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Your Questions About Studio Apartment Decorating

July 26, 2013

Ruth asks…

How can I decorate my studio apartment?

The landlord doesn’t allow holes to be made in the wall or for it to be painted. The walls are bare I wanted to know how can I decorate the walls without pissing the landlord off?

Administrator answers:

By hiring Rainbow Decor to do it for you on
Assuming you live in Scotland that is.

George asks…

Decorating a Small Studio Apartment?

Looking for ideas and/or websites that deal with decorating a small living space (approximately 415 sq ft).

Here is a floor plan:

Something to keep in mind is that the small alcove to the left of the kitchen has a twin-sized murphy bed.

The kitchen and bathroom are very generous in size, but the living space is minimal. Just wondering how I could make the apartment cozy and bedroom-like, but still entertain guests.

Thanks for your help!

Administrator answers:

Here are two places that I found that you can try.

Jenny asks…

Can everyone give me ideas as how to set up and decorate my small studio apartment?

Its not built yet, my parents are turning our shed into a small studio apartment for me and the constructor is coming soon to sketch things out. The shed is about 16 X 20, and there is some room, sort of like a loft area above. We are changing everything so basically its just a plain room and we’re going to be adding windows doors. Oh and i would like a small bathroom and closet and study space also. thanks for any ideas! :)

Administrator answers:

IKEA has everything to set up small places.

Sandy asks…

How big is a 15′ x 14′ studio apartment?

I’m going to be living on my own in Indianapolis…and I’ve never moved away from my parents before. I don’t know how to decorate a studio apartment and this one sounds like it might be a little small…….any ideas? And does this sound TOO small for $423 a month?

Administrator answers:

That is a very small apartment, but for $423 a month not bad if it includes utilities.

Ken asks…

How do I decorate a tiny efficiency/studio apartment?

Soon I’m going to be moving into a small efficiency/studio apartment and I’m worried about the whole ‘everything happens in 1 room’ thing. How do I go about having some sort of separation and making it look nice? What if I have company, I don’t want people to be sitting in my bed when the come to visit. Any suggestions?

Administrator answers:

Hide your bed from view with either a room divider or a beaded curtain.
Room dividers:

beaded curtains

Mark asks…

what is it like to be a college student at nyu? and maybe live on their own in a studio apartment?

Please im thinking of making a life changing disciton. i want to be a editor in cheif at 17 magazine. and go to nyu college. and live in a studio apartment. plus is it realy as fun as it looks on tv and the movies? plus any tips for decorating my new ny apartment?

Administrator answers:

NYU is in a nice part of Manhattan, with lots of good restaurants, bars, and other activities in the area. It is a good school, particularly if you’re going for Film or publishing, but all around it is a very good school. If you can go there, I say go for it.

Now for the tough part though – it is not cheap. It is actually going to be expensive. NYU is a private college and is very expensive in terms of tuition. If you get university housing (which there is not much of) it will be a bit cheaper. If you get a studio, as you’re hoping to do, then understand it will be a bare-bones minimum of $1500/month. Studio apartments in Manhattan can easily go over $2000 a month. This cost will be in addition to your tuition, fees, and food, not to mention your utilities like phone, electric, heat and hot water, cable, and internet.

When you see people doing this stuff on TV and in movies, remember that it IS TV and movies, and it’s not real life. They never show Ross and Rachel from FRIENDS working; they never show Sarah Jessica Parker scraping by and eating Ramen Noodles for a week because she can’t afford food if she wants to have electricity.

So, I’m saying that if you can get into NYU and can afford to go there and afford the rent of a studio apartment (i.e. You’re independently wealthy or your parents are wealthy) then definitely go for it. If you and your parents are not made of money, however, you may want to consider going to a state school where you are from and moving to NY after college and finding a job here. From that point you can work your way into 17 magazine or any other. By that time you may change your mind and want to work for a different magazine anyway.

Good luck in your decision making and in your future!

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