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Your Questions About Studio Apartments In Boston

August 25, 2013

Paul asks…

My girlfriend and I are thinking about moving from Birmingham,Al to Boston ,Ma in a few weeks.?

We are looking for an apartment/townhouse/condo that is safe, pretty close to downtown (10-20 min commute), and affordable to rent. We really only need a studio or 1 bedroom in the $900-950 a month price range. Any advice on areas to look? Any help will be greatly appreciated.
We are looking for an apartment/townhouse/condo that is safe, pretty close to downtown (10-20 min commute), and affordable to rent. We really only need a studio or 1 bedroom in the $900-950 a month price range. Any advice on areas to look? Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Note: I spoke with a realtor that offered a 1 bedroom in East Boston on Marion St for $900, anyone know about this area.

Administrator answers:

I’m sorry to tell you, but I don’t think you’re going to find safe AND cheap in the same parts of Boston. Your best best would probably be to look in the Dedham area… It’s right next to Boston and it’s pretty reasonably priced.

Mary asks…

relocating to MA, need some helpful resources on areas, commutes and more!?

Okay, here’s the scoop; my boyfriend and I are moving to MA this summer. I’m going to be a nanny, he works in security. We’re looking for an apartment no more than 1 hr from Boston. We’re looking at areas north of Boston including Everett, Malden, Revere but possible Burlington, Bedford, Bellerica, Wilmington, Woburn and others. I’ve looked at Haverhill and Lowell but wonder if they’re too removed? I’ve done day trips to MA but haven’t spent much time there otherwise, we’re on a limited Budget of $800 a month–1bedroom not studio, I’ve found a good number of apartments that would work for this so please don’t tell me it’s impossible. What I really need is to know if these are good areas for public transportation– my boyfriend will be needing the bus/train to get to and from work. I also want to make sure the area is inclusive–not a one horse town and racially diverse as we are a mixed couple.

If anyone knows about these areas or others to look at/ ones to stay away from please let me know. Also if you could point me in the direction of good resources for relocating, to find out about the areas in more detail, as I’ve been searching, and rental guides/resources that would be wonderful as well.
Thank you!

Administrator answers:

Most of the places you describe are pretty inaccessible by subway. (Why they are cheap).

Burlington, Woburn, and Billerica are sort of beyond the subway system.

Everett is a kind of odd hole in the subway system right in the center of Boston. (But it is easy to get to Boston from there by bike, and there are busses.)

Lowell is pretty far out but has the commuter rail.

Malden has subway stops and busses.

I’d also look at Medford, Quincy, and Dorchester if you want to use public transit.

I’d stay away from Lawrence & Brockton.

I’d type prospective addresses into the MBTA trip planner:

John asks…

Is someone stealing gas from my apartment, help!!!!?

Hi everyone,
Maybe you guys can help me, I have this idea for quite some time that someone is stealing gas from my utilities. I live in a 3 family house, 3 different apartments per floor. I live on the first, another guy on the second and another guy on the third. My apartment is a one bedroom (four rooms total) same as the apartment on the second floor. The one on the third it’s an attic studio of 2 rooms, no stove just microwave and a fridge and a sink. My utilities are NOT included in the rent, gas and electric are paid by me. The third floor’s utilities are included.
Since I moved here I have noticed how much my gas bill is every month, even more during the winter months, since here in Boston is cold. I really never crank my heater up above 80, I have it at 63 during the day and sometimes I’ll crank it up to 75 at night. My apartment is not that big so it gets warm fast. But, sometimes my heat is off and i hear it click on and then my living room baseboard heat feels like it’s on
when I put my hand over the vent I feel the heat come in and then my apartment gets really hot.
My landlord lives next door, One time the gas company came over because i called them. I didn’t have the basement keys so my landlord came over to open it, and he was all nosy about it and telling the gas person everything was set right and the pipes where going where they are supposed to go, blah blah. The gas person told me that he didn’t know much about piping that I shpuld call a plumber and he could tell me where the pipes went.
a few days ago, when I got another high gas bill I called again and someone else came, he told me that I had to thermostats in my apartment, i don’t I have one and he checked it! they are 2 thermstats connected to my furnace and one to the other furnace! does this mean that the 3 floor tenant is using my gas? am I paying for his gas? what do I do? whom should I contact, and what is the right thing to do? Please help me!!!!!

Administrator answers:

Nevermind on what I said earlier.

Talk with your landlord, and try and track down this second thermostat. It could just be that the thermostat was upgraded and they ran a new wire for it.

But as far as stealing your gas? I don’t think so. Maybe stealing your heat, but I don’t know.

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