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Your Questions About Studio Apartments In Chicago

November 15, 2012

Paul asks…

Where’s the best place to live in Chicago (rent under $600)?

I want to find a studio apartment in the city, close to the Red or Blue line. Safe, affordable, and filled with a lot of young people my age (I’m a college student).

Administrator answers:

Not on that budget. You probably can find a room to rent, or an apartment share with other students. But you are not getting your own place unless you increase your budget at least by 50%, probably double it.

Jenny asks…

Safest places to live in Chicago?

My wife and I are considering a move to Chicago for her to go to Rosalind Franklin University, I’ve found some apartments around Chicago for $700-$900 mostly to the south and west side. That’s about the most we can afford, don’t care about the size of the apartment, even a studio is good if it has parking and is safe. I want to know what are the best places to live within 45 minutes of the school and also what are the areas of Chicago I should absolutely avoid. Thank you all for your input.

Administrator answers:

As has been mentioned, that university is in North Chicago (about 40-45 minutes north of the city). I live about 10-15 minutes away from North Chicago and highly recommend not living in North Chicago. Instead, some of the towns in the surrounding area are: Waukegan, Lake Bluff, Gurnee, Lake Forest (home of Vince Vaughn), Zion, Beach Park, Wadsworth, Libertyville, Vernon Hills, Highland Park (home of Michael Jordan), and Mundelein. If you go too much further south than that your going to start running into the north shore which will be extremely expensive. If you go any further north, you will be in Wisconsin. If you don’t mind living in Wisconsin, both Pleasant Prairie and Kenosha are right over the board and housing is usually a bit cheaper! I was born and raised in this area and absolutely love it! It is home to two malls, an indoor waterpark, and Six Flags Great America! I hope this helps! Good luck with your decision!

Lisa asks…

Moving from NC to Chicago?

One of my friends and I are planning to move to Chicago from NC in a few months. She’s 18 and I’m 19 and we’re planning to get a studio apartment and live sort of dorm-style until we can get a bigger place to live. Does anyone have any suggestions on moving to Chicago? We’re both leaving home for the first time, so we’re pretty much figuring it out as we go.

Specifically does anyone have a solution to our predicament that we pretty much won’t be able to see the apartment before we move in. That’s my biggest worry.

Administrator answers:

I live in Chicago and love it! I also help people on a regular basis move here… is a good place to find apartments. I provide temporary stays for people from all over the world so I could rent you a place for a short term while you look for a permanent residence, this way you can see what you are getting into before you sign a year lease.
Look me up on under Napoleon Gonzalez in the Chicago network if you need help

Robert asks…

College Apartments….in CHICAGO?

Thank god that high school is coming to a close this year. I’m finally a senior. Im ready to move on to bigger and better things in life.

I’m worried about costings as a 2011 college student…

It’s Def. better than a $3500 dorm room in some 80 foot high rise on the 65 level…haha.

I’m looking for something really nice and simplistic, but not too over the top as I need to stay in reasonable budget. perhaps a nice studio or a 1-2 bedroom apartment with a nice kitchen(Future pastry chef/culinary college student). Haha.

I am in the process of saving money for the remaining 2010 year and the 2011 year as well.

Living alone is perfect for me to branch out, and say away from the typical “college student” scene.

Can someone help me out on pros and cons, and costings…ect?

Thanks so friggen much!

Administrator answers:

Depending on what school you’re going to, getting an apartment can be cheaper in Chicago than actually living in the dorms, so you’re lucky you’d rather live alone. Haha I would suggest going to if you haven’t yet. I’ve been renting for a long time, and I’ve found every place I’ve ever lived through that website. They find you the nicest places within your price range. I hope this helps! :) Good luck, and have fun!!

Charles asks…

Is Chicago an affordable place to live?? What are some average prices of studios/1-bedroom apartments??

I’m looking for a 1-bedroom maybe a studio that’s accessible to public transportation…a 2-3 mile walk isn’t a problem.

I want to live in a pretty-well kept place. and in an area that’s not too crime-ridden.

Administrator answers:

Rent totally depends on where you live, its about location.

You will have to fork over major dough to live in Lincoln Park or Wrigleyville.
Cheaper areas are Edgewater and Rogers park..but you have to be careful, some parts of these neighborhoods arent great, but yes the rents are lower than say Lincoln Park…and Edgewater is near public transportation [the elevated train ]..a nice thing about these two areas is that theyre close to the lake, you can have an aptmnt with a lake view.

Have you looked into the south loop area? ..lots of condos there.. Good area too..

Betty asks…

How safe is it for a single young female to live by herself in the city?

How safe is this and how much money should I save up before I finally decide to move out of here? I live with my grandpa and I want to move to Chicago by myself in my own apartment. A cheap studio apartment. I have 900 dollars saved right now. Is that enough to buy a plane ticket, find a place and start working right away? I don’t have to worry about transportion since I’ll be in a big city.

Administrator answers:

You need to save more , and have a job set up before you move or youll be like so many other homeless people

Susan asks…

Anybody know of the University Center in Chicago? (student housing)?

What is the price of a studio apartment for one year there?

Administrator answers:

Yes, the UCC is downtown, on Congress and State. Visit the websites of DePaul University or Columbia College of Chicago. The rates expensive, but great for the older students (grad students).

Richard asks…

Chicago Safety?

Hello, I am considering a move to Chicago right now. I live in the suburbs.. and I need to get out! I found a nicely priced studio apartment on south michigan ave and cullerton.. I think. What is the safety like in this area? The price is not bad.. it is about 2 blocks from the mccormic center, and it has FREE parking for tenants only!!! Big +++ I know I have driven through the area numerous times and I felt safe enough… I just don’t REALLY know how it will be.

So, what is the safety level like on South Michigan Ave…by soldier field and the McCormic center?

Administrator answers:

Still dicey in my opinion.
Head in on a saturday and walk around until after dark.
See how you feel – talk to people obviously living there.

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