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Your Questions About Studio Apartments In Chicago Il

May 12, 2012

Linda asks…

Decent Studios In Edgewater (Chicago, IL)?

Tell me a little about the area.. Any decent priced studios – one bedroom apartments that are affordable for a college student. 1000/Month may be a little out of my price range.

Administrator answers:

You can probably get studios for less than $700/month, but much of Edgewater has become dicey, and crime is on the rise.

James asks…

Will it be cheaper to drive my car and attach a trailer or hire a moving company to move my studio apartment?

I’m moving at the end of the summer to Atlanta GA from Chicago IL. I drive a 92 Chevy Cavalier. Should i rent a small trailer and drive down there or hire a moving truck. I don’t have a lot but i do have enough to fill my studio. I’m not bringing big furniture however. besides books and clothes I have my daughter’s toddler bed and a rocking horse from her great-grand parents. In the end which would be cheaper and/or smartest. I’ve called around but would like some real life experience to back up my decision.

Administrator answers:

I couldn’t tell you which could actually be cheaper but if you would like we can send an estimator from our office in Chicago to come to your home and give you a free quote without the need of commitment. With that I think it would be a lot easier for you to compare what you’d like to ultimately do. Just call (508) 752-4049 to make an appointment, hope this helps and good luck in Atlanta!

Sandy asks…

HELP! Looking for my first apartment!?

I have been DESPERATELY wanting to move and finally we started looking. I am currently residing in Chicago, IL. I hate it. EVERYTHING is soooo expensive. A studio apartment is $800-$900! So, i’ve been looking at two other states. Indiana and Tennessee.

This may not seem realistic but I want to RENT an apartment. A one room.. or studio perhaps for as CHEAP as possible. Nothing over.. oh i dont know. $450 a month. How realistic is this? I feel like im in a dream land.. Aslo, i may get a cheap price… but how good will the neighborhoods be?

I also need some good, reliable websites for browsing available. apartments. Anyone want to help and give me some tips and answers.

Thanks in advanced!

Administrator answers:

You could put a wanted add on Craigs List of exactly what you are looking for. Go to CL and post an ad under submit a posting.

It would be under apartment wanted or housing wanted.


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