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Your Questions About Studio Apartments In Los Angeles

June 26, 2013

Mandy asks…

apartment in Los Angeles?

I’m trying to move out of my parents house, I’m located in Los Angeles. i make 1,050 from a full time job and I’m a part-time student. any ideas where i could get a decent $500-600 studio apartment in LA? i looked on craigslist they mostly look like scams tho.
found a studio apt. in downtown LA for 469 a month :)
thats w/ utilities included…..YAY!!!!!

Administrator answers:

You can’t afford 500 a month. Maybe 250.

You will have to rent a room, no studio, nothing that big. Even then you will be lucky to find anything.

Nancy asks…

How to find a safe studio in los angeles area?

Hello again!! LOL, still need more info on los angeles, how can an out of town-er get a studio apt in a safe neighborhood in La? and is credit a big issue there ? I don’t have the best credit, and a recent garnishment has kick in on my paystubs for the past month. will that be on my credit report ? and will that affect me getting an apartment in LA? or should I just look for a roommate. I am a an adult female and wouldn’t want to end up living with a bunch of teenies. LOL!

Administrator answers:

There are tons of open apartments in LA right now — I’m moving to a new apt and they just dropped their rent by $250 a month and gave me first month free because so many are sitting unrented with the economy the way it is so you should not have a problem finding a good one. Getting a roommate would probably be easiest, but as an adult I’d rather have a single to myself than share with someone I don’t know… As for the credit, if you make 2.8 times the rent each month and can show you have at least $5,ooo in your bank account for the past three months, they’ll still rent to you with bad credit.. They won’t see the garnishment, but they’ll see how much your monthly pay is and if it’s below 2.8 times the price of the rent, they can’t rent to you. In that case, you will definitely need to find a roommate. As for safe neighborhoods, you should check out Playa del Rey, Mar Vista, Santa Monica, Torrance, Del Air area of Hawthorne, Westchester, El Segundo, Glendale, West Los Angeles, and Culver City.

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