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November 11, 2012

Michael asks…

Can one rent a studio in London for a small family (2 adults and one 3-yr old boy for about 250 pounds weekly?

I am coming to London in a month and do not know if there are options to rent small places to stay for a small family. In the US I rent what they call efficient (basically it is an apartment with a room that serves as living room and bedroom, kitchen and bathroom. Is there anything similar over there?

Administrator answers:

You can definitely find studio flats or apartments in London, they’re becoming increasingly popular . Depending on what part of London you’re moving to you should find something in your price range, but not below.
You’ll probably notice that studios are much smaller here than in the states though.
Good luck, hope you enjoy it here

Mark asks…

How much approx would it cost for Water in a studio apartment?

Tower Hamlets, Canary Wharf, London

Administrator answers:

Ring up the water company amd ask.

The above answer is correct, I’m paying too much for water at £30.30, and thinking of getting a water meter, just hope I can get one for a mid terrace house.

Paul asks…

Buying an apartment in London..need more information…?

I live and work in London…I have been here for the last 8 months and want to buy an apartment…one bedroomed or a this possible at all? How much money will I need to do this or does ir depend on the area? I know about the mortgage that I will be able to get as I earn an above average salary. I wanted to know what hidden costs are there and also what kind of apartments should I buy, new houses or old? and what are these ex-council flats? I dont understand the distinction..also the distinction between leasehold and freehold..thanks so much for your help.

Administrator answers:

It completely depends on the area – try using the Right Move website below to give you an indication of the cost of properties in each area (put in the amount of mortgage you know you can afford and take it from there). Allow for stamp duty, solictors fees (likely to be £1-2K), and moving costs.

The Right Move first time buyers guide below will also give you more information about cheaper ways to get on the housing ladder.

Good luck!

Donald asks…

looking for an apartment for 4 bedroom IN LONDON?

i am looking for a short term lease apartment or a studio for 4 people, i don’t want a shared apartment, its for me and my family, can i find that for maybe 500 pounds for 10 days? From mid December to January ?


Administrator answers: Try this, you can get a studio for 4 people. One week = £420 ish So 10 days will be like £500 or just over.

Hope this helps sorry if it doesn’t :D

William asks…

Cheap apartment or room for rent in London England?

I am moving to London for a job that’s going to last 3 – 6 months… I would rather not stay on friends couch, so am looking around for a inexpensive room to rent or studio type apartment to rent. I have checked Craigslist but the advertisements on there seem a little unbelievable such as 100£ a month for a fully furnished studio apartment..

I’ve never been to London and donlt know the ‘neighborhoods’ – I am from the US, and am looking to spend around 300-500 a month, not adverse to roommates, and I don’t need to live in some fancy pants part of town, but I would rather not have to arm myself to walk to the corner store.

If someone could point me to a good resource for residence finding, or suggest some good neighborhoods, or even tell me that I am way off the mark price wise or any other words of wisdom I would appreciate it.
Be working in the financial banking district (canary wharf) – I’ve lived elsewhere in the world and have traveled extensively, I am not overly worried about crime ridden neighborhoods, would just like to live somewhere comfortably middle class, or perhaps collegiate. I imagine universities would have easy housing in and around and reasonably close to where I’ll be working…
haha… outstanding! ;) i say middle class thinking of the city i grew up in, also middle class is a variable term… i suppose i should have been much more specific, my fault kinda fired the question off to yahoo half formed…

i will check out the sites suggested, i am not a student, wouldn’t mind living in student like conditions, i am not overly concerned about normal crime, but i didn’t want to pick a neighborhood that is possibly very clanish or insular, many cities have a international district and districts that are not friendly to foreigners. Wanted to avoid heavy crime, things like gang violence (or whatever its called) London is a big city, and i am assuming that the crime reflects that.

When i lived in Tokyo there was a whole district that was foreigner friendly, lots of expats, plenty of interesting stuff going on, thats what i am shooting for in london, and as long as i can get to a train, or maybe walk an hour or so to get to work, i’m happy. again thanks

Administrator answers:

I would forget Craigslist, it’s not the same as the US and as you found out, full of scams.

I would try: and

The gumtree does attract a few scam artists here and there, but generally is a very good site for finding a house share.

You are looking at least a MIN of £400 a month, PLUS bills. Inclusive of bills: £500 + a month!

London right now is having a high rent boom!

No one needs to be armed in the UK to go a corner shop, even in the poorest parts! We don’t have huge ghettos of no go areas.

As a person who is not familiar with London, you just need to keep some common sense like anyone really.

Don’t flash valuables around, don’t get argumentative with people you don’t know, and keep to well lit main roads.

You may find SOME typical young school kids and teenagers have a *street* attitude on them, but you honestly get that everywhere now!

Just keep to yourself if they are around, walk away and don’t challenge them!

I live in Zone 3, I have the underground AND overground next to me, and can get into Liverpool Street in 20 mins (which is just outside the centre parts)

You don’t say where you will be working, this will have an impact on where you live, because often crossing too many different tube lines, will cause problems when faults or delays occur.

Maybe edit, so we can help advise an area?

EDIT: right, well comfortably middle class will cost you a HECK of a lot more than £500 a month! You said are you are not overly concerned about crime ridden neighbourhoods, but in your first post you stated you didn’t want some area where you could not walk to a shop without arming yourself. LOL Anyway, even university housing is is expensive. This IS London mate! The average student lives in a huge house share and pays about £140 a week!

