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Your Questions About Studio Apartments In Chicago Il

December 25, 2012

Steven asks…

I’m looking for roommates around the Joliet, IL area, is it safe?

I live in Arkansas and im a 19 year old female, im chasing my dream of getting out of Arkansas. I know one person who lives about 20 minutes away and my boyfriend who lives in Joliet. I love the Chicago area and i’m ready to move on with my life outside of Arkansas. I’ve done nothing but thought what seems like forever about rather I should get my own studio apartment, get a dorm and risk going into debt or seeking a roommate on craigslist. I’ve came to the conclusion that finding a roommate would be much cheaper and would allow me to get on my feet up there and get used to everything. I need advice if other people think im making a good decision. My mom thinks it’s okay and I have to take chances but she has her concerns, and my boyfriend thinks it’s a horrible idea but you have no clue who the person is, which is true. Do you guys think its safe and the best way to go??
By the way living with my boyfriend is not an option, I feel im too young and not ready to make that move.

Administrator answers:

Joliet has some decent areas but also has a lot of rougher areas. Personally, I wouldn’t choose to live in Joliet. You can find other areas that are a little further out and a little safer.

It all depends on what you are looking for. If you go further out, cost of living is cheaper, but there is less to do. Trains can take you into Chicago, if you need.

Honestly, I’d look at other suburbs in Chicagoland. It would be helpful if I knew what city your boyfriend lived in so that I could make suggestions.

Michael asks…

Question about housing in a studio apartment in Chicago, IL?

Ok so basically my girlfriend an I want to move into a studio apartment together in Chicago, IL. Rent with free heat comes to 500 a month. Now we will both together be making 1.1 grand 1.8 grand while going to college. Question is without car insurance and about 80 to spend on gas a month, what other bills do I have and will I be able to cover it? We only eat about 100-150 whorth of food a month.
Other bills include 3somes with ur moms faggot.

Administrator answers:


What’s “3somes with ur moms ******?”

Figure in:

auto insurance
internet connection
if you are driving to college…parking fee
school supplies
clothing expense…Chgo is very cold in Winter

Where do you find rent for $500 ? You will have to figure in costs for a protection dog and dog food.

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