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January 31, 2013

Sharon asks…

Tenant built bedroom in apartment’s dining room?

I am having a very uncommon (at least it has been uncommon for me) problem with one of my tenants. I live in my apartment building with my husband. A few months ago whenever we would leave and come back a tenant (who is not the one the question is about but complains about EVERYTHING) would tell me how the tenant in the unit by mine was pounding the whole time I was gone and how loud the pounding was. I confronted the issue with the tenant. They had received permission to paint most of the rooms. They told me that the pounding was simply them rehanging shelves and pictures etc. I had no reason to disbelieve them. I saw no evidence of anything else in the unit so I told the other tenant that really they were in no violation of their lease (she really shouldn’t have been able to hear that much anyways my unit is between the two of them)

As far as them pounding when I was not home they said that they did that as to not disturb me (I own a business and often work from home). Recently the tenant was put onto HUD. There are special programs in our county for certain types of people. The tenant is able to receive the help of these special programs. On the HUD paper when I received it to sign the unit was marked as a 3 bdroom. It is only a 2 bedroom. I questioned the tenant why it was already filled in and why was it marked as a 3? She stated that her caseworker did it bc she used the dining room as a bedroom thus making it a 3 bedroom. (I do not approve of this the tenant was here last fall when my husband and I took over the building and we had no reason to get rid of her)

Recently, her 15 yr old daughter (who likes to tell anyone everything) let it slip that they have a 4 bdrm unit. I told her no it was 2 bdrooms. She stated no that it was now a 4 bdroom unit bc she sleeps in the utility room (it is very small she stated she sleeps on a cot . I know that there can be no other room. The room was basically big enough for a washer and dryer then it had some shelves and drawers. Considering the tenant has a washer the cot would basically take up all the free space)
She then proceeded to tell me that since her mom and her mom’s bf built the walls around the dining room it was now a bd room. (basically it is a room in a room) It is only the mother bf and her 2 children I don’t understand y they would need a 4 bdroom.

I am not quite sure how to approach the situation. I do plan to call HUD tomorrow. But I am baffled at her literally building a bedroom. I am so scared to see it. It was recently remodeled. This was a mansion built in the 1900′s. The tenant has a part built on in 1940. It has amazing details and is beautiful!!

(Advice on staying professional through this would be greatly appreciated!)
I am legally can be let into the apartment at any time I wish for emergencies otherwise I must give 24 hrs notice. Which they have received. I just learned this information and am still trying to wrap my head around it.

I believe the tenant told HUD the apartment was a 3 bdroom to receive more $. I plan to talk to them to see if they consider it a 2 or 3 bdroom since it is the dining room being used a bedroom. Now that I think back the pounding and everything was shortly before HUD’s inspection (which I now know was not them rehanging everything it was them building a bedroom!)

Administrator answers:

Tenants CANNOT build another room and there are laws about what counts as a bedroom. A room in a room like that is NOT legal!!! Their worker is obviously not doing their job. There is no way that would pass a proper inspection.

Building anything into a rental is a violation of most leases and lying to HUD is fraud and illegal. You need to evict them, they will lose their HUD and possibly get sued.

Carol asks…

Good plans for decorating a new apartment?

My friend recently bought a new apartment, but we have no clear idea to decorate it. Online stores are cheaper, but lots of choices make us confused. ps: it has a living room, two bedroom, a kitchen and a bathroom. My friend, his wife and his one-year body will live there. I knew the smaller bedroon fits for bodyroom. But how to decorate the kid room? and other rooms???

Administrator answers:

Hi. I agree with one of the above suggestions that is to listen to the child’s idea when it comes to the decoration of kid room. Sometimes the partent may think the child like the disney cartoon theme, but the child he himeself may like the sea pirate themed room. After all it is the room for the kids so you’d better make the room liked by him. The wall decals may help a lot for decorating and highlighting a room. The is a reliable online store offering lots of funny wall decals. Maybe you can go there for a look.

Steven asks…

Kerri Disappoints Her Parents……………?

Dan and Barbara are seriously upset. Their daughter, Kerri, has been dating Kevin ever since they met at a church youth retreat two years ago. Both Kerri and Kevin will graduate this June; Kerri as an elementary school teacher and Kevin with a political science degree. Kerri is already interviewing for teaching positions in the area. Kevin has been accepted at the University of Washington and will be studying for his law degree. Kerri and Kevin are also apartment hunting and plan to move in together this summer so they’ll both be ready to meet the transitions of their new careers in the fall.
Dan and Barbara just found out about Kerri’s plan to move in with Kevin and are deeply disappointed in their daughter. Kerri was raised to live a moral lifestyle based on biblical principles as interpreted by their local congregation. Barbara homeschooled Kerri to help shield her from some aspects of the larger society, including the more left-leaning views of abortion (murder), same-sex marriage (ridiculous), and co-habitation (immoral).
Dan is on the verge of a confrontation with Kevin, who he blames entirely for Kerri’s decision. He is livid with Kevin and plans to tell Kerri that he absolutely forbids her to live this sinful lifestyle. If she loves Kevin so much, then marry him. Commit to one another. Live in monogamy and the security of marriage, and stop “playing house.” Barbara is also very disappointed in her daughter’s decision and is secretly afraid Kerri may already be pregnant, although nothing was ever mentioned about it.
Several years ago another family in their church experienced a similar situation. The couple’s oldest
daughter went to college out of state and only came home at the quarter breaks. One weekend this
couple decided to surprise their daughter unexpectedly and it almost broke their hearts. Their daughter had moved in with a young man. They had rented a small, one bedroom apartment just off campus where they were living as husband and wife, but she never told her parents about it.
Dad was furious with both of them and as he turned all his wrath onto the young man, Mom excused herself to use the bathroom and discretely scoured the medicine cabinet and under the sink for tampon boxes or home pregnancy kits. If her daughter were pregnant it would be the end of her world. This wasn’t supposed to happen in their family. As it turned out, the mother’s worst suspicions were true. Her daughter was pregnant. The young man became their son-in-law and five months later Barbara’s acquaintance from church became a grandmother.
Barbara had pitied this woman and condemned her daughter. The realization of her judgmental attitude made Barbara embarrassed as the irony of their situation made her wonder how other members of theircongregation would react to her and Dan. Barbara wants to talk with Kerri but doesn’t know how to approach her. She hopes Kerri will call so they can go out for lunch together, just the two of them, and talk this through. Barbara loves Kerri with all her heart and wants to understand her better. Hopefully she’ll be able to share this understanding with Dan

Do you think Kerri is rebelling against her parents? Why or why not?
Why do you think Kerri is postponing marriage?

Administrator answers:

I think Kerri is doing what she feels is right. It’s difficult living the way your parents want you to. And so what if she is postponing marriage, does she have a deadline that she has to meet before someone says, “Nope sorry. You are too old to marry.”

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