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Your Questions About Studio Apartments In Chicago

August 8, 2013

Laura asks…

How much do apartments in safe neighborhoods run in Waukegan, IL?

and are there buses there?
I’m originally from there too but haven’t been back in years.
All I want is a two-bedroom with utilities.
and a laundry room

Administrator answers:

It all depends on what you are looking for. Expect to pay anywhere from 350.00 and up. Just depends on if you are looking for a studio, 1 or 2 bedroom, if it includes utilities, location, and what all they offer you. Things such as a pool, spa, meeting rooms, laundry, security, etc. Will cost you more. Yes, there are PACE buses running in Waukegan. See for schedules and rates. The Metra rail also runs through and goes into Chicago. There is a station in Waukegan and surrounding towns. See the Lake County News Sun newspaper for apartment rentals. Http:// Good luck and enjoy Lake County. Lots of things to do and see.

Nancy asks…

What do people who aspires to become a Hollywood actor should consider?

Administrator answers:

There are a number of things to consider before trying to pursue acting in Hollywood.

First off, it’s incredibly expensive to live in the area. If you’re moving here, you need to plan to have at least $10,000 before the move. It sounds like a lot, but believe me, you need it. Look in the studio city area for slightly less expensive apartments.

Secondly, if you’re interested in acting for the art, don’t move here. Move to New York or Chicago. Hollywood is not a place for “artists.” People here want to make money, and they will sell their souls and their creativity to do so.

You should already have some experience, even if it’s just in local theater. It’s hard to build up a resume in LA if you don’t have one already.

Networking is extremely important. Ask everyone you meet for business cards, and keep them. These will be people you can send invites to when you get cast in a show – every person you know can help.

Register with Central Casting as an extra. It’s an easy way to make cash – and sometimes if you’re lucky it can lead to a SAG card. When you do extra work – network, network, network. Be nice to everyone. You never know who can help you get your next job.

Get in an acting class. Improv classes are well-respected. There are also auditioning classes that really help newer actors.

When it comes time to get an agent or manager – you should not have to pay upfront – EVER. These people only make money after they get you an acting job – between 10% and 15%.

Be willing to promote yourself, and work very very hard.
It’s a tough life.

Sandra asks…

How many months rent do I need saved up to move out?

I am moving to chicago for work and achoo with no job

Administrator answers:

It depends on what kind of job you are looking for, but in this economy I would say 6 months. Without a job, most landlords won’t rent to you unless you have about that much saved up and can prove it. If “achoo” means you are at school, you might have better luck (if you parents are paying for it) but they may have to cosign.

Look for room rates and studio apartment rates near your school to see how much average rent is, then save up that amount times 6. Or you can look at student housing or subsidized housing. Unfortunately being a student doesn’t qualify you for section 8.

George asks…

Does Northwestern Illinois University require dorm housing fo rthe first year?

Because I would like to have a studio apartment instead and was wondering if it was possible to not have to stay in a dorm.

Administrator answers:

Afraid you’ll need to clarify. There doesn’t seem to be a “Northwestern Illinois University.” There are three possible matches. I’ve included links to the relevant contact info for each:

1) Northwestern Univ. (Evanston, IL)

2) Northeastern Illinois Univ. (Chicago, IL) –Dean of Students’ Office:

3) Northern Illinois Univ. (Dekalb, IL)

Hope this is helpful!

–Bill Pardue
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