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Your Questions About Studio Apartment Ideas

April 11, 2012

Maria asks…

Any spacesaver ideas for a studio apartment?

I live in a one room flat in NYC and would love some decorating tips and spacesaver ideas to make my new home more comfortable and entertaining.

Administrator answers:

Check out this blog. There’s an article at the top about decorating for small spaces!


Hope this helps! :-)

Michael asks…

How to decoratie a small studio apartment? Please help creative ideas on how to sepreate bed from the rest?

Administrator answers:

I had a small room, what i did was take plant hooks and screw them in the ceiling then draped sheer curtains in a loop fashion around the bed , it let in the light, still let the room be the room without causing it to look smaller but gave a bit of the privacy effect.

Hope this helps

take care
Lisa Payne
U R Home Realty

Sandra asks…

i need some ideas for organizing my studio apartment.?

i previously had a townhome and now i have downsized and i’m having a terrible time decorating it classy, but at the same time staying organized…any ideas???

Administrator answers:

I am in a similar situation, I just moved to a tiny studio apartment. The best advice I can give you is visit The Container Store. I got some great under-bed and closet organizers that help save space. You could also try IKEA, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Target. If you don’t have room for a dining table and chairs, try those small ottomans with removable lids-room for storage inside.

Ken asks…

Any Ideas Of How To Make A Partition In A Studio Apartment?

Could you give me some suggestions on where I can get a room divider or partition? I share a small studio and need some private space for my work and need something low cost, a mini office. I would love to have a cubicle, but haven’t found anything affordable.

I just need something that can go up and break down when I move, no big construction job. I would say about 7ft high, 4 sides.

Any ideas?

Administrator answers:

I had to carve an “office” out of our master bedroom – I used 3 sets of restaurant shelving on casters (I got mine @costco, I think about $80 a set, and I strung a simple linen panels (you could use burlap, sheets, whatever depending on $ and aesthetic priorities) around the 3 sides and across the “entrance” on industrial galvanized wire. The shelves were perfect – I zip tied them together so they wouldn’t scoot around, and adjusted them to accomodate my computer (added a slide that I mounted to a board I put on top of one of the shelves at desk height). It gave me plenty of storage and work space, and when our “real” house is finished I’ll use the shelves in my pantry. I found that a small folding stepstool and a small scale rolling chair work best for such a small area. Hope that helps.

Paul asks…

do you have any space saving ideas for a studio apartment? know a comfortable type of futon or hide-a-bed?

technically, we’re getting a one bedroom, but our toddler is getting the bedroom… i can use part of it for storage at least… but we need to figure out something for the “living room as bedroom”–any ideas? particularly about whether to get a futon or hide-a-bed that’s actually comfortable to sleep on every night?

Administrator answers:

You will be miserable w/ the futon frame. Either sleep on a mat on the floor (good for your back!) or sleep on the couch. Get yourself a plush couch or sectional w/ attached pillows and you’ll get a better night’s sleep w/ it not being made into a bed than if it is. Also use the end table w/ lots of drawers for your clothes that can be hid during the day. Get an ottoman w/ storage in it and also storage in your coffee table. Buy hooks and handy gadgets for hanging up your bathrobe and nightclothes. I used to sleep in the living room when my son was young-it was fun.

Nancy asks…

Studio Apartment Layout Ideas?

So I moved into a studio apartment that is pretty small but not too bad. This is a scale drawing of it and how I was thinking I should set up the furniture. Is there anything I should do differently?

Thanks in advance! <3

Administrator answers:

Maybe just a dressing screen around the bed that can be moved for a little more privacy. Otherwise looks good.

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