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Your Questions About Studio Apartment Floor Plans

December 1, 2012

Jenny asks…

is an apartment or a studio better for a college student?

I’m a sophomore in college and really needs to move out of my parent’s home. right now I know that all I can afford is a one bedroom apartment and I know there’s a few studios that I can probly afford but which is better? I know a studio is an open floor plan, with everything being in on big room and of course an apartment is where the bedroom is separate from the rest of the apartment. so which would be better for a college student?

Administrator answers:

What you can afford in a quiet safe location.

Lizzie asks…

How can I set up fans to cool my studio apartment?

I have a studio apartment that faces the sun all day long. The only window & sliding glass door are on that side. How would I set up fans to help cool the apartment more? I have tin foil covering the windows, sheets hung on the inside and straw mats hung on the outside to help block sun. Floor plan is here:
I don’t think anything exhausts to outside and I have dogs so I can’t open the front door. I have a box fan and an oscillating fan to use.

Administrator answers:

You could freeze water in plastic bottles, or what ever, and put in leak proof containers, and put a towel under them and put in front of the fans. At night let a fan blow on you with the ice in front of a fan. Or 2.

Box fans are cheap and blow out a lot of air. Get them for $16.00 at Walmart.

Wash rags on the ice would be good to cool your face and arms with.

You need your fans away from the windows. Aim them towards your bed and where you sit. And fans in the kitchen and bathroom.

There are spot coolers that do not have to be put in a window.

If you live in a very dry climate, you can use a spot air cooler. This is the one with water in a tray and lined with straw.

Carol asks…

what kind of floor plans does the Villa Nicole apartments in Tempe have?

I am looking for a cute studio or 1 bedroom apartment in Tempe (I’m a sucker for interior brick walls and wood floors!), but the only pretty one i’ve found so far is the Villa Nicole. However, the only information I’ve found is that they have a 2 bedroom apartments. Does anyone know if they have smaller units?

Administrator answers:

The floorplan can be seen at It would appear they are all 2 bedroom/l bath but you can check it out.

Mark asks…

advice on arranging a tiny studio apartment?

Hi, I was wondering if anyone has any ideas or suggestions. I need to fit a bed, I have a twin bed now, a desk, and a 42″ flat storage for books and clothes. Here is a link to the floor plan. There is a baseboard heater running along the wall with the windows, by the way. Thanks.

Administrator answers:

I saw in a magazine a woman who had a small space and she turned her bed into a sofa by day by putting it in a corner against a wall and covered it in the day with a natural canvas drop cloth and an assortment of colourful throw pillows leaning against the wall.put the desk in another corner and the tv opposite the bed/couch arrangement.
You could buy some wooden ledge shelving and putt it up high along the wall and place your storage in decorative boxes on the ledges leaving enough space for moving around

Charles asks…

Can a young couple live comfortably in a 441 sqft studio apartment?

My boyfriend and I are finally looking for a place to call our own after five years of dating. Unfortunately, we can only realistically afford a studio apartment.

We have come across an excellent opportunity and will be viewing the apartment this weekend, but I’m looking for some advance reassurance (or the opposite) of what we could expect when living in such a confined space.

The apartment itself is 441 Square Feet, with a separate kitchen, utility room, walk-in closet, and bathroom.

Here is the floor plan of the particular unit we will be looking at:

So, my question is this: Can two people make it work this way?

Administrator answers:

If they really like each other. Most americans would find this small, although there is a trend for smaller living spaces, but that’s really small.

In a recent survey, Trulia found that 9% of Americans ideally wanted 3200 s/f, 13% ideally wanted 2600-3200 s/f, 27% ideally wanted 2000-2600 s/f, 28% ideally wanted 1400-2000 s/f, and 9% ideally wanted 800-1400 s/f.

It’s gonna be tight.

Donald asks…

Chris Farley?

On this website called FIND A DEATH, there were pictures of Chris Farley laying in the hallway of his condo. He seemed to be dead. He had a blood-tinged fluid coming from his nose, and a white frothy fluid coming from his mouth. The apartment look deserted, but the hallway was full of light, and the door to the apartment was held open by the carpet, like somebody rigged it to stay cracked open. I’m confused because, who whould have permission to enter the apartment. I looked up floor plans to is Handcock Center Apartment Building, and his hallway matches the Studio floor plans. The room in the picture was trashed, and there were bloddy tissus, and a pile money laying by his pants pocket. I feel that the pictures were real because, the pictures matched the floor plans, and he had signs of pergging. Which is caused by an O.D. or a hart attack. Could anybody tell me if the pictures are real?

Administrator answers:

They are real. They were taken by a stripper named Heidi Hauser who was with Chris before he died. She took the photos before leaving, and sold them to a tabloid.

Maria asks…

are all new freezer-regrigerators loud?

I rent out studio with GE appliances. I had old refrigerator that bothered me because of loudness and it would frequently turn on. I called it my apartment building technicians, he said there was nothing wrong with it but once he measured temperature of freezer which was out of specs they replaced old refrigerator with another new one from GE. Old one was and new is standard top shelf freezer, low shelf refrigerator. The new refrigerator turns out to be pretty loud too but at least its is in standby mode for longer.

OMG I think I will never rent out studios or open floor plans apartments or is it my landlord investing in very cheap utilities?

Administrator answers:

New refrigerators use a different gas than the older freon ones. This new gas bubbles, whistles, wheezes, gasps, and farts. It is annoying at first but you will get used to it.

Ruth asks…

What is a studio room (within a house)?

I’m looking at the floor plan. It’s a 5 bedroom house and then there is a studio room. What does that mean? I know of studio apartments and when I googled that’s what it came up with but it’s not that.
Please help x

Administrator answers:

This is an architects fancy name for an extra room to be used as you please. It could be used as a space for a hobby, such as sewing, painting, crafting or perhaps a play room for children, an office, or what not.

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