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Your Questions About Studio Apartments In Chicago For Rent

May 13, 2012

George asks…

Do you think I’ll get an apartment?

Me and my boyfriend are trying to get a studio apartment on the north side of Chicago. The average rent price is in the $600 range. I won’t be putting my name on the lease, but I will be helping. I’ve been employed at Panera Bread for about three months and I only make something like $180 a paycheck, so about $320 a month. My boyfriend, who will be putting his name on the lease, worked at Jiffy Lube for the past year or so and he make something like, $400 a paycheck so about $800 a month at the average. He recently quit his job (for very good reasons I won’t go over because they’re complicated) but he’s currently looking for another job. How likely is it that we’ll get an apartment with these credentials. We’ve never moved out before but I know we’ll have enough to pay for the apartment.
My boyfriend will most likely be able to find a job that pays about the same by the time we’re ready to move out.
Also, we don’t want cable and I already have a phone that I would pay for myself. We don’t need gas for the car because it’s downtown Chicago so who would drive anywhere?

Administrator answers:

If BF does not have a job, do not bother applying for any rentals. No job = no income = denial.

Before going any further, most landlords have rental criteria which must be met by all tenants.

Positive rental history
Stable employment history
Good credit
Income of 3 x rent
No evictions, convictions, bankruptcies, collections

Most landlords and managers require all adults that will be living in the rental to fill out an application, qualify and sign the lease. If you want your income to be considered in the qualification process, your name would have to be on the lease.

You will not likely have the option of not putting your name on the lease i you two were to move in together.

Also, most landlords and managers require the tenant to make 3 x the rent per month. If the rent is $600.00, the tenant’s monthly pay must be at least $1800.00. The two of your incomes (when BF finds a job) does not meet this minimum requirement. There is no way that the two of you can afford the rent.

Many landlords and managers require that each tenant meet the 3 x the rent criteria in roommate situations. This means that they do not combine the income – each of you must make $1800.00 per month. Neither of you are even within that range of monthly income. This in case one of the tenants bails on the other. Both tenants have to be able to pay the rent on their own.

Sandra asks…

Chicago Neighborhoods?

Ok so I’m going to graduate college in a year (may 2010) and am hoping to get a paralegal job in Chicago soon after. I have been to chicago a few times but iv always been in the same spot like the michigan mile kinda thing. I’m going to be looking for a studio or 1 bedroom apartment somewhat close (meaning like 5 blocks or less) to the metra. If anyone could give me some suggestions on good neighborhoods that are safe and have somewhat of a night life that’d be great. I’m looking to pay about $400 – $500 a month for rent including utilities.
ANY suggestions would help!
Well i was looking on and found apartments for 400-500 a month so i’m not sure why i would need to pay 1500 a month? i’m not looking for a condo a simple studio will do. parking i can deal with don’t most cities have parking permits? like you pay a yearly fee, thats how wisconsin does it not sure if illinois does too. and i don’t mind being 30 min away if i have to as long as i’m close to the metra i’d be fine.

Administrator answers:

Sorry to tell you that you will not find a apartment for under $700.00 that is within 5 blocks of the metro. Plan on spending over $800.00 more if utilities are included. I assume you wanted to live somewhere relatively safe. Always check about the parking, Does the rent cover a parking space ( if you have a car).

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