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Your Questions About Studio Apartments In Los Angeles

June 3, 2013

Lisa asks…

Where is a good area for apartments in Los Angeles, California?

I am moving in to Los Angeles in June, and would need to find an apartment. I’ve been to the city but have never lived there, I used to stay in hotels. I’d like to live in a safe community, decent neighborhood, well-maintanied building et al… do you have any suggestions? what would normally be the price range for a studio or one bedroom apartment? thanks

Administrator answers:

Ideally, you’ll find an apartment near your job. Commuting in Los Angeles can be terrible; so you’ll be much better off if you live close to where you work.

If you want to live in the city (as opposed to the San Fernando Valley), the west side of town is nice (but it can be expensive). Check out the Palms section of town. It’s near the intersection of the 405 and the 10 freeways. We lived there for years and liked it a lot. It’s less than 10 miles from the beach, and there are small buildings that aren’t as expensive as Brentwood or Santa Monica.

As I wrote before, you really need to live close to your work if at all possible (unless you want to spend two hours a day stuck in traffic). Good luck!

John asks…

What are the best Apartments in Los Angeles?

i want to find a really nice apartment in los Angeles for only 3 months. I would be able to pay up t o1450 a month for it. All i Need is a one bed room or studio. I love Lofts and Really modern buildings. It would be awesome if the building was newer but not a must! And i was looking and some come with all utilities included which would be awesome! thanks so much!
im going to school off of Glendale BLvd. So i would like to live downtown or within 5-10 miles of downtown.

Administrator answers:

If you will only be staying three months, you may have a bit of a problem–many places require leases of six months or a year. There are places like The Oakwood that specialize in short term rentals, but I don’t know if they would have any buildings you would like.

Other than that, you might look at the sublet section of Craigslist. You might find something interesting there.

$1450 doesn’t go very far in Los Angeles.

Mary asks…

Any apartments/studios in safe areas of los angeles for $1000 or less?

Moving to Los Angeles… Want to live somewhere fun and lively, maybe downtown? West Hollywood or Silverlake area would be nice but kind of expensive. My boyfriend and I have a budget of $1000. Any suggestions?

Administrator answers:

Downtown? LOL! It’s quite lively, alright. But hardly fun. Dodging homeless people will keep you on your toes.

We see this every day in this forum: Everyone who wants to move here is looking for “cheap/affordable and safe”. However, such a place just doesn’t exist; the two terms are mutually exclusive. It’s all about supply and demand: If it’s in SoCal, then it’s not going to be cheap to begin with. If it’s a safe area, then it’s more expensive.

If you want to live here and enjoy the weather, then you have to pay for it. You put up with the smog and the traffic, enjoy the weather and pay your rent or mortgage. My advice is to start checking out craigslist,, and if you are looking to rent. You’ll quickly see that the minimum rent for a non-ghetto place is about $1,000/$1,200 per month for a studio/1BR. Really nice areas (like the West LA area) easily run $3,000 or more. Want to live near the beach? Expect to pay a premium.

The answer to this really lies in the answer to the question, “Where do you work”? It’s not good at all to live in South Bay if you have a job in Pasadena. It’s stupid, in fact. The one thing that grinds people down more than anything here is the traffic. It’s the worst thing about living here. So rather than worrying about “cheap and safe”, your FIRST order of business should be getting a place close to your job. THEN you can worry about safety and price. But, to reiterate, nothing is cheap here.

“LA” is such a big place, there are so many neighborhoods/cities where you can live. Of course, even within a city or neighborhood, there are safer sections and less-safe sections.
In Los Angeles, some nice sections are West LA, Brentwood, Westwood, Marina Del Rey, Playa Del Rey, Los Feliz, Silverlake, and Eagle Rock. Palms and Mar Vista are pretty good, too. In the Valley(part of LA), you have Encino, Tarzana, Studio City, Toluca Lake, Granada Hills, Woodland Hills, Sherman Oaks, West Hills, and Chatsworth. Glendale and Burbank are good places, and are incorporated cities of their own.

To the east: South Pasadena, parts of Pasadena, Altadena, Arcadia, Monrovia, Glendora, San Dimas, Laverne, Azusa, Rancho Cucamonga.

Along the beach: Santa Monica, Marina Del Rey, Playa Del Rey, Redondo Beach, Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach, Torrance, Palos Verdes, Rancho PV.

In Orange County aka “The OC”: Seal Beach , Huntington Beach , Newport Beach , Corona Del Mar , Laguna Beach , Dana Point , Capistrano Beach , San Clemente , Brea, Yorba Linda, Orange, Tustin, Irvine, Laguna Hills, Rancho Santa Margarita, Lake Forest

To the west: Agoura, Calabasas, Thousand Oaks, Westlake Village, Simi Valley, Moorpark.

