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April 15, 2012

Sandra asks…

Can anyone recommend me their agent for renting a nice comfortable studio apartment in London?

We need budget Studio room, we are a couple. We need some one who is reliable and who is fair in this business trade, we have had some bad experiences in the past. If anyone knows any place where we can get new studio apartments with budget of rent not more than 400-500pcm incl of all utility bills

Administrator answers:

I guess this isnt the place to ask such question. I mean will you really trust the answers that might just be kind of self advertisement ???????

Lisa asks…

what is the studio apartment rent in london?

what is the studio apartment rent (monthly) in london (whichever area) and cost of food? pls give me detailed food cost. no beer or wine needed

Administrator answers:

About 400 pounds approx.& another 300 pounds for food.This is approx.better to contact a property broker for the best option.

Mandy asks…

where can I find a vacation studio apartment in London?

I want to rent a studio apartment for about 2 months .
Which website can I find it?

Thank you

Administrator answers:

Hi :) there are many private people that rent rooms, and studio flats, as well as agencies. Though agencies usually want long term.
- I will post some links below that may help you, shortlet-london rents studio flats from 30.00 a night, they are usually in south west or west london i believe, for central london you will not find anything cheap at all, its really expensive, so you will need to add travel expenses too, which varies depending on if you are using buses, trains, underground tubes all using oyster or travel cards, you can find all advice on travelling at any tube station in london or online at alternatively you could hire a car for the period assuming you do want to travel? Anyways here are some links.

Carol asks…

Apartment / studio in London?

If I am staying in London for around 2 months, would not it be cheaper to rent a small place , like a studio or a very small apartment than to stay @ hotel..

What would be the rate average ? – Where can I get more information ?? (online link, agents…etc)

Thanks all !

Administrator answers:

It is cheaper to rent an apartment rather than a hotel, the avaerage rate would be around 300pw or so because its a short let, they are always more expensive than long lets, you can go to / /

Good luck

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