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Your Questions About Studio Apartments In Chicago

October 17, 2012

Daniel asks…

Safest and most affordable parks/neighborhoods in Chicago?

I am currently apartment searching for a studio apartment in a safe and affordable neighborhood in Chicago- very close to the red line and a reasonable distance from the Water Tower Campus of Loyola. Which parks/neighborhoods should I be looking in?

Administrator answers:

Edgewater, Andersonville, Rogers Park, Uptown. Except along the Red Line it isn’t as safe as the Blue Line. Anyway some helpful links below>> Good luck!!

Maria asks…

when you are looking for an apartment what does studio mean?

i was looking at apartments in chicago and it says studio, does that just mean that its like an open room?
so would anyone reccomend living that way?

Administrator answers:

Yes. It is a combination living room/bedroom with a small kitchen and a bathroom.

George asks…

What are some furniture stores in Chicago that deliver?

I’m moving to Chicago in January and am not taking anything but clothes (basically) with me. I will have a studio apartment I need to furnish, but will be without a car and as a single female probably won’t have a way to lug furniture/assemble it myself. Anyone have suggestions? Looking for possibly a sleeper sofa, desk, chair, etc.

Also, I don’t have a huge budget and really need something that DELIVERS!

Administrator answers:

On a budget, IKEA. If you go to the store you can arrange for everything to be shipped for one price-whereas if you buy it online and have it shipped-it’s by the pound.
Also, value city furniture. Although I’ve found that they always are out of stock on something and you have to wait days before it’s available to ship.

Those are the only 2 if you have a very limited budget.

Betty asks…

In Chicago-how big must a studio be to accommodate two people?

My boyfriend and are are desperately trying to find a studio apartment in order to get away from our crazy drug addicted roommate. Unfortunately every time we find a nice place that seems perfect, we call the owner and get this huge talk about how two cannot live in one studio apartment. In my experience I know that is a LIE because my boyfriend’s crazy uncle (our roommate) chose a big room for himself at the old apartment and forced my boyfriend and I to cram into a 75 square foot room. That was our little slice of hell. All that fit was a twin sized mattress, a small television, a PS3, and two big plastic totes with our clothes. The space around the bed was about a foot all around.

However I must explain that my boyfriend and I are very much in love and we rarely if ever get into arguments. We are very tolerant of each other and we sort of liked the close quarters~the coziness.
What I don’t get is why then a renter would think that 350 square feet is not enough for two. Is it a fire hazard? Is there a building code? Is it illegal?

Administrator answers:

It really doesn’t matter what you two think about space requirements if the owners won’t rent to you. I suggest you look for a reasonably priced 1-bedroom apartment instead.

John asks…

Would you be interested in this blog?

I’ve been wanting to set up a blog for a while now….. but my life’s never been interesting until now. So would you be interested in a blog about how love sucks, living hundreds of miles away from home alone in a studio apartment in Chicago, and how I am desperately trying to learn to cook…. but attempts haven’t been so great… It doesn’t sound exciting but in Chicago nothing does until you go there. Things unravel and mysteries unfold. Sooo Would you. :)
~With Love~ Thx

Administrator answers:

ANY type of blog can be interested – it all boils down to the writing style of the blogger

Lizzie asks…

Does anybody know of any good places to buy an apartment in Chicago?

I’m looking to move from Miami to Chicago and I want to find an apartment thats either a large studio or 1 bedroom apartment. I want an affordable price and a good neighborhood that’s close to the colleges so I can continue going to school. Links would be helpful! Help!!

Administrator answers:

There are a few in cedar lake best i can do sorry

James asks…

Is is better to get a studio in Chicago or share an apartment with a roommate?

Administrator answers:

Sometimes roommate situations can come back to bite you in the butt! Make sure you really know and trust your roommate. A lot of times if you pay your portion of rent and your roommate does not then you are still responsible for his portion. This is not the case at all apartment complexes but just make sure you know all the rules and guidelines before signing a lease. I have seen it a million times, 2 best friends get a place together, one falls behind on rent (or just moves out) and leaves the other one hanging. Just be careful!

Sandra asks…

Do you ever feel like you wished you would’ve waited to have kids?

I’m only 20 with 2 kids.. ages 2 and 5 months. I know i will get hateful comments saying “you did this to yourself and take responsibility for your kids”.. I know the obvious truth. Just sometimes I wish I would’ve waited.. Wished I would’ve took more action in safe sex. I can go on about my woes of letting go of living my life as a young adult. I just can’t help but think of where i would’ve been if i would’ve waited. I wanted to go to college in chicago for photography, be covered in tattoos, start my own business, date as i please, maybe one day have a studio apartment in chicago. Now none of that is possible, i don’t have a car/job.. i rely 100 on my children’s father. I never leave my apartment I’m always stuck here and unable to take my kids anywhere. I wish i would’ve waited .. would’ve lived my life and then been able to help my kids live theirs. Now it’s just a mix up battle of me wanting freedom and they wanting a mother. I don’t go out or anything, I just can’t help but wonder how much better their lives would’ve been and mine as well.

Administrator answers:

I had my son when I was 20, I was on birth control and it was totally unplanned. I have an antibiotic baby though.
That said things all worked out, but there is no way in hell I would recommend anyone purposely have a child that young.

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