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Your Questions About Studio Apartment Floor Plans

August 21, 2012

Mark asks…

Studio apartment floor plan, what are those stripes?

I was offered this studio apartment (university housing):

I didn’t understand what are those line in front of the balcony / ac unit (it’s labeled OAK). Are there stairs in the room or is there a room separator?
edit: OK, here’s another link on request:

i was hoping this part would be a slightly higher platform which I can use as a bedroom section

Administrator answers:

I think it indicates the hardwood flooring – the oak flooring. The line between rooms probably indicates a threshhold from tile to oak but there is now way to know. Being so small, it’s probably all open.

Thomas asks…

what paint color can i use in an open studio floor plan?

we’re renovating a small studio apartment with an open floor plan. for the kitchen we chose to go with a black and white scheme to keep it simple/modern. what paint color would be a good choice for the walls? we are going to rent the space so we feel it’s safer to go with some form of a neutral, but we don’t want to be boring. any suggestions are greatly appreciated. thanks.

Administrator answers:

Light blue :)

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