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December 4, 2012

William asks…

Studio apartment decorating bar/flap dining room table?

So Im moving into a studio apartment that is really small. I dont want to purchase a dinner table for that would just make more clutter. so instead I have decided that I will purchase bar stool and I want to make my own bar. I want to make my own bar but I need it to be able to fold up and down to be put away…kinda like the (old school joking videos where they show the ironing board coming from out the closet?) Anywho If someone could let me know the name of this thing, where to purchase and install gets 10 point serious answers only! greatfully appreciated.

Administrator answers:

There are brackets at the hardware store or home improvement center to put up a counter for a bar. Also has some sites that might help you. Like Design on a Dime Show does things like that. Hope this helps. Roxanne

Sandy asks…

how to decorate studio apartment?

Oh-kay I found my dream apartment and I have an idea of what I want to do to decorate it—but I need some help; if you had a studio apartment and you had to do the following-how would you go about doing that:
-putting up some sort of divider in the apartment to make the bedroom area separate from the rest of the apartment
-how to add some color and dimension to the room without painting walls
-making a kitty friendly area (he has a tower and a window perch and a couple of beds but what should I do with all of it)
-creating an “office space” for school work that is small or that can substitute for another need as well
-how to maximize the most of your space (it’s just going to be me and a couple of cats but I tend to have a lot of friends that have nothing better to do but eat my food and watch my tv, so I’ll need sitting space and a way to relax after a day at work)
I really already know what I want but for that same token I’d like to see what other people come up with before I move.

Administrator answers:

Years ago when I had a studio, I got a futon couch that looked
good during the day but was a comfortable bed at night. I
used a bookcase to make a divider between the futon and
the small table I used for eating or studying. Next to the futon
I had a steamer trunk that my comforter and bedding fit into
during the day, it also held a small TV and odds and ends on
top during the day. I had a desk and small sewing table on
the wall across. I kept my dresser in the closet (the place
had 2 just outside the bathroom, so there was room to hide
it in there. It was a cute place, I really felt comfortable there
but after I got married my landlady thought it was too small
for 2 people, so we found a one bedroom place which worked out even better. Ikea has a lot of cute inexpensive
furnishings, figure out what you need and try a few different
layouts, you will find out what works best for you and the kitties.

Donald asks…

decorating a studio apartment?

how to a divide rooms of a studio apartment?

Administrator answers:

You could physically divide the area — with a folding screen or a bookcase.

Or you could visually divide the area — with rugs or by placing the back of a sofa to the other half of the room.

Groupings of furniture will also help visually divide your studio…a couch and a chair make a “living room”. A table with chairs make a “dining room”. A couch facing a TV make a “family room”.

Have fun!

Betty asks…

in a studio apartment decorated in an edwardian period, what colours would be good for bedding?

what colour for the sheets and pillow cases, what colour for the duvet cover and what colour for wool blanket?

Administrator answers:

Burgundy, cranberry, rose, gold.

Daniel asks…

How to decorate a studio apartment?

I live in a small studio and hate how it is so boring. There’s a bed, tv, and small dining table. I want to decorate it nicely though. How can I do this? Are there any blogs or pictures of interior decorating of studios?

Administrator answers:

Perhaps do a feature wall like

Linda asks…

Decorating my first 400 square foot studio apartment?

How do I mix very soft gothic with simple simple lines and victorian.

It has to be simple but I want flair. Like blacks with light purple and simple white lines…
It’s a studio apartment so I can’t give each room a different feel. Keep in mind I’m a broke college student with a bunch of clothes…

Administrator answers:

I think you need to simply use a little imagination. 400 sq. Foot is actually more space than you think as long as you think outside the proverbial box.

Play with your furniture arrangement. It is possible to actually separate your studio into different spaces just by taking a different approach to furniture placement. The effect can be enhanced with shelving, curtains, mobile walls, etc. To create a stronger visual division of space. Various types of lighting can also enhance the effect.

For instance, if you place a bed in the center of the room, you can section off the space into 4 distinct areas around the bed. With a little creativity, you can create a “bedroom” on one side, a “kitchen” at one end, an “office” on the other side, and a “living room” on the other end. All of the spaces can be separated visually even though there isn’t a solid wall between them. Since most people only need 18″ of space to comfortably navigate furniture, you can fit things closer together than you might realize.

However, you mentioned that you have a lot of clothes, so I’m guessing that you don’t have enough closet space. I would recommend starting in one corner by placing your bed 18″-20″ from the corner walls with the foot of the bed towards the end wall of the room. Find or buy 3 of those cheap rolling closets (enclosed closets, NOT racks) and place those at the head of the bed. Face them towards the living area so you can access them from there. Viola! You have a bedroom!

The closets can be covered with any type of fabric you want, and if you use plywood as a base for the fabric, you will have a shelf there as well. So, you can have one color on the backside to give your “bedroom” a little different look, and the rest of the fabric another color for the living room area. Merchandising that shelf will help to enhance the division of space you’ve just created.

Space dividers don’t need to be solid though. A screen made of pine lattice will fool the eye into seeing a solid division of space as easily as a wall. So if you wanted to, you could create a study area using the same principles.

Good luck,

Donna asks…

Ideas on decorating my bifolding closet doors for my studio apartment.?

I would like to keep the doors open to give the illusion of a bigger space. I will be organizing the closet nicely, and hanging a piece of material on the inside to cover up what I do not want seen. Please give me any ideas you may have on how to decorate the outside to make them more stylish. Please keep in mind this is a rental studio, I cannot change the doors.

Administrator answers:

Mirrors on those doors would make the room seem bigger and they have many stylish mirrors that can be put on those. I hope this leads you in a good direction.

Joseph asks…

HELP furnishing/decorating a small studio apartment..?

okay, so i just moved into this small studio apartment, and i have no idea how to furnish/decorate it without taking up the entire space.

i have a couch in there now that doubles as a pull-out bed, but if i add a table in front of it, i’m afraid there won’t be any room to move around, and yet, if i put in a table and chairs and take out the couch, there won’t be any place for my guests to relax and watch tv. help!!

here are two pics of the space (i know they look the same, but one shows the window next to the couch):

Administrator answers:

Can you move the couch along the wall so it’s not crammed into the corner? If not, put the couch at an angle in that corner. Then put a sofa table behind it so you can put decorative items on it; on mine I’ve even got small, pretty storage boxes with framed photos sitting on them, as well as a lamp. I’ve actually used my grandmother’s treadle sewing machine for this.

Don’t use a coffee table because you’ll have to move it every night. Use end tables instead. Have a swivel chair that can face the couch or the TV, 2 if there’s space. Each chair must have a small table for sittinig drinks, etc.

Keep in mind that every piece of furniture must have storage in it. Tables must have doors or drawers. Get an ottoman that opens up and has storage room. One end table can be made from an old trunk or suitcases (vintage) stacked on top of each other. Get hat boxes and stack them for a table.

Put up window coverings, wall art, and shelves or bookcases. That junk you have on the floor between the kitchen and the couch has to go. Everything must have a place and it has to be kept where it belongs. One item out of place will show up terribly!

Pick a style or color theme and work with that. Sadly, you can’t put a slip cover on your couch but if you save your $, a small sectional might work well. Arrange items on the shelves or bookcase so they look like a designer did it; see if you can get a book at the library to help with this. One trick is to put plain paper covers on your books so they’re uniform in appearance, and this would give you a chance to add color to your room. If you go with neutral colors, consider brown mailing paper, or use a solid gift wrap paper. Get the idea?

Just seeing photos of the couch makes it hard to give specific instructions but hopefully the above has helped some.

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