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June 26, 2013

Nancy asks…

Is a studio apartment suitable for overnight visits with my son?

The judge said at our last court hearing that if I get my own place I can have overnight visits with my son. I am on a budget, but i have found studio apartments I can afford in my area. His mother expressed concern over the arrangement though. Is there a family code regarding this issue? He has his own bed and obviously there will be a fridge, oven and bathroom. I just want to know what is considered suitable for a child. He is five years old.

Administrator answers:

I don’t see a problem.

Jenny asks…

I now pronounce you chuck and larry. Does Jessica Biels character have a studio apartment?

Im not really sure what a studio apartment is, but I read that its all the rooms in a semi large room. True? If youve seen the movie, is her apartment a studio?

Administrator answers:

As far as I remember yes because the scene with the bed was really an huge open area. I would assume it was a studio apartment from what I remember.

Lizzie asks…

Will living in a studio apartment be lonely and scary?

I’m a junior in college and I would like to move out in the spring into a studio apartment. But I get scared a lot when I’m alone in the dark, and I just wonder are studio apartments really scary or is it just all in my head? Anyone here live in one? How is it?

Administrator answers:

If your only fear is the dark, you can keep nightlights going, and you’d be fine. But if your fear is really more about being alone, then I’d strongly suggest you get an apartment share.

Why torture yourself? You can get your own room in an apartment shared with other people, have a bit of privacy, but still have the security of the others being around you.

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