close to their yard.

Administrator answers:

In a family friendly neighborhood where we are now and have been for near 40yrs. The neighbors loved our foster kids and we them.

David asks…

Can someone please interpret my dream?

I live in this senior apartment building of 175 apartments. There is this young (55) year old woman who was able to move in here because she is mentally ill. She causes so much trouble. She is very mean. The manager baby’s her and allows her to shout at us. However, She has been told to stay out of our lobby because several of us are afraid of her. Now for the dream. I dreamed that I got on the elevator to go down to to the first floor to check on my mail and these three women who baby this woman in real life were talking about busting her out of jail. I pretended that I didn’t hear them and checked my mail then came back up to my floor in my dream the office was on my floor. I dreamed that I went into the office to tell the manager the manager gave me 2 screws and to bolts and told me to take them to this girl . There is a very large yard leading to a church out back. I went on the sidewalk that leads over to the back of this church and this girl was in an outdoor jail cell. I had drooped one of the bolts along the way in the grass. I gave her the screws and one bolt. She beat me back here! I had helped her break out of jail. Was I fearful that the manager might allow her back into our lobby? She won’t take medication. She says she knows her rights.

Administrator answers:

While you don’t really like this woman and may be a little afraid of her you are also curious about her and perhaps want to be compassionate.

You may subconsciously agree with the management decision to allow her to live in the complex, although consciously you don’t agree with it and feel this has caused your neighbors many problems.

In your heart of hearts you would like to help her if you can, but you are not sure how to help her. You are afraid of making the wrong decision and this is the reason your dream has an uncertain ending.

The fact she is in your dreams means you are concerned about her presence in your complex. I suggest you discuss this with your minister if you are comfortable doing so. The minister will likely advise you to pray about the situation, and I would echo that advice. Prayer is a good way to mentally review the situation and God has a pretty good track record of helping us find answers to questions like these.

As for this woman, be polite to her but don’t go out of your way to seek contact. I don’t think it is possible to have a comfortable relationship with a person like her unless you are a trained mental health professional.

Helen asks…

Is there such a thing as a transport for the Elderly that don’t have access to a vehicle, or cannot drive?

My mother in law is getting out of the hospital today. She does need to continue to get prescriptions, and go to the cardiologist. She lives in a Senior apartment complex, but that’s basically all it is. It’s an apartment complex for people 65 and older. Or 55 and older. I forget. But anyhow, my husband and I only have one vehicle, and his brother is fixing to get his taken away. I’m pregnant and we have a four year old. With only one vehicle, and his brother having his vehicle soon to be taken away (because of his lack of responsibility), we are really stuck between a rock and a hard place here. My husband doesn’t have that much time left in vacation to take off more than what we already need for the baby, pre-delivery appointments, and when the baby is due. His mom’s doctor recommends she be put in a Nursing home, but all she has is Medicare and they won’t pay for that. And two, she doesn’t have any other means to support her other than her SS income, which isn’t much. She doesn’t even have Life Insurance.

Is there any type of transportation for the Elderly in this kind of position? What about the Elderly that doesn’t have any family to help them out? How do they get around to the stores, get their prescriptions, doctor appointments etc.? What if they live in a Senior apartment complex that doesn’t have transportation like this? How can we help her find a solution? We live in PHX AZ. Thanks in advance for your help. :-)
sunshine: And tell SS what? I’m not sure what they can do?

Administrator answers:

I plucked this directly from the Maricopa county website. Also, look at the SAIL program, I’ve placed a link below.

Special Needs:
Due to circumstances beyond their control many residents are unable to provide their own mobility for such basic necessities as health care, shopping, recreational and many other personal and social services. Special Needs is an advanced reservation transportation assistance program that provides almost 30,000 local trips to elderly, disabled, and low-income individuals. In addition, STS drivers are trained to directly assist clients to and from the vehicle, a feature not available from cab companies or most public or private transportation resources.
Transportation is cost-free to the participant and is provided Monday through Friday, between 8:00 a.m. And 4:00 p.m. (8:00 a.m. To 5:00 p.m. Where and when funding supports additional service). Trips may be scheduled for medical, dialysis, recreational, shopping, social service, adult-day care, and/or employment needs. Because special needs trips are a fee for service, the allowable trip purpose is at the discretion of the jurisdiction.

For more information or to request transportation, call
(602) 372-4280

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