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December 12, 2012

Robert asks…

Studio apartments in/near Scottsdale Arizona?

I am looking for an affordable studio apartment in Scottsdale AZ. I am planning on going to ASU in the fall, however I am out of state and can’t check them out except for online right now. Does anyone have any recommendations on some that are good for college students actually trying to study (quiet) and that are affordable…around $500 or less?

I’ve been looking at online sites…if anyone has a good site to do a search with. I am desperate for help!

Administrator answers:

I would just look on the normal sites (, but also craigslist has alot of people that want to rent out their condos. I see alot for scottsdale on there.
Sorry i live in north phoenix so i dont know any specific complexes to recommend.
Also you could sign up for a wellness dorm, which are usually quiet, sign up for just one semester in the dorm then once you’re out here you can use the semester to find an apartment.
If you feel you’re too old to live in a dorm, ask if they have family housing for students with spouces/children. My college had these and they were quiet apartments, try to tell them that even though you are alone, you only need it for one semester, maybe they have an opening.

Thomas asks…

Does anyone know of any places that have studio apartments available in North Seattle, prederably northgate?

Any help would be deeply appreciated.

Administrator answers:

I don’t know to what extent you’ve looked on craigslist already but it’s definitely the best resource for finding housing in Seattle. A quick search reveals that there are at least a few studio apt in the Northgate area.

A thing to know about the area though is that it’s definitely more houses than apt complexes so you might do better to rent a room or part of a house. It’s definitely cheaper. Good Luck.

Daniel asks…

What are some good neighberhoods in San Diego with studio apartments?

Administrator answers:

I would do the east village downtown if money isnt too much of a problem… Kensington area is very quant and cozy neighborhood.. Anywhere along park blvd (Hillcrest, west side of north park, university heights,) is also a nice neighborhood walking distance to many things. And Little Italy again if price isnt a BIG issue

Sandy asks…

Are the Studio City Archstone apartments safe?

Is it safe to take my 3 kids to Studio City Archstone apartments for 1 1/2 months? I’ve read horror stories on reviews, but would like the truth from someone with experience. Also, is a 1st floor a good idea?

Administrator answers:

Yuk, NO!

Chris asks…

What is the price of 1bhk in Abu Dhabi? Also is it true that studio apartments can only be rented by singles?

and not couples. Does Abu Dhabi have a good public transport system or private taxis? Please help as I moving to Abu Dhabi in a month’s time.

Administrator answers:

Yes dear if you are single I would suggest you to take a studio flat on rent it will come in 12 to 15K Dhs/- per month
I am also from UAE.
So welcome to AD. Gd Luck

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