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Your Questions About Studio Apartments In Los Angeles

May 28, 2012

Joseph asks…

How much does it cost to rent 1 bedroom(studio) apartment in Los Angeles??

How much does it cost to rent 1 bedroom(studio) apartment in Los Angeles??
What’s the approximate price per month??

Administrator answers:

It looks like it’s $640 to $2000 a month, depending on buildings. There are tons listed at as well as pictures of these places, and it also lists all the additional addons available.

Good luck!

Linda asks…

What is the average cost of a Los Angeles studio apartment?

Like in the Westside? i.e. WeHo, Santa Monica, and vicinity?
Oh stop being so picky. I mean a price range. You don’t have to answer if you can’t give me some sort of arena. I know it’s over $1000 and less than $2500 for the most part.

Administrator answers:

Your question assumes that there is an average, regardless of size, features, amenities, and so on.

I would say your assumption is false.

But, I can make up an answer if it doesn’t matter

Sandra asks…

I’m looking for an inexpensive studio apartment studio in Los Angeles, CA?

I need a studio in Downtown Los Angeles. I see a lot of ads on Craiglist for inexpensive studios/lofts, but when I yelp the buildings, I see a lot of negative reviews. Does anyone have any recommendations? I need something that’s decent at a reasonable price. Any buildings in particular I should consider? Any website (besides Craigslist) that you would recommend?

Administrator answers:

FORGET CRAIG’S LIST for real estate.

For a place to rent, contact a RE agency

get back to me for any more help

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