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Your Questions About Studio Apartment Design

October 24, 2012

Michael asks…

Whats the trick in designing a studio apartment as in making the apartment seem airy and large and comfy

Administrator answers:

You’ve gotten some great tips with the mirrors and light colors. A well placed screen or 2 also helps with sectioning off areas while keeping it airy and spacious.

Donna asks…

Where can I find pictures of nicely designed studio apartments?

Getting ready to furnish mine and need to see how other people do it

Administrator answers:

I would check out Apartment Therapy, particularly their Smallest, Coolest Apartment Contest. Http://

Other resources might be:

I have a list of design-related links that might be helpful on my website too.

George asks…

How can I fix up my studio apartment?

I am a student, and I’m moving into a studio on the first. Any tips on designing it or making it more “homey”?????
sorry Phillips-i meant a thumbs up bud… too much spirits (;

Administrator answers:

Here are some links to do-it-yourself decorating for small living
spaces, (dorms, garage or studio apartment sizes).
Perhaps you can get some ideas that will help you.
And remember…Home Depot and same-type stores are your
friend when it comes to doing it yourself on a budget.


Mark asks…

How do I go about hiring an interior design student?

I myself am a student and would like to hire an interior design student to give me some ideas on how to decorate my new studio apartment in nyc.

Administrator answers:

Post an ad on craiglist..or you could put up a bulletin at the school of your choice.

Donald asks…

Is a studio apartment a good idea.?

Hello I am 17 years old and live in Illinois, and when I turn 18(July 8th) I get VA benefits (956$ Per month for college) from my dead veteran father. I plan on going to Parkland community College, which is 107$ per credit hour, and getting my AA in graphic design, and transfer to the university of Illinois to get my bachelors. My question is, is it possible for me to go to school, and live in a studio apartment off campus which is about 400-600$(Varies) per month, Will that 900 dollars per month plus a small part time job be enough to support myself. Please answer. Thanks :) )))

PS: I am still in highschool, graduate in june, and turn 18 in July

Administrator answers:

I don’t mean to be flip with my answer but you have to understand there are all sorts of living expenses when you go on your own that you just don’t realize until you’re in the thick of it. Once you sign the lease you’re bound to it weather you have the money or not. The landlord does not care if you lose your job, no longer have income or any other hardship ends your income stream. Rule of thumb: if you have to ask if you have enough money for renting, you probably don’t… Save your money for a bit more while learning about finances and get started running your own budget. You’ll be ready to bust out on your own when your understanding of budgeting and your finances say you can live on your own. Until then, try to stay with family or friends if there’s any way in the beginning.

Mary asks…

“Safe” amount to move into a studio apartment?

I’m 19 and looking to move into a studio apartment, about $1400/mo is fine with me. I’m deciding on moving out in 3 months, when summer hits. Would saving up about $5000 be a safe amount to rent and furnish/secure an apartment?

Since this is going to be my first place moving out, I want to make it right so stuff like interior design, security, comfort, etc. is definitely going to be included.

I make almost $2000 a month right now as a full-time student + part-time worker so assuming I pay about $1500 a month for rent and utilities, that should be okay right? Another question is how is the apartment market during summer? I assume students are moving in and out during that time but I’m not really sure, does anyone have any input on the market during summer?

For more details financially, my family is paying for my car and cell-phone bills, so if I move out, the only bills I would have to pay is for an apartment. I’m guessing I thought it was okay because I can live off $20 a week for gas(work and school is less than 10 miles), so that’s $100 for gas, now I’m down to $400 for food pretty much since I’m not a very materialistic person so I’m sure I won’t be going out and spending the rest of my money on anything else.
apartment and utilities I mean

Administrator answers:

WOW how are you going to afor $1,400 in rent a month? You should rething that because if you make $2,000 a month and $1,500 goes to rent and utilities that means you have $500 for an entire month to pay for gas, food, extra’s, things for your home, other bills like cell bill, credit cards, car, insurance and all that good stuff i dont think you can live off of $500 a month.

William asks…

What is the maximum extent to which I could extend a rammed earth construction structurally?

I am thinking of working with rammed earth structures for our design (apartments) studio. Please provide me with basic structural info on rammed earth, maximum structural capabilities etc.

Administrator answers:

I’m out of my league here, but i would think that’s highly dependent on the content of the material being used. IE, the same ramming force, on somewhat different soils, will produce noticeably different strength bricks. Also, the environment, particularly the rain and humidity, would also have a rather dramatic effect on the material.

I was about to say that such are never more than one story, but apparently that’s not true. Clearly the vast majority are single story. But there are some that are multi-story.


John asks…

What color furniture goes well with beige carpet and white walls?

I’m trying to figure out how to design my new studio apartment. My carpet is beige, wall-to-wall, and the walls are white. I can’t change these things (e.g. no painting or changing the carpet). So what color furniture would go well with this combination? I’m a girl, so nothing masculine. Thanks!

Administrator answers:

Choosing the right color carpet for your home depends upon what color your walls are. Everyone does have different taste in color at times yet with these next many suggestions, perhaps you could find the carpet color that is right for your home.
Cotton colored rugs are also good to use for carpets that are in rooms with white walls. Cotton is lighter than beige yet darker than cream. Both cotton and cream appear very close in color although are different.

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