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Your Questions About Studio Apartments For Rent In Nj

May 14, 2012

Carol asks…

what is the average Rent for a Studio apartment?..Attic Appartment?..& Basement Apartment?? In Elizabeth Nj?

Administrator answers:

Check an online rental site..

Michael asks…

1 Bedroom / studio / room In Central or northern NJ HELP?

Well iv been looking around but cant find any decent places in NJ for 500-700$ a month. Anyone know around where i can find some 1 bedroom / studio apartments / or rooms for rent for 500-700$ monthly?

Trying for Hudson county, Jersey city, union city, new brunswick rutherford Or anywhere with alot of local part time / full-time jobs.

Administrator answers:

Your best bet is to find a roommate to split a 2-bedroom with, or find a room in someone’s house to rent.

I’d say there’s pretty much no way you’ll find a decent place anywhere in those areas for less than $1,000/month. You can find some nice 2BR places for around $1,500/month if you have a roommate… That should get you close to your range (plus gas/electric, cable, internet, water, trash removal, etc.) Those places are closer to central jersey (i.e. New Brunswick). Try looking in Morristown.

Keep in mind most places also charge 1.5 months rent for a security deposit… NJ isn’t cheap. After college, I moved to a 2BR in Hoboken with a roommate… Between the two of us, we had to shell out almost $6,000 by move-in day (security deposit, 1st months rent, application fees, finders’ fee…) and that was a modest place.

Mandy asks…

can i rent studio for only three month?

i need to rent a studio or one bedroom apartment for two or three month but people told me all the contracts are for one year… and how much should i pay for that in NJ?

Administrator answers:

Some places are called corporate apartments that rent to businessmen who are in the area for a shorter period of time. See if there are any places like that in the area you want. In the complex I live in the shortest lease they offer is 5 months. Call real estate agents for ideas. But most places do tend to want a 1 year lease as a minimum.

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