This is not an all-inclusive list, but it’s a start. If you want to see the safety and price factors, go to Also, the LA Times did a nice job of outlining all 277 neighborhoods in LA County: . You can also look in Time to get researching!

Steven asks…

How much costs a studio apartment in Huntington Beach (Los Angeles) monthly?

i mean just ONE room

Administrator answers:

Between $1,000 and $1,600 a month. Just the rent and probably street parking.

Chris asks…

What would utilities cost for an apartment in Los Angeles?

I am planning to move out on my own and I’m trying to get my budget figured out.I am either moving into a studio apartment or a two bedroom apartment with a roommate. I don’t know if it matters what specific area I’m in or not, but I’m in the San Fernando Valley area. With apartments water is usually included with rent, so as for the utilities, I’m wondering what the basic things would cost, like electric and gas. So for a two bedroom apartment what would electric and gas cost? And for a studio apartment what would electric and gas cost?

Administrator answers:

Most apartments in the SF Valley only have electricity. If you’re fortunate enough to find a place with Gas too, then you’ll be saving a lot of money in the winter months for the furnace, and all year long for the water heater.

The bill will not be the same two months in a row. It’s entirely based on usage. If it’s just you, and you only turn on the light in the room you’re in, and you turn down the thermostat when you leave for work (and all the lights), then you’ll be as economical as one can be. In this case, you may only burn a couple hundred kilowatts a month. At about a dime a kilowatt, that’s only $20. But, it’s also very hard to achieve that kind of conservation. Especially, if you have a family and/or run a lot of electronics (like computers and TV’s). It is not hard, in a 1200 sq ft place, to run a bill between $50 and $70 a month… Or with a family, even top $100 a month.

Those prices are cheap in comparison to cold weather states. For the same apartment size in a WA State, all electric, you could be paying $200 a month in the winter.

Ruth asks…

whats the average ELECTRIC bill for a studio in LA?

I am moving in a few months to a studio apartment in Los Angeles and I need to know how much to expect to pay for JUST electric, at the place I am looking to move I will have gas paid with the rent..

Administrator answers:

There is no way to determine what the electric bill is going to be. If you have already chosen a specific apartment the electric company will tell you what the electrical usage for the previous year was. If you are just looking at apartments the cost can vary widely depending on what appliances are electric, if the heat is electric, if you will have a washing machine and electric dryer, how many people will live in the apartment, the age of the building and the age of the wiring.
I would suggest budgeting $100 per month, it could be 50% higher or lower.

Donald asks…

I am looking for an apartment in a nice neighborhood in Los Angeles, CA. Either studio or 1 bedroom under 1100?

Possibly in West Hollywood. Also, I have a small dog. I would like the apartment to be safe(gated with concierge). Thanks for the help

Administrator answers:

I live in Hollywood where you might find a studio/1 br for around $1,000 monthly. Add utilities, parking, garbage pick-up and common expenses you will be closer to $1,150.

Nice neighborhood if you do not mind graffiti, gangs (in all areas of the City) and homeless elements (mostly harmless).

I live between Sunset Blvd. With female hookers and Hollywood Blvd with male hookers. I walk often in the evening and AM NEVER SOLICITED. This may because I am fat, ugly and will never see 55 years old again. Maybe if you just show no interest you are just left alone.

What you want will cost you at least $1,500 per month plus. The only reason to live in Los Angeles is for its broad and potentially enriching economic activities or its schools. If you are not here to try to make big money or go to school STAY AWAY. Go to San Diego or Santa Barbara for the weather or the beach. The Orange county beach cities are nicer but are more expensive.

A drive tonight along Melrose Avenue showed the restaurants and night clubs nearly vacant. No traffic no crowds no attendance ate shopping centers or specialty stores. This might not be the best time to make a major life time move. Good Luck

Charles asks…

Average cost per month for studio apartment?

I’m wondering what it would cost per month for a decent studio apartment in maybe… Los Angeles or Calgary Alberta.

Administrator answers:

Check for your local area, the use ‘average’ as a relative term, they can go off the units listed on their website, but they should serve you well enough for those areas. :)

Richard asks…

Question about moving to los angeles, roommate or no?

I am about to be fresh out of college (22 years old) and I am headed towards Los Angeles. I want to get an apartment in West Hollywood (not changing my mind). And I noticed how expensive rent is just for ONE bedroom, even studio apartments, and I am debating on wither I should look for a roommate on craigslist or just live by myself (o_o)
*Don’t have a job, but I plan to look for one ASAP. I have money saved up though*


Administrator answers:

I hope the amount you have saved up is in the 6 digit range for one year. In that case, I’d say to rent a place by yourself, which will give you time to really seriously find a roommate you’ll get along with. That way you don’t have to do it in a rush and get some random person you’ll hate sharing a place with. Good luck with the job hunt, it’s terrible out there. Apply everywhere, even to places you don’t think you’re qualified for.

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