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February 18, 2013

Sandra asks…

Please anyone know a 1 room apartment up for rent in boston,ma?i’m a student…attending suffolk university?

yo i’m looking for an apartment for rent in boston,ma.should be affordable cos i’m a student. rent should be at max of 800 dollars a month.Just a studio or a one room apartment is fine for me and yea wit 1 bathroom. It should be close to ashburton place.Holla if you got one.or if u got a room for rent also.

Administrator answers:

I found a bunch for you to look at on

Lizzie asks…

I live in an attic on a busy main street.?

I’ve been living in this gross attic on a busy main street for almost 5 years now. It’s $600 a month rent including utilities. This attic has gotten a lot more gross over the years and I really want to move out. The problem is I have no money to move out. There is obviously no rent in the Boston area that is as cheap as $600 including utilities unless it is a small studio apartment and I’m currently living with one other person. Only one of us is employed which is my dad. My attic is infested with spiders , cockroaches, and rodents. We were not even legally supposed to live in this attic in the first place but we really have no choice. Ever since my mom moved out and my dad’s job has started paying him biweekly, my dad has gone very very broke. I’m 16 and I cannot find a job right now. I’ve been looking very hard so I can work to at least help him get enough money to move out of this sh!thole. We’re really broke and we don’t know what to do. This street is also very annoying since I live on the biggest street in my city so I am prone to hearing car alarms going off all early morning hours, car crashes, police sirens, ambulance sirens, annoying motorcycles and trucks that drive by. I’ve been getting a lot more stress since I’ve been living here. Ear plugs don’t help and I don’t have the budget to buy a white noise fan. Insulation is TERRIBLE in this house especially during the winter and summer. Air conditioning does not help during 85+ degree weather. I just want a peaceful place to live. I know this is a very unhealthy environment living but we have no choice. Kind to offer me some options so I can at least have a bit of hope. Thanks a lot.

Administrator answers:

Call a social worker. You can find a better place to stay than that, but it’ll be hard for any of us to help you.

Sharon asks…

Student loan help!!!!?

So in order for me to go to college, I had to take out loans. By time I graduate, I will have about $80k in student loan debt all together. 1/2 of my debt is private and the other 1/2 is from banks like Bank of America. Is there any way that I can ask for forgiveness or anything like that? There is no way that I can pay all this back+pay rent+car payments. I plan on having a job that is going to probably pay about 50-55k a year. To make matters worse, I will have to live in Boston when I graduate. I have already started looking at the rent they charge for a simple studio apartment, and know that I wont be able to make all of these payments. If I didnt have so much student loan debt, I would be golden! PLEASE HELP!

Administrator answers:

Forgiveness? No. However, in Colorado, if you become a teacher and after working for five years, the state will forgive your educational loans (not sure if private loans are exempt). I don’t know if this forgiveness plan is national, if so maybe you would want to consider teaching? If not, the only thing I suggest you do is consolidate your loans as much as you can so you can get a lower rate and payment. You cannot consolidate private loans w. Regular sub and unsub loans so you will indeed be looking at 2 separate payments. Also, ask for a deferrment on your student loans for a few months until you get situated, and take a second job if you have to.

Donna asks…

Miami Living- What are the Pros and Cons?

There are those who have their dreams come true when he or she move to NYC, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Chicago or Boston. My instinct is telling me that I belong in Miami. My passions in life involve fitness and children. I want to help train the bodies of the gorgeous adults as well as the youth. I love tutoring as well so I want to help children and teens who struggle in school. I love hardcore hot weather and the beach due to my Jamaican heritage. I wear my hair in curly dreadlocks so the humidity will not phase me. I heard it rains a lot but I would just go to a library or cafe (if they are prevalent in MIA?). I dig the diverse and tropical atmosphere. I cringe when everyone looks the same or jeers at those who are different. I love men and women of all ages races and personalities. My best friends growing up were Hispanic (Puerto Rican, Colombian, Dominican, and/or Cuban) so I learn Spanish through them and I also took Spanish classes in middle school, high school and college. I had a dream that I lived there and two people have told me I would fit right in without knowing about me thinking about it. I want to go to grad school in Miami. I love nightlife as well and dancing the night away as well as dining,shopping and of course sports and fitness.

