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January 7, 2013

Sandra asks…

Are studio apartments generally more expensive than one-bedroom apartments?

I’m planning on moving the North Hollywood area (Los Angeles, CA)

Administrator answers:

No, you’ve got it backwards. Studios are generally cheaper than one bedrooms because they are just one big room versus having a separate bedroom.

Donna asks…

How much does studio apartments in long beach ca cost in rent.?

Administrator answers:

Since you are a Yahoo user, why not try:

You can also try Craigslist at:

Another option is to try this site run by e-bay:

Good luck with your search.

Mark asks…

Studio Apartments in Sydney with no bedrooms?

I have been searching for apartments in Sydney (specifically inner city), and I am getting this weird thing: Studio Apartment, fully furnished … bla bla.. but the icon that shows the number of bedrooms is “none”
is there such a thing in Sydney as studio apartment with no bedroom? or do they mean that the bedroom is not furnished. Please help! (I know that studio apartments have no bedroom, but i thought the apartment itself is a bedroom, so why do they sometimes neglect it?)

Administrator answers:

All studio apartments have no bedrooms. That’s the point of a studio apartment. The living room doubles as a bedroom. Usually it has a sofa that doubles as a fold-out bed. So, when they list them, they list it usually as bedrooms ‘none’ or they just say that it’s a studio.

Paul asks…

Any Studio Apartments by Irvine Metrolink Station?

I was wondering if anybody knew of any Studio apartments near the Irvine Metrolink Station.

Please let me know ASAP because I need to move down in that area pretty quickly. MUCH thanks if you can help me

Administrator answers:

Look here. They’re still expensive, but at least you have something to look at.


George asks…

Studio Apartments at Seattle University?

What are the studio apartments (Murphy I believe it’s called) like at University of Seattle? I can only find a bit on info on the site, and I plan on moving in winter semester. Do they already have beds in them? Dressers? What are the rules? ‘Guests’ allowed to spend the night? The more info the better, or personal experience…maybe even photos? Thanks!

Administrator answers:

Contact the school housing department and make inquire there./

Thomas asks…

how much is rent for a studio in university house apartments in college park, md?

how much is rent for a studio in university house apartments in college park, md? what about a single bedroom?

Administrator answers:

Michael asks…

How much do apartments and/or studio apartments cost in the LA/Hollywood/Burbank area?

Administrator answers:

Quite a bit! Check and search for apartments.. If you do not currently live in southern california… Your in for major sticker shock!!!

Betty asks…

Any Reasonably priced studio apartments in the south Charlotte area?

Administrator answers:

Depends on what area you are look at – South Charlotte encompasses a wide area from Ballantyne to the Steele Creek area, Indian Land and even into Fort Mill, SC

Carol asks…

Where can I find 1-bedroom/studio type apartments in Melbourne that are not expensive?

I prefer the ones that are on lease on a monthly basis.Any website you can refer me to will be highly appreciated.Thank you.

Administrator answers:

See and put in which Suburbs and other criteria and hit search – you will come up with many to choose from.

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