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Your Questions About Small Two Bedroom Apartment Plans

August 29, 2012

Lizzie asks…

For those of you living in a small apartment, did you give your newborn an entire room?

My husband and I live in a two bedroom apartment – and we are soon to be three when our baby arrives. We’re very excited. Anyway, we’re using one room as our bedroom, and the bed is taking up the entire space. We are using the other room as a multipurpose room. For example, my study table and books are there (I’m a grad student with a whole lot of books and papers); and other items that have no other place to be put in the apartment.

When the baby arrives, I plan for her to sleep with us for the first few months, in a bassinet. But once she’s a tiny bit older, I want her to get used to sleeping in another room – and she’ll need a bed by then too, which we won’t be able to fit into our room.

I’m not sure what to do about this. I’d love to give her the entire room and decorate it as a nursery, but there is literally no space to put my desk, bookshelves, etc. I’m not sure how to organize my apartment. Any suggestions?

Administrator answers:

My son didn’t have his own room until he was 9 months old. He just slept in our bed, or his pack and play. Now, he has his own room, he is never in there, nor does he need his own space. The whole nursery thing is really more for you than it is fulfilling the needs of the child. Just be careful that if your child will be sleeping in this room it should be 100% baby proof. Kids start scheming ways to climb out of their cribs the moment you set them in one. You don’t want your kid to surprise you one morning with sharpie covered walls and a haircut.

Ken asks…

Would you move or stick it out?

My husband and i live in a small one bedroom apartment with our ten month old daughter. We are planning to buy a nice place in two years, when some bonds we have mature.
However, we can afford to rent a much bigger place, and give our daughter her own room. (We are in no hurry to kick her out of our room, but her own play room at least would be nice)
Would you stay in the small apartment and save the extra money that could be used towards the home you will purchase in two years, or rent a larger, family sized apartment for those two years?

Administrator answers:

I think you should just upgrade to a 2 bedroom! You dont need anything more then 2 bedrooms! And you can still save money that way! You and the hubby are probably going to want some alone time!! And also the longer she stays in your room! The harder it is to move her out!!

James asks…

Studio vs 1 Bedroom Apartment?

Hey guys!

I’m a college student, and will be a 20 year old sophomore next semester. I plan on staying in college for another 4 years. The place I choose to live in next semester will very likely be the place I’m stuck in for four years.

(Note. neither one of these places include electric or gas, but both will pay for water).

The Studio: $225 a month, pretty small, run down.

1 Bedroom Apartment:$350 a month, very nice.

I am going to have $4168 (after tuition is paid) of loan money left over, and I do have a job that I make about $250 every two weeks with.

In the long run, the studio would save me hundreds… but the 1 bedroom apartment is more comfortable.

Which would you choose, if you had the money for it, at the very least?

Thanks! :)

Administrator answers:

Probably the studio…you are in don’t need it to be nice, you just need it to provide you a place to live while you finish school. Worry about niceness when you are working in your chosen profession and have the money to spend.

Linda asks…

Apartment in Manhattan- Cost for an extra tenant?

I had previously posted a question on here asking for the cheapest possible prices of a Manhattan apartment, as my friend and I plan on going to school somewhere up there. Now IF is credible, we could manage a small one bedroom apartment for around $1,100 to $1,400 a month.

Honestly, that sounds pretty reasonable to me. However if we were to rent out a ONE bedroom apartment for the two of us, (and just cram two small beds in there), would the price still stand as is, or would it double because there are two of us living there? Please help. Thanks.

Administrator answers:

Apartments are let at the same price no matter how many people live there.

David asks…

Typically, how much do utilities cost for an apartment?

Mainly for electricity, water etc.. Not worried about cable or any other non-essentials. I can live without tv. I live in Upstate NY & I’m doing some research before I get my first apartment. I’m planning on getting something fairly small; a one-two bedroom. Thanks for any help!

Administrator answers:

It all depends on whether it’s electric or gas. I live in Kansas, and my first apartment was on the 2nd floor. I kept the air at like 87 that year and only paid about $12 in gas each month and about $20 in water.

I’ve always budgeted around $200 each month to start, just to make sure there’s enough. Then, as you start to get used to things, you can figure it out from there.

For example, my husband and I now live in a house (albeit much larger than your average apartment) and budget $500 for bills in the summer (pool + 100 degree heat) and about $200 in the winter.

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