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July 18, 2013

Paul asks…

How will I sleep comfortably in a studio apartment?

I am being forced to downsize and sadly have to sell my king size bed and bedroom furniture because this place is so small but its what I can afford at the moment. Is there a modern bed… Can a sofa bed actually be comfortable? Andy suggestions would be appreciated.

Administrator answers:

I myself have never laid once on a comfortable hide-a-bed, and I sure wouldn’t want to have to pull it out every darn night,
but I wouldn’t let standard sized mattresses limit what you want to do for yourself, the sky’s the limit…
You can even build a loft bed larger than twin,
with a whole office or walk-in closet underneath,
lit up with great lighting and a big comfortable chair-n-a-half.

I built my own bed (I was a mom of two at the time)
in a 2-bedroom apt), because king is too big and queen is too small–we actually bought both but, not so good…
So I would say, measure your ideal most do-able size
and use foam mattresses and egg crates to top it off, I chose Ikea’s basic ones and then added the egg crates you get
from the hospital pharmacies because of the deeper divets–I love them!
You can get foam rubber glue to join more to a twin size that you cut from a second twin, and you can
use an electric bread knife to slick through the foam easily.
I cut plywood to measure 9″ wider than a queen
(you pick your size), and slightly longer than a king.
Then I cut 4 1×12′s and screwed
them into a frame sitting on the floor and screwed the
plywood to it, which I covered with batting and a second
hand wasn’t goona be seen anyway.
Then I put the mattress on top and sewed the corners
smaller than the king size it was, and made a deep under part so it wouldn’t pull off.
You can use ‘sewing glue’ if you don’t sew.
After that, I cut four legs out of 2x3s to the height I wanted it,
and screwed them on underneath inside the corners of the frame.
You only need a drill and a jigsaw for this project…
And an electric bread-knife, you need nothing, if someone can help you who has tools!
This base can pretty much me made in a couple hours.
I also made it into a canopy, and with that
you can establish a bit of privacy, plus, a free-standing
dressing tri-fold can also give you privacy, or a wall of bookcases.
If you do four posts out of 2×2 or2x3s,
you can attach a covered headboard to the front ones…just wrap it in 1 or 2″ thick foam, then batting, then staple on any fabric of your choice. Guess that’s the fourth tool, unless you glue that on, too..I hear Mighty Mend It works great for stuff like this.

Most of all have fun, because small space doesn’t have to limit you.

Thomas asks…

How do I get the fish smell out of my studio apartment?

I burned some fish the other day. I forgot to open the windows and went away for a couple days, so the smell sort of settled in. I’ve opened the windows the last couple of days with the fan going. I febreezed the carpet, furniture and window drapes. I also have scented candles lit. I threw out the garbage. What’s left to do??? It’s awful. I can’t even let anyone come over and I’m a little worried that I’ll walk around smelling like it.

Administrator answers:

Febreze everything!!!!

Ken asks…

Ladies: Is this a good set up for a Victorian studio apartment?

A couch, a bookcase with books and sports memorabilia, like a museum, an Austrailian pine tree painting, a Norman Rockwell painting of a baseball game, a painting called “Dockside Cafe”, a pub table, a cabinet and a rug.

Do they match? By the way,. the walls are cream colored and the furniture is cherry walnut, and curtains are burgundy.

What color should my pillows be?

Administrator answers:

Your pillows should be burgandy like your curtains.i don’t know if the sports memorabilia matches the victorian decor.

Lizzie asks…

Ladies, will this color scheme work for my studio apartment?

Paint the walls beige, and I have cherry walnut colored furniture, a white computer desk, a maroon bookcase where my tv and electronics will go a a nice room divider and a burgundy carpet for the living room area.

Im a 26 year old male btw. Good or drab?

Administrator answers:

Drab. Try to find a medium muted green with some grey or olive thru it.

David asks…

trying to get some ideas for colors for rugs and everything else in a victorian studio apartment. can you help?

i need help with matching the rugs, the 2 recliners/lounge chairs, bedding, wall paper, and furniture.
oh and the time i am going for is about 1870s and victorian styling like from new york or chicago

Administrator answers:

Those styles tend to be more about lines and shapes and motifs than about specific colors, so I’d say you’re safe using just about any color! My only advice is to be cautious about how bright you go– neon colors were definitely not popular in the Victorian era!

