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May 30, 2013

David asks…

What are typical price ranges for one person studio apartments in Astoria and Williamsburg, NYC?

Administrator answers:

$1200-$$1600 a month.

Paul asks…

how much does the bills cost for studio apartments?

i mean the water and electricity bill?
apartment is just for 375$

Administrator answers:

Sigh. As we’ve answered over and over, it depends.

It depends on
How efficient the apartment is
How much of the utilities you use
How much utilities cost where you are
How large the apartment is
How efficient the appliances are (a/c, heater, hot water heater, etc)

Susan asks…

How much do one bedroom (not studio) apartments cost in (preferably downtown) New York City?

Administrator answers:

$2000-$2500 a month plus utilities. In order to qualify, you must make at least $7000 a month.

George asks…

Where Can I Find Apartments / Studio Type in Metro Manila?

How much would it costs me and where can I find one?

Administrator answers:

I agree to the expert above (hi,sir!). Studio type in metro manila would cost a monthly rent for as low as 4000 and above, depending on the location and the facilities of the studio type you’re going to rent.

And since you are asking for the location wherein you could actually find an apartment, here’s a list I got for you. It’s a list of apartments and studio types around metro manila, with their exact address on it, pictures of the unit and the prices. Have a great day! Http://

Carol asks…

what is average square footage and price of a studio, 1BR, and 2BR apartments in Tucson, Arizona?

I’m moving to Tucson in the fall and I was wondering what the average apartment is there. Specifically square footage and price for studio, 1BR, and 2BR.

Administrator answers:

There is no such thing as an “average” for square footage. In the city where I work, a studio can be anywhere from 395-600SF. A 1 bedroom could be anywhere from 475-900SF and a 2 bedroom could be anywhere from 750-1600SF. So there is no such thing as an average. Every developer and builder has their own desires for square footage based on their expectations for sale or rental value in certain areas and parts of town. It’s not uncommon to see that downtown will have smaller square footage (in newer buildings) and suburbs or non-downtown will have larger square footage. It’s all about demand and cost benefit analysis.

Daniel asks…

How many gallons of water should a standard size studio apartment be able to heat?

I cant even take a shower for 5 minutes without the water turning cold. The maintenance guy said that hot water heaters are small in studio apartments, but that sounds like b.s.?
What should I do?

Administrator answers:

I honestly wasnt aware that apartments were used to heat water

Mary asks…

Where can I find a nice studio apartment in Portland Oregon?

I am planning on moving to Portland Oregon within the next year. I hear that Portland is predominantly youth. I wanna find a nice studio apartment or 1 bedroom place. I wanna be surrounded by younger people since I am only 20. It would have to be on the cheaper side. Well as cheap as Portland can give me.

Administrator answers:

If you would like a luxurious apartment with a great view in the best neighborhood in town, there are many, many choices. If you want it to be cheap, like under $400/month, consider …. Edgar Springs, Missouri; Crawford County, Oklahoma; or Hyannis, Iowa.

Good housing in good neighborhoods of Portland are in high demand. Either pay the price, or be realistic about what you can get for a given price. You can find many 20-somethings living in the large apartment complexes in Beaverton, though those don’t usually have studio apartments—they usually have a one bedroom minimum.

Steven asks…

How do you feel renting a studio apartment or guest house that the door only opens to the outside?

Even though many people don’t really care I do. I’m looking at small studio apartments and many of them you enter the apartment from the outside and not a hallway. This menas when you open the door you are leaving a garden courtyard and entering a small room. It makes me depressed to close the door to the outside because you are leaving a garden behind and locking yourslef inside a room.

I would prefer a apartment with indoor hallways and an indoor lobby area. I don’t feel depressed.

Administrator answers:

Whats the difference? Open the windows and get some light in there, get some plants and flowers as well….

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