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July 26, 2013

George asks…

I want to visit London, where can I find a reasonable accomodation?

I am looking for a simple bed and breakfast lodging for my kids and myself.

Administrator answers:

Try Edward House in Vicoria.

Near Victoria Station you will get decent B & B hotels ranging from 50-60 Pounds.

If you are plannign to stay Longer you can look for Studio Apartments which will cost about 50-60 Pounds in Edgeware Road,
Contact American Express for good pricing thay will charge 5 Pounds service charge, worth it.*

Jenny asks…

Are the rooms or small apartments too expensive in London to rent?

Thanks for your answers !

Administrator answers:

Yes they are. I rent currently a 1-bed studio which is basically a shack in Brent, for £650pcm. Then on top I pay council tax of £80 per month, plus bills, etc.

Daniel asks…

What’s your opinion about Leeds in terms of entertainment?

Is it a GOOD (excellent) place to live in Britian? Are there lots of place to go or things to do in order to have fun? Is it a good city of gays?

Administrator answers:

There’s some really good places to go in Leeds. The City Centre has a wide range of pubs and clubs catering for pretty much all tastes. On Friday and Saturday nights the city is full of revellers, many having travelled quite some distance to visit.

If you’re visiting from further afield there’s plenty of hotels close to the clubs and they’re all within easy access of the train and bus stations.

There’s the same amenities in Leeds as you would expect to find in any large city – lots of good shops, museums, libraries, parks etc.

In recent years many of the old mill buildings have been redeveloped into studio apartments and this has brought new life into the city and particularly the areas alongside the River Aire where many of the mills were established.

Leeds has grown into a major financial centre, second in the UK only to London and this has helped the city to prosper in the last 10 to 20 years.

As a place to live, it’s good if you like city life. We lived there for many years but prefer to be out in the country, hence we’re now about 40 miles away on the edge of the Pennines. Still visit regularly for work and socials and occasional shopping trips.

One thing which always infuriates me about Leeds is the appalling traffic, rush hour in the city is a nightmare and even a journey of just a few miles can easily take the best part of an hour. Public transport is also inadequate within the city itself, unlike other cities there is no tram system or metro, although I believe the go ahead has again been given for such a system (it’s failed to get off the ground on at least 3 occasions in the past).

In respect of how the city is for gays, I couldn’t really say. There are some predominantly gay bars and clubs in the city but these always looked a bit shabby from the outside. It’s been a few years since I lived in Leeds so they may have been improved. I know a few gays and lesbians and they always seem to have a good time out in Leeds so I guess it can’t be too bad.

As a place to live if you like cities – 8/10
If you don’t like cities – 2/10
Facilities (shops, clubs etc) – 9/10

Robert asks…

I am in Croatia for a week and would like to stay somewhere in Hvar. Can someone suggest a great spot to stay?

I want a flat that is inexpensive but clean and by the ocean. I am looking to spend about 200 a night for a place that sleeps 4 people.

Also, does any one know a good airline that will fly to split for real cheap from London?

Administrator answers:


There are a lot of accommodation option under this conditions at Hvar.

I searched and filtered results for you and I think something from here will nb that what you are looking for|apartment|studio-apartment/category/beach/location/Hvar/location_id/ri-17/

I hope it helps

Thomas asks…

Where do I find somewhere to live?

I am going to school in a month in London, and I don’t know where to stay. I am 22 and I am thinking living in a dorm might be weird given that I have had apartments for the last 4 years. How do I find a flat while I am out of the country? I am scared of craigslist and gumtree and the annoying scams!

Thanks everyone.

Administrator answers:

You’re right-craigslist & gumtree are fine if you know the areas, and are able to go and visit the places (and the people you will share with) before you decide to move in. So, I say-forget that.
Staying in the dorm will have pros & cons–no privacy, may get loud, and you have to share bathrooms and common areas. Some are nice looking, some, not so. But, it’s inexpensive, and you’ll have company and it’s a good way to make friends and learn how to get around and cope with all that’s facing you. The experience will be both a challenge and incredible–don’t pass it up.

Well, to find a flat is one of the challenges, but it’s do-able. Just takes some time. You can email me if I don’t answer fully enough for you, here. I am also relocating to London from the US in a few months, and have begun my research on where to live. I already know where I’ll be working.
1- look at London maps ( and figure out EXACTLY where your school is located. If it’s in Central London, it’s too expensive to find a flat close by. Transport from a surrounding suburb is easy. The further from the city, the cheaper. Then, once you select a few towns, then you can go to the letting web-sites to see what flats are available and what cost to expect. That lets you figure out what you can get for the money–a studio will be the lowest rate. (a bedsit is pretty much just that–a small room with not much else) If you’re not sure about the area, ask again on this site, I’ve gotten some really helpful info that way.
Some sites to look for flats: & You can find out about how long it will take you to get from home to school on That will tell you what bus/train/walking/biking options you have, which bus/train to take, what time its arriving and where to get it, and how long it’s supposed to take to get to your destination. I learned to depend on it every time I went anywhere when I was in London 2 yrs ago.

