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Your Questions About Studio Apartments In Chicago Lincoln Park

May 26, 2012

Betty asks…

Does anyone have a specific apartment building they think is nice to live in in Lincoln Park?

I’m looking eventually to relocate to Chicago and move to a Lincoln Park apartment, either studio or 1 bedroom for about $1,000 a month. Does anyone know of a good building they’ve lived in in Lincoln Park and can recommend from personal experience? Looking on craigslist is OK, but I don’t know what the landlord or building is really like.

Administrator answers:

You could go with a locator, they can be very aggressive, sales-type people, but they have the listings and the knowledge of the neighborhoods.

Chicago Apt Finders 773-883-8800
Apt Guys 773-549-3474
Apt People 773-248-8800

Also consider Lakeview, there are so many apartments available.

Susan asks…

2 part question: clothing stores and local coffee shops in Chicago?

I just moved to Chicago (Lincoln Park area) and I’m looking for some good clothing stores for 20 somethings. I’m looking for somewhat trendy but nice clothes; graphic tee’s, tights pants, blazers, scarfs, pinstripe pants etc. I used to shop at urban outfitters but I only liked about 15% of what they had. Right now I’m looking for some good classic black Nike’s.

Also, I’m a painter and I just moved into a studio apartment with my girlfriend, so I’m looking for a good local coffee shop where I can escape to, to sit and draw in my sketch book in peace and quiet (a place that has good food and coffee too). Thanks for any replies I get!

Administrator answers:

Akira is a great place to go for clothes. There is one store in Lincoln park but I believe they only sell women’s clothes. There are two stores in Wicker Park. They are within 2 blocks from one another. One is for men the address is 1837 W North Ave.

Coffeehouse…try Noble Tree Coffee
2444 N Clark St
(at Arlington Pl)
Chicago, IL 60614

(773) 248-1500

Good luck and welcome to the Chi!

Steven asks…

May move to Chicago…?

I might be moving to Chicago later this year and I want to find a cheap studio apartment in a decent neighborhood of Chicago. I’m eyeing either the South Side, North Side, or West Side
On the North Side, I’m looking at:

Lincoln Square
Rogers Park

South Side:

Armour Square
Hyde Park

West Side:
Wicker Park/West Town
Ukrainian Village

Now I’m on a budget.. so I prefer the neighborhood to be working class. Without the hipsters, yuppies, gentrification, etc.

I know the safer the neighborhood — the more expensive. So I’d settle on “decent”. Diversity is preferred as well.
Also, fairly close to an ‘El’ line.

Open to suggestions of other neighborhoods too.

Eagerly waiting for info. Thanks! :)

Administrator answers:

I think that Bridgeport would be the best fit for you. It’s easy to get to from downtown (just a few stops on the el) and it’s working class. It’s also very diverse and close to chinatown and the Illinois Institute of Technology – both cool, unique areas to hang out in. And of course, Sox games are fun.
Also, if you have a car your best bet for easy street parking is in Bridgeport.
I don’t recommend Hyde Park because although it’s nice, there’s no way to get to it without going through a rough neighborhood.
If you’re serious about avoiding hipsters and yuppies then don’t move to the north or west sides. You’ll be annoyed.
As far as safety is concerned…I have friends who have lived there for 15 years and never had a problem. The rule of thumb for south side living is generally to stay above 40th and west of the Dan Ryan expressway.
If you really like working class people, you’ll fit right in on the south side. And as far as being a Sox fan…you may not be but it sounds to me like you definitely will not be a Cubs fan. I moved here 6 years ago from Detroit and wanted desperately to be a Cubs fan. There really is nothing like being at Wrigley Field, but as I type this I can see my White Sox season tickets on the side of my desk.

Nancy asks…

Moving to [North] Chicago?

I am a student at DePaul and am looking to move somewhere near the campus. Right now I have Lincoln Park, Lake View, and Wrigleyville (maybe) in mind. Which would be the best location to move to if I’m looking to pay $800 AT MOST for an apartment/studio? Also, which area has the best nightlife? (bars, clubs, parties etc.)

Administrator answers:

Lincoln Park has a lot going on. They have nice shops and bars and it’s very community friendly. Expensive though. Wrigleyville is pretty much the same thing but probably cheaper. Lake View is the cheapest in that the further north you go the cheaper it gets. I live in Rogers Park and you could definitely find something for $800. Move close to the El and it takes hardly any time to get to the Fullerton El stop. Good luck!

Ruth asks…

any good place to find an apt in chicago?

i know craigslist and apartment people

how did you find your apt? i prefer lincoln park/ lakeview/ gold coast area. up to $900 for studio. but of course, the cheaper the better.

Administrator answers:

I got my first apartment in Chicago through a place called Windy City Apartment Rentals. Http:// It’s about a block south of Broadway and Addison, near the Salvation Army headquarters. They have apartments available all over the city and in your price range.

I got my current apartment through Slater Realty and Investments. Http:// I like them, but they mainly deal with apartments a little north of where you’re looking for.

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