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Your Questions About Studio Apartments In Chicago

November 27, 2012

Laura asks…

Best Neighborhoods in Chicago?

I’m trying to figure out what the best neighborhood in Chicago would be… My boyfriend and I are relocating to Chicago, we’re both college students and we don’t plan on having a car. So, essentially, I’d like to know this: Where can we find a decent-sized studio apartment for about $600 without having to compromise our own personal safety? Also, where are some of the most artistically influenced areas that would either be a good place to be or really close by? We’ve heard good things about Wicker and Logan, but any other suggestions would be great. We’d also like to live off of a train line or bus line that runs continuously, so any suggestions there would be appreciated.

Administrator answers:

I love Logan Square, but I like it because it’s more laid back and quiet than other neighborhoods. There are a few bars and restaurants and places to go…but also not a lot of people. I love Logan Blvd. It’s a great place for running or dog walking and you don’t have to dodge all the people on the sidewalks.

Sandra asks…

Good Chicago neighborhoods to move to?

I’ve lived in the Chicago suburbs my whole life and now that I’m graduating college, I want to move to the city. I am a 24 year old female (probably be 25 by the time I move) with a Master’s degree. I will be working in the city, not sure where yet because I’m still looking for jobs. But I want to live in a location that is reasonably priced and SAFE!! I’d like to be near Lake Michigan and in more of a residential neighborhood where I can find parking. I love all different cultures and ethnicities, so a diverse area is good. Also, I’d like to be close to public transportation and local grocery stores, restaurants, shops and other things do to. Parks nearby is another plus. This may be hard to come by in the city, but a quiet area is preferable. I also really like the North side. I wouldn’t mind being around a mixture of families, young people, “yuppies” and businesses. But I DO NOT want to live near bars or nightlife and all that rowdiness. Of course, having that nearby within a short commute is good, though.

I know I may not find exactly what I am looking for…so I can compromise some things. But my biggest priority is safety especially since I may be coming in at night alone. Everything else I can work around, I just want to be in the city.

I’ll live in a studio apartment or 1 bedroom. My price range is $700-900 a month.


Administrator answers:

If you want to have a car, I recommend against living in the trendy neighborhoods. These areas are very congested, and off-street parking is either very expensive or nonexistent. Parking on the street is close to impossible. Furthermore, there is little parking in the stores and other hangouts in these congested areas.

IMHO, forget about Lakeview, Wrigleyville, Lincoln Park, Wicker Park, etc. They are expensive, noisy, and really non-diverse/non-family areas.

I would suggest you consider relatively safe areas a bit further away from the Loop, such as North Center, Ravenswood, Jefferson Park, Irving Park, Portage Park, WEST Rogers Park, Hollywood Park, Albany Park (maybe), etc. You will be able to find off-street and on-street parking, and public transportation is available.

Ken asks…

Where in Chicago can I find a studio that I can live in and run a fitness business?

I have Pilates machines that I cant sell and I need a place to live. So instead of renting an apartment I would like to rent a studio with 2 bedrooms and a large enough space for pilates equipment and offer classes and training.

Administrator answers:

Check out the Reader …classified ads:

Sharon asks…

Can we live off of $30,000/year in Chicago by maintaining our frugal lifestyle?

My husband received a job offer in Lakeview, Chicago that will pay him about 25,000 per year. I am willing to work at a temp agency to supplement our income until I can find a better job. I know that the 30,000 range isn’t a lot, but we also don’t expect to have a very extravagant lifestyle. Here are a few things working to out advantage:
– We are definitely okay with living in a studio apartment, which both costs less and keeps the electric bill low.
–Neither of us drive, so that cuts out gas, car payments, and auto insurance.
–We eat out maybe once a week– if that– and usually keep the weekly grocery bill down to about $40 (we make stews and saves the leftovers).
– We try to keep bills low by turning off the water in shower while we shampoo, using energy efficient lights, etc.
– We both like to shop for clothes primarily at thrift or consignment stores, so we save a lot of money that way.

With this lifestyle, is 25-30,000 enough to live of of in Chicago?

Administrator answers:

It will be tough, but it can be done. Don’t plan on having any kids or having any fun though. Also, $25,000 a year in the city of Chicago sucks for almost any kind of a job. Can’t your husband do any better?

Sandy asks…

Where can I find a sublet in Northern Chicago?

I’m a 22 year old college student and I currently live in Michigan, but this summer I have an internship in Northbrook and I am having a very hard time finding a sublet in that area. I have mostly looked at Evanston because it’s close by and a college town so it would be easier to meet people, but Northwestern students don’t get out of school until June 11th and I would need to move in on May 19th, so that has been the issue there. I don’t really have a roommate preference. Living alone in a studio apartment would be nice because I have to go to bed early and wouldn’t mind the quiet, but it would also be nice to have roommates because I will know absolutely no one. If anyone knows of any good websites I could use or if you or someone you know is looking for a summer sub-lessor or temporary roommate, that would be great. I have already looked at Craigslist but haven’t really found anything on there.

Administrator answers:

Evanston has a lot of sublets throughout all times of the year, as does Chicago – just look at You’re more apt ot meet people in the city, rather than living in Northbrook. The train you’ll be taking to do the “reverse” commute comes out of Union Station….So consider living right by Union Station — FANTASTIC to meet people after work since you’ll be in the Loop and lots of people meet up for happy hour (i.e. Rivers which is literally right on the river).

Or live by the Evanston Metra and El stop (i.e. Davis Main stop) which will allow you the option of taking the train towards the city to meet up with people, explore the city,etc…. On yoru free time.

You can leave your car at the Northbrook train station – so you can drive to your Northbrook office. Less hassle than driving each day. Or if it’s within walking distance to your office – bring sneakers and walk..and change at the office. – check out the Milwaukee District North Line which can take you from Chicago to Northbrook.

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