The closer you live to a popular area, the higher your rents, so which do you want: Uni/student housing, or comfortably middle class.

Travelling around the world is great, but this IS London, not anywhere else. As I said, rents are high, even IN poor students areas and you DID ask, so I answered. I suggest you have a look at for yourself!

I live in East London, not far from Canary wharf. A 2 bed flat NICE Flat around here will costs you £1.200 a MONTH PLUS bills.

My sister shares with her partner and their flatmate and each flat mate pays £600 a month!

Up to you, if you can afford to live in a middle class area, because my other sister lives in Hackney (crime ridden social economic poor) and just bought a flat for £400,000K!

THAT is London!

You don’t seem to know what you want, as your question was *cheap flat* Yet you say you want a middle class area. Then you say uni’s have easy housing, well, no, not in Canary wharf, the FINANCIAL centre.

Students and uni’s have SOME housing, but most students here live in normal rentals. As I said, I *cheap* flat in a house share will cost MORE than £500 a month and will not be in a middle class area.

Are you applying for uni student only housing, or are you asking about normal flat shares?

I think you need to pin point what exactly you are after. If you are not a student or part of a uni, then you won’t be allowed to rent student housing. That is for students.

Betty asks…

Studio Flats in London. PLEASE HELP!!!?

I am an unemployed student living in London. I would like to move out of my parents home and rent a studio flat for about six months as I will be in my final year and would like to work in total piece and quiet, also to gain some independence and responsibility.

I have some questions for people who have experience in renting studio flats. First of all, as I am unemployed and have no savings, would my landlord be OK with it if I spend my student loan (which I have saved from the beginning of my course) to pay the rent? Are we allowed to do this or would my landlord snitch me to the government and say that I am using their money (which is non-repayable) to spend on rent? (which is over £4000 for six months!!)

I personally think as I’m entitled to that money, I should be able to spend it how I want.

Also, with those studio apartments in conversion flats that are on the top floor, how do the tenants get in? i.e see picture:

There is only a ground floor entrance – does this mean that entrance is shared by all living in the block – if so, how can these flats be described as self-contained???? Thanks for your help.
thank you very much TROJAN!!

Administrator answers:

A flat is self contained if it has its own front door which is private to you alone. If anybody can walk into your flat, then it is not self contained but if somebody has to knock on your door, you have a self contained flat. You seem to think slef conained means standing totally on its own. All the flats in tower blocks are self contained because each tenant has their own front door.
Ask at your local JobCentre about benefits. If you qualify for JSA you will get Housing Benefit automatically. Check the JSA issue out first and it you are successful, you find a letting agency that accepts “DSS” tenants and most likely they will fill out the Housing Benefit form with you as a condition of giving you the keys

Thomas asks…

Is Lanbroke Grove in Notting Hill a good place to stay in London?


I am in London for 3 weeks and have found a studio apartment in 74 Lanbroke Grove in Notting Hill. I’ve come across some posts that report this is not a good area in terms of safety, convenience and location.

Please could I get some feedback re this location as I need to decide if I’m taking the unit or looking elsewhere.

Thank you.
Sorry, I meant Ladbroke Grove :)

Administrator answers:

Its a good location and will be an experience

James asks…

How much does it cost to live in the UK?

I’m thinking of moving there. I’ll have a bachelors degree in Mass Communications, so I’ll try to get a job in that field if at all possible. I’ll be living with either my boyfriend, friend, or brother. So, all cost will be cut in half.

Please let me know the following per month:
Cost of London Underground pass
Cost of studio apartment in London
Cost of groceries
Cell Phone service

Thank you!

Administrator answers:

Cost of London Underground pass:
Not sure; I think it depends on the duration you get one for.

Cost of studio apartment in London:
At least £600 per calendar month (pcm)
Have a look here for some flats which are currently on the market:

A house share would be cheaper, but you risk sharing with weirdos and/or noisy people, messy people, etc:

Obviously they are a little cheaper. Or you can spend a bit extra per month and have a studio flat to yourself (which looks tiny! You will find better ones if you have a proper browse):

Cost of groceries
Depends on where you shop really. Before I had a child, me and my hubby would spend around £60 per week on food, but we eat meat and lots of veggies/fruit which brings the bill up as unfortunately, the healthier food is dearer (a lot of the time) than a huge bar of chocolate and multipack bags of crisps.

Depends on the company you choose and which package and speed you go for. I think we pay around £20 a month and our Internet is quite fast.

You need to pay for a tv license per year, it costs £145.50 for a colour tv (price is per house, not per tv), more info here:

Then you can have a package like Sky where you pay per month for a variety of channels, sports, kids, music, films, etc.
Or you can pay for a Freeview box (around £30) and then watch channels and pay no monthly fee.

Cell Phone service
Depends on which network you’re with and how many texts you want, how many mb of internet and how many minutes. There are so many options.
An iPhone 4s will set you back around £35 per month. A simple phone on o2 will be £10+ per month. Expect to pay around £15 if you want a decent amount of texts/minutes, not necessarily a brilliant top-spec phone.

Charles asks…

Websites displaying loads of London studio apartments for rent?

I’m lost in a sea of websites, can you suggest a great one where I could find studio apartments for rent. In London that is…

Administrator answers:

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