Charles asks…

Any websites on how to decorate and have more space on a studio or apartment?

i would like to have a lot of space and still have everything organized, this is my first time moving out, its going to be only me and one child. any suggestions? on furniture, space savers?

Administrator answers:

Check out,

Buy just the necessities for starters. Make sure things are secure, window locks, door locks, child safety stuff. Keep your eye on the budget because things do add up. Factor in your utilities, insurance, rent, transportation, food and medical. Don’t forget some for savings.


Chris asks…

My parents are coming to visit and want to stay in my studio apartment – please help!

My parents are coming to visit next weekend, They forgot to make hotel reservations and said today that they want to just stay with me instead of paying a lot for a hotel short-notice.

I live in a studio apartment: one room for kitchen, sofa, bed, and everything else. The sofa folds out into a small bed, which is where I would sleep while they’re in my bed. When my boyfriend stays over, we are very tight already – and that’s just ONE extra person, not two, plus all their luggage, etc. On top of this, my dad has mobility problems, so the tight spaces between my furniture will be like an obstacle course for him.

When my boyfriend is here, we sleep in my bed and don’t unfold the sofa so there is more floor space. I also don’t mind changing my clothes in front of him or showering with the door open – but I wouldn’t do this with my parents in my tiny apartment.

Not to mention the fact that I live alone for a REASON: I need my personal time and space. I am worried about not getting a break from other people all over me and in my stuff.

Please advise me about how to deal with this situation. Do I have any other options here? How can I not go crazy with no personal space? Any little tricks about having houseguests in such a TINY apartment?

Administrator answers:

You only have 2 options in this situation:

1) You can just suck it up. Prepare yourself mentally for how frustrating the situation will be. Remind yourself that it’s only for a short visit and that, in reality, there will come a day when your parents are dead & gone and you’ll long to have them close. People often forget the larger picture as they go through life & let little things bother them. I’d definitely call this a minor & temporary inconvenience in the grand scheme of life.

2) You could go ahead & reserve them a hotel room close to your apartment and pay for it yourself. If money is the issue, then maybe you can “treat” them to the hotel stay. If you pitch it the right way, you’ll come off as the greatest daughter ever and they’ll appreciate your kindness. It doesn’t have to come off as charity. Parents spend so much money on their kids. This is just one small way you can appear to be a grateful child.

Mark asks…

help, how do you find a studio apartment?

do they all go online? and can someone explain the housing/paying the bills process? i turn 18 really soon so i want to know everything about it.

and how do people move their stuff from their previous room to the new place if you don’t have a car (and you’re moving to a different city)? i dont have any furniture yet, but i want to own my own studio apartment with a bed and stuff, but im wondering to stores deliver it to your apartment when you buy it?

god, im so stressed

Administrator answers:

I’m not sure where you live, but most stores offer delivery (sometimes its free) of their furniture when you buy it. Some apartments are already furnished, where you wouldn’t need to buy these things, but they cost a little more to rent each month. Another thing I would suggest is using It is completely free, you don’t need to sign up or anything like that, it is just classified ads basically. I love it, I got so many things I needed for a lot less money. Sort of like an online garage sale. Anyway, for what you might spend on new furniture, you could get used furniture from there and maybe even a car or truck to move it, and then you’d have something to sleep in and also something to drive, lol.

Good luck to you whatever you decide to do.

Robert asks…

How much does it cost for an apartment in Detroit, Michigan? I would like to get an estimate for a?

non- furnished & furnished apartment. Prefer a good area, which is not downtown. Also in an furnished apartment what are the furniture‘s you get other than a refridgerator? Well i am looking for a 1bedroom or studio apartment. Well i am planning on going 2 Michigan State or Wayne State University, os i need something close to that.

Administrator answers:

I would try It has a HUGE listing of apartments all over the country, and you can chose the option to look for apartments close to your university. They also offer links to movers and other various things you may need during your move. The best part is, if you find an apartment you decide to rent through their website, you let them know and they’ll send you a $100 gift card. =o)

Edit: Sorry I forgot to add this in – I’m not 100% sure if they have the option of searching for specifically furnished or unfurnished apartments. However, they do provide all the details for the apartment complex (phone number, address, hours of operation, etc.), so when you find a complex you like, you can always call and ask.

Good luck!

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