I have looked on Craigs List and Real Estate websites to plan ahead. I want to go on a winter vacation to truly see Miami for myself. I want to live in a studio apartment near the beach while working in both fitness and education.

Please share the pros and cons of living in Miami, any advice as well as your opinions/concerns about any of my statements

Administrator answers:

Everything you mention is exactly what I am seeking and I wish I knew the answer..right now it’s a tough choice between San Diego and Miami for me.

Chris asks…

What do I do about my long-distance relationship?

My boyfriend and I have been dating for over 5 months, we’ve known each other for 3 years, we’re very serious, and we trust each other fully, but we also are going to colleges across the country from each other. I’m in the middle of nowhere, so my social life is like nill, while he lives in Boston, and his social life is going great. Unfortunately, a lot of his friends are girls, and I can’t help feeling uncomfortable when I know he is hanging out with them again in his studio apartment. Especially one of the girls. He’s recording her first album, they go running together, and they study together all the time. I really want to trust him, because she has a boyfriend of 2 years (who is also long-distance). What can I do to put my mind more at ease? I really want to trust him completely, so I don’t know why I can’t just accept that he has friends that are girls… what do I do?
oh, and I’m transferring to his college next semester, and I just want to know how to not go crazy from jealousy. And breaking up is out of the question. I’m too in love, and too devoted to him.

Administrator answers:

.Absence makes the heart grow fonder.I’m sure everything is perfectly ok.Otherwise he wouldn’t be so open about his activities.Just grt yourself involved with reading,walking and swimming Anything to use up energy

John asks…

Do Landlords care if I rent an apartment in Albany Ny and work in Boston MA?

I am looking to move to Albany Ny as the rent is alot lower then where I live. I also want to go to school in Ny so I want to claim residenncy as soon as possible. I feel it would be less costly ( and more comfortable to rent a studio then to stay at a hotel.

Administrator answers:

That fact alone will not stop you from getting a place. They will most likely require proof of were you are living in Boston and that you can afford both places.

Nancy asks…

Is Hartford Connecticut a good place to live?

Is it safe?
How much does a studio/1 bedroom apartment cost to buy/rent (minimum & maximum)?
Is there public transportation? (Buses, Taxis, Rail)
What are the best locations/neighborhoods in the city?
What is the cost of living for 1 person?
How far are neighboring cities? (NYC, Boston, DC, Providence)
Do you think the population will increase/decrease in the near future?
Thank You

Administrator answers:

Hartford is about 1/2 between New York City and Boston
You are about 2 hours from both
You have train for both from Hartford, it’s Amtrak
You can go to New Haven and take Metro North for a lot less money to new york city
Boston, Amtrak or bus

There is buses and Taxis

In Hartford, the west end would be the best place to live
South end would be a good place

Wethersfilds and west hartford would be better, they have busess into hartforfd and they are next to hartford

From craigslist
Franklin ave 2br for $675(hartford)
$700 dollars one bedroom hartford
2br town house, east hartford $800
$435 Laurel ST Studio west end
$595 1br capitol ave hartford

Linda asks…

Where is the cheapest place to live in Boston?

I need a studio or a 1 bedroom…I’m not partial to any neighborhoods (safe or unsafe). I just need a cheap place to stay for a few months to a year.

I intended to stay with my dad while going through school, but that isn’t going to work out due my crazy step-mom.

I’m talking $700 or less, preferably under $600.

What is the name of some cheap apartment complexes?
It doesn’t have to be IN Boston, just around the area.

I sort of like the Dorchester area…

Administrator answers:

I seriously dont know much areas that are under 600$. Probably in Quincy (Neighbor to dorchester city) Quincy has some cheap apartments.And usually with a budget under 600$, the apartment/condo wouldnt be good. Germantown is probably the BEST solution. Dorchestor is probably one of the worst city to live if you dont mind getting robebd or shot.

Michael asks…

does anybody know of a good place to look for a studio (or small and inexpensive 1 bedroom) apartment in (or?

near) West Roxbury in Boston. Preferably that would allow a very small, quiet dog (under 5LBs). i am really relying on the internet mostly because i am kind of “testing the water” for school next year from across the country.

Administrator answers:

Look on Craigs List

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