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Your Questions About Studio Apartment Design

May 2, 2012

Maria asks…

Studio apartment design?

I’m moving to a new little studio apartment. any sites or ideas how to make a modern design there?

Administrator answers:

Best thing I’d advise with a small space is: light colors, mirrors, open back chairs, etc…you want to give the impression of ‘big’ with the colors, etc. That you use…try not to have one piece of furniture, etc. Dominate the room, either…smaller pieces will add to the overall effect of ‘larger’ that you need in a smaller place..

Charles asks…

Short-term studio apartment design options?

I’m moving into a studio apartment for a short time (9 months).
Is it worth it to paint?
What about designs? I love the design of Britney Murphy’s character’s apartment in “Uptown Girls” (obviously, I won’t be able to do anything that ornate, but I want something inspired by that). I like Indian-inspired design, really comfortable interiors that makes me feel sheltered and almost like I’m in my own little world, and crazy, unique design! Finally, I need to keep this SUPER cheap – I’m a typical college student (that is to say, dirt poor).
Any ideas? Pictures, websites, personal experience? ANYTHING would be helpful!
Thanks so much!

Administrator answers:

Don’t paint, get some fabric at your local craft store or even walmart. Fabric is cheap and can be tacked, liquid stitched or hung on drapery rods high on the wall where it meets the ceiling. You can hang in to cover one entire wall of your space or get creative and hang it from the center of your studio room and drap it across the ceiling into a corner or onto another wall (think of a tent.) if you have a light fixture in the center of your space, you could even get fabric to drape into all four corners.

It will add instant color, it’s easy on the wallet, will give you that cozy feeling you are looking for and best of all, you can take it with you when you leave and re-purpose it (into pillow cases, sheets, framing it and making wall art out of it, make a hand bag or shirt, etc).

Plus you could buy some extra fabric or coordinating fabric and frame it (in cheapie plastic box frames) for your wall decoration elsewhere.


Mark asks…

I saw an article in the new york times about a Man designed studio apartment in nyc?

The article in the new york times was around the january area. The man used books as decorations. I remember it was a great article but i want to read it again does anyone remember this?

Administrator answers:

Was it this one:

Linda asks…

************designing my studio apartment*****************?

can any one tell me some good web sites on how to design my new studio apartment!!! it’s a cute lil house and would love sum advice thanxs….

Administrator answers: stuff is very modern and hip. you are looking to decorate a cute country space. simplistic modern feel. your accessories. I understand that their prices are usually negotiable. Just email the owner.

Joseph asks…

light ish gothic colors and room designs for a studio apartment?

I have a taste in gothic colors and art and need that style to show where I live. Maybe a dark ish purple or blue? Any ideas? Everyone knows studio apartments are small but still I don’t want white or really light colors. Any help?

Administrator answers:

Well, darker colors like purple, navy and burgundy generally convey a gothic style. If you wanted a more light color that is still pretty goth, you could try a shade of gray or blood red that still gives off a dark vibe. And of course, when it comes to the gothic style, you really can’t go wrong with black and gray.

Mandy asks…

color schemes for a studio apartment with white walls…?

my boyfriend and i are moving into a studio apartment with white walls and light beige carpeting. we are creating spaces for our bedroom and a living room, and they flow into each other because of the open floor design of our apartment. what color schemes would work well together flowing from the bedroom, living room and into the kitchen?

Administrator answers:

Hi Shan………..Have that boyfriend go alone with you and buy you some flowers…………bet if you pick the colors you can find exactly the right schemes your looking for. Have fun young lady………..I mean the right color of flowers….they will tell you exactly what will look the best…..and you boyfriend will be happy, because he’s been the perfect friend today:) Enjoy yourself, really can’t go wrong with nature, now the boyfriend’s wallet could be another problem………hmmmm

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