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January 23, 2013

George asks…

After I get my degree, I’d like to move/study in London?

I’ve always had the plan of first getting my Bachelor’s degree here and then going to another country to see how my major (Early childhood development) is used/implemented/thought of/ etc in a different country. I so very badly want to go to England first. The only issue is that I can’t for the life of me find any of my old resources on how exactly to do it. I understand that it will be hard, and more expensive, but honestly, I grew up in California where it is super expensive to live in a Studio apartment. I understand that London especially is more expensive. I just am wondering if anyone has any links, or places I can contact to see this dream through. I still have another year until I’m finish with school here so I’d have plenty of time to research it and think it through before I did anything. So please, if you have any kind of help links, resources, places to write/email, call, etc, help me out and I’d be most grateful. Thank you.

Administrator answers:

Firstly you would have to make sure that your qualification are recognizes in the UK in that field of (Early Childhood Development) secondly you have to be offered a job from the UK. Meaning that when job are advertise they advertise in all 28 EU countries before they employ someone from outside the EU

Sharon asks…

Services apartments-studios in London?

Administrator answers:

You could try Citadines
One of our members has recommended this company.

Jenny asks…

Serviced apartments-studios in London?

Administrator answers:

Try this ones…

John asks…

Around how much would council tax be?

For a Studio apartment, in Baker Street, London, UK. I’m just looking for a ball park figure. Thanks!
@Ed Fox – Thanks for the answer, I have check their site before but you need more details than I have, so just need a about figure.

Administrator answers:

If your postcode begins W1, check the City of Westminster’s website.
If your postcode begins NW1, check Camden Council’s website

Carol asks…

London renting?HELP!?

can anyone help me find a two bedroom apartment in london? or a studio…remember, my budget is 220pounds per week for two bedroom flat, and 120 for studio (including bills) and would not go beyond zone 1&2


Administrator answers:

Check out this site:

A few suggestions off the site: (a 2 bedroom flat on Edgware Road, for 290 pounds/week.) (a luxurious studio flat in Hammersmith, for 250 pounds per week.)

And of course, remember, the further from the centre, the cheaper the flats get.

Good luck with finding what you need!

Daniel asks…

Accomodation in NY for 2 adults,1 week – end of March/beginning of April?

We are planning to go for a home exchange (we live in Hoxton, London, UK) or for a studio apartment rental in Manhattan, as hotel prices seem not that exciting. Or would you know of any US sites we could book from? Thanks for sharing any info and for your advice!
PS: We have been to NY before, but staying at friends’ who have since moved, so no ideas of hotels there.

Administrator answers:

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