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Your Questions About Studio Apartments For Rent In Chicago

April 19, 2012

David asks…

Studio apartments in Chicago South Suburbs?

I’m looking a for a decently priced studio apartment in the south suburb area of Chicago (Oak Forest, Orland, Tinley, etc…) with maybe a few amenities included in the rent price? I’ve looked at the internet apartment listings but there aren’t alot and I know there are more apartments in this area. I was looking at Vincennes Apartments but it looks like I might get shot there or something. So, any recommendations/prices?

Administrator answers:

Try the antiquated newspaper listings. Good Luck

Richard asks…

Looking to rent apartments in the Chicago, IL area???

I am 19 years old and I am trying to move out my grandmothers house, I think its time I live on my own, I am looking for a studio or 1 bedroom apartment in the Chicago, IL area in a clean quiet neighborhood, I am willing to spend no more than 500 a month something not too high, preferably on the Chicago, Southside area. Anyone know of any good websites where I can find apartments in my price range or other sources? I would appreciate it thank you all!

Administrator answers:

I am also 19 and looking for my first apartment. Some websites that I have found beneficial are and (my favorite). Both sites have tons of pictures and are pretty detailed. If you are considering a roommate make sure they are dependable and have steady income. I also reccommend fetting a place that has utilities included. Good luck on your apartment search and I hope this helped. My email address is public if you need some more advice.

Joseph asks…

im trying to find a small studio apartment in chicago..?

for less than $500 rent per month. im not looking for a luxury apartment or anything, but something that is in a nice neighborhood, as i have a 2 year old daughter who will be moving with me. i would prefer to be somewhere near the southside, i have to be close to my mom who lives by midway airport, and i have to be able to easily access public transportation to get downtown for school early in the morning. has anybody found a place like this? let me know.

Administrator answers:

Hi, you should try They have all sorts of Chicago apartments, including Studios. And you don’t need a car if you can’t afford it. I just moved to the Chicago and I’m using the CTA and car sharing service called i-Go (

Good luck! :)

Linda asks…

What is a reasonable price for rent in Chicago?

I am just browsing studio and 1 bedroom apartments and was wondering if anyone knew what “cheap” and “expensive” rent are.
I’m looking into the downtown area. Where’s a good neighborhood.

Administrator answers:

Could range from 650 on up. It really depends on where you live. Stay away from lincoln park, lakeview, wrigleyville.

Sandra asks…

Where so some good places to live in Chicago on 1000 dollars a month for rent?

I am looking into moving to Chicago and going to school at Columbia College.

My question is I am looking for an apartments to rent. I looked at the dorm housing, I need a dorm to myself for personal reasons.

Anyways. A dorm to myself through the school is over 1800 a month. Its outrageous. I am trying to find an apartment off campus around 1000. or between 1000-1300 if utilities are included in the higher price.

I want a safe place and would like it close to transportation or within walking distance to the school. I am just looking for a studio apartments. A 1 bedroom would be awesome, but a studio is perfectly fine with me.

I will have a U Pass, so taking the L or a bus is no biggie. I just don’t want to be way off the beaten path. I would really like to live within walking distance to some places to eat shop and stuff like that. Living a few blocks from Michigan avenue would be awesome, just can’t go over budget.

Administrator answers:

Well, when I searched on, I found several studios/apartments that were available at around $1000. Maybe they’re ideal for you. Check them out:

The Pavilion Apartments
5441 N. East River Rd., Chicago, Illinois 60656
hours:M-F: 10:00 – 07:00 , Sat: 10:00 – 04:00 , Sun: 10:00 – 04:00 ,
This studio would be available at $896. It comes with a main living space and a small bathroom.


You can contact the owner at (866) 930-0548.

You may find some other cheap studios and apartments on this page.


Besides, I heard the Mirelle’s Studio and 1212 S Michigan Ave Apartments are also affordable choices.

Mireille’s Studio
49 E Oak St, Chicago, IL 60611(between Rush St & Michigan Ave)
(312) 587-8727

1212 S Michigan Ave Apartments
1212 S Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL 60605(between 13th St & Roosevelt Rd)
(312) 461-1110

I also recommend you to find some cheap studios or apartment on Chicago Craigslist. You know, people always find best deals on this site. Why not just give it a try. On the following page, you can find an article with several affordable apartments in Chicago area, take a look:

Good luck!

Robert asks…

Anyone know of an apartment for rent?

I am looking for an apartment (studio/1 bedroom) in Chicago (IL, in the actual city) that has reasonable rent (no more than $500/mo please). If anyone has seen a listing or is a landlord

Administrator answers:

That’s Ghetto!!!!

Mandy asks…

I am disabled with both SSI and SSDI. I want to rent with a roommate. Will their rent and income affect me?

I want to rent either a studio or a one-bedroom, and have a roommate to share the rent.(Chicago) But I am worried since they are out of town a lot, that the apartment will be considered mine and that their payment of rent will be considered income for me. I know that sounds weird but that is the sort of odd things I’ve been told by local SS offices in different cities.

Maybe I should sublet from them for a lower rent?

Administrator answers:

There are many ways to do this.

1. You could both be renters. Each of you pay your rent directly to the landlord. This way your roommate is not providing you any income. Drawback: May not be allowed by landlord.

2. You could pay the rent, and your roommate could pay all the utilities. Than if the utilities are less than the 1/2 rent – the roomate pays you an extra amount. You would have to report that extra income from rommmate’s rent. Drawback: what if roommate doesn’t pay their extra amount?

3. The reverse of 2. Drawback: You aren’t on the lease and could be asked to move out.

4. You pay rent to the roomate and the roomate has the lease. Drawback: Then roomate could ask you to leave.

Chris asks…

Is 107 volts for an apartment?

I am living in a studio apartment in Chicago. Utilities are included with the rent. When I turn everything off, I get 109 volts out of the socket. I am trying to roast coffee beans and my machine won’t get hot enough. with my computer and a few lights on I get 107 volts. Is 107 volts abnormal? Is my apartment complex breaking any kind of building code or city electricity requirements?

Administrator answers:

I don’t know what the requirements are where you live but 107 seems a bit low to me. I believe it should be around 117.

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