Ok, so that’s for flats. You may consider a flat share with one other person. has a tab for that and there are other sites beside gumtree and craigslist. (try and For a flat share–you need to meet the person–could be weird or could be great. I worked with a young girl who was in a house with 3 or 4 others and it was great for her. I’m thinking about getting into a flat share when I return to give me time to put aside a little money and take my time finding a flat that I will have to get a 1yr lease for. I want to take my time to find a place I will really be happy with.

Another option for you that is quite common, especially for students is to find a homestay. Kind of a mix of B&B and flatshare. You won’t be alone but you’re independent and the cost is lower than a flat. Again, you have to check the people out to see if you feel comfortable. Look up (I haven’t checked this one lately) Also (which is University accommodations-dorm room style) Check with your school to see if they have any resources for you. When my neice was planning to attend a school in London, she was given a code to use on the Uni website that permitted her to view listings of places to rent a room or cottage. Don’ know if they all have that arrangement.
Well, now that I have overwhelmed you with this answer, I wish you good luck. Email me direct if you like

Chris asks…

How much are 1 bedroom apartments in London??

Im wanting to move there in 2 years after highschool, and im wondering how much a simple 1 bdroom apartment would be, 1 bath, it’s only going to be me living there im pretty sure, with the basic necessities…

Administrator answers:

It depends where you want to live, I live in North London in a tiny one bedroom flat and it cost 670 pounds a month plus bills, (luckily this is shared with my boyfriend). Studio flats range from about 500 pounds a month to 1000 pounds.

London is pretty ridiculous for rent prices, particularly if you want a place to yourself, the best and/or cheapest thing to do is find a house share as then the prices (again depending where about in London you live – it’s a big place) are a lot lower, averagely 80 a week. Of course then you have to worry about living with housemates who don’t do their washing up but at least it is cheaper!

Check out for a better idea of prices and locations

Mark asks…

Would it be expensive for European for California vacation ?

I’m German and i live in Paris at the moment and go to London once in a while. It’s seriously expensive, it took me 7 months to find an apartment. It’s worse than New York. I know New York, but i don’t know about Los Angeles or San Diego, would it be expensive to go there for vacation for someone from Paris or London ? . I was going to go for summer vacation to California for 3-4 weeks, so is it realllyyy Expensive like people say, like you’d have to bring 10.000. Dollars or something ?

Administrator answers:

First of all, I hope you do come out here. The Euro is exchanging with the US Dollar at a favorable rate right now so this is a great time for someone from the EU to travel to the USA — you’ll add about 20% to the value of your money.

With that said, airfare isn’t that much more than you’d spend flying to London or Greece (unless you fly ValueJet or RyanAir and prowl around for the 1-Euro airfares).

You’ll have two big expenses to deal with when you get here — car and lodging. If you’re going to stay for a month, it might be worth it to you to contact a real estate agent to do a one-month sublet on an apartment. One place you might look is; what you’re looking for is a place that’s rented by a college student who will be going back home for a month while you’re on holiday. Expect to spend $1,500 to $2,000. The south bay region (Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach, Redondo Beach) is also a good place for you to be if you’re single and looking for nightlife as part of your holiday.

Renting a car is also a substantial expense. You should shop around and see if you can get a good deal on a month-long rental from one of the major companies and with a little shopping around you should be able to find a small car to rent for less than $1,000.

You will also want to spend a little bit of money on insurance for the car. The rental agency may make that available to you, especially if your insurance from France does not transfer. Los Angeles is a dense, urban environment like Paris or Berlin, only without the extensive public transportation network — there are busses and there is some light rail but it’s nothing like what you’re used to in Paris. You’ll pretty much need your own wheels. Do not expect to spend a lot of time on the American equivalent of an open, free-flowing autobahn because that pretty much doesn’t exist in Los Angeles.

After that, it’s a question of how much you want to spend on food and drink and the sorts of things you want to do. Disneyland will set you back at least $100 a person; Universal Studios is about $75 for a day’s worth of fun. The beach is free. There’s a wealth of interesting things to see and do here aside from that; have fun researching all the things you can do.

We hope to see you soon.

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