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Your Questions About Studio Apartment Design

July 4, 2013

Mary asks…

Design tips for a small studio?

Hey guys!

I’ll soon be in the final processes of getting my apartment, where I can live there, and will be buying furniture for it soon as well. This is my first apartment. It’s a small studio, with a separate kitchen and a bathroom.

Ideally, I would like to have a bed in there for me to sleep one, as well as a couch. So a living room separate from a tiny tiny bedroom (probably separated by a curtain).

Does anybody have any suggestions to save space but still make the apartment feel like it has a living room and a bedroom? Thanks! :)
I never thought of using a bookshelf as a divider. I think that’s an awesome idea. Thanks! :)

Administrator answers:

I would look at getting a room divider. They don’t take up much space, and are very effective for separating rooms. Here is a good place to get one:

Hope that helps!

Joseph asks…

Decorating apartment for fall/winter season?

I moved into my studio apartment 3 month ago, and while I loveee the apartment, furniture and the location, I absolutely HATE the color of my walls – it’s yellow and orange!!! I am renting the apartment, so I can’t really paint the walls, and I have absolutely no idea how am I going to survive the winter time with this awful color. In the summer I didn’t spend much time here, but what will I do when it’s snowing and I need a cozy place of my own?

So, I really need some ideas. The only thing I could come up with is to cover the table with some plaid design cover. I absolutely love plaid and I though maybe it will take the accent of the walls. I am sure you guys have better ideas and I am really looking forward to them!!!

Administrator answers:

Ask your landlord about allowing you to paint the walls a neutral color (white or beige). Maybe the former tenant did that and the landlord didn’t want to spend the money on painting. A gallon of paint is cheap and would be the best solution.

If that doesn’t work, green is a great neutralizer of orange. I lived in a house one time with orange kitchen counter tops. I painted the walls a sage green and added some plants and it really detracted from the orange.

Another solution would be to tack fabric over the wall. That way you aren’t destroying anything and you can cover the colors you dislike.

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