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Your Questions About Studio Apartment Furniture

February 22, 2013

Susan asks…

How am I going to fit in a studio apartment?

I’m moving from a 1 bedroom (800 sq ft) to a studio apartment (635). I need tips/suggestions on how to fit my furniture in. I know I can’t fit everything.. but the most important things I want in there are my bed, couch, desk, and computer desk.
Unfortunately I need my computer desk and my regular desk. I’ll be an intern at a hospital so I need my study space..

Administrator answers:

If you can arrange it, have the couch butt up to the end of your bed…like a foot board. It will save some space and also…do you need a desk AND computer desk?

You didn’t secribe you bed but the smartest sapce-saving techniques for studios is to use vertical space. Buy some bed risers for about $20 at Bed bath ans Beyond. You can put extra decorations, linens, seasonal clothes and general household stuff you don’t use often under your bed in rolling bins. You may even be able to stack 2 on top of each other if you have the height.

Here are some examples of the types of products:

Paul asks…

I have a studio apartment, which is basically one room with a kitchen and bathroom, where can i find furniture

Administrator answers:


Ken asks…

looking for advise on choosing the right colors for a 1920s art deco studio apartment?

i am do my studio apartment in a 1920s style and was wondering what colors i should i be looking at for the bedding, carpets and so on. the furniture and wooden blinds are done in a light to medium lacquer.

Administrator answers:


the last one is a fairly good article to read on colours/wall coverings of the period.

Mandy asks…

My new studio apartment?

I am moving into a studio apartment. I’m really excited and I have picked out the following furniture. The studio apartment is 500sq ft. It only has one closet though and it’s not too big. I also have a small patio. I just wanted an opinion on the stuff I picked out. I have ordered everything but the sofa sleeper.

I also picked up some hanging shelves for the closet so I got that covered. Any other ideas?
Also, money is tight, so any economic suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Uh huh- Thanks for the idea, also I think I can still make my home my own even with Wal Mart furniture.

Administrator answers:

All your items should have storage in them if possible – drawers on tables, ottoman with storage, etc. You’ll want to have covered places to put those things that you don’t want to look at every day – and it’ll keep your place from looking cluttered.

Lisa asks…

Where can I find an online tool that lets me place furniture in an apartment plan?

I’m looking for some type of furniture planning tool online. I know I’ve seen it somewhere before, I just dont know where. I’m looking for something kind of like on this website:

The problem with that though is they have the layout for some big house and Im looking for something similar only for studio or 1 bedroom apartments. does anyone know where I can find one?

Administrator answers:

I work with La-Z-Boy, and we have a great room planner on our Web site ( that helps you figure out different ways to set up your furniture in any size or style of room space. That way you can visualize for your studio or one bedroom! Good